Thursday, May 21, 2015

Chase's Last Day of PS3

Today was Chase's last day of PS3s.  
I can not believe the year went so incredibly fast.  I feel like I was just worrying about how he'd do being with me all day.  Now I'm so very sad our year together is over.  It of course had it's ups and downs but all and all it was an excellent year and I am proud of how much he has learned and continues to learn.  He love to learn and works really well with me at home and school.
We celebrated his birthday, and a good handful of the other kiddos that have a sumer birthday.  He was so excited to sing "ChaChaCha" Happy Birthday.  He told me the night before that was what he wanted! I brought in his favorite snack, donus and popcorn and the whole school had a pizza party to celebrate the end of the year. 
 As you see, he LOVED his birthday hat!

PREK here comes 
Chase Man Zakary Day


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

END OF YEAR Programs

This week has been busy with END OF YEAR PROGRAMS!
 first Colton had his Monday night....

And, Chase had his first thing Tuesday  morning...

The END is near...
One more day for Chase
11 for Colt!

Monday, May 11, 2015


Every day of the year my guys take great care of me but Mother's Day is a day that they go all out and yet again this year, they spoiled me rotten!  
I woke up to gifts galore!  Flowers, homed cards, chocolate covered strawberries, 4 stacking rings that I had my eye on, a new princess Elsa crown Pandora charm that the boys picked because they say I'm their "princess", and a gift certificate to have the house deep cleaned with the sweetest note from Zak.  After gifts, they made me homemade breakfast tacos and we headed out for a walk to the park (I ran a little!).  We spent the rest of the morning and afternoon laying low and relaxing.  Nanny and Grandad stopped by to hang out and give me the planter Grandad made me for mother's day (pictures to come in another post!).  We all sat outside and watched the boys play and after they headed home,  we went to Gringos for a nice early dinner and enjoyed our family of four.  We were all so tired from the long day before, we called it a night pretty early.  Well, the boys and I did.  Zak stayed up and finished up a few things around the house for me.   
I am beyond blessed and thankful for my loving family and to have a wonderful amazing Mom in my life that is everything I want to be to my boys!  


Saturday, May 9, 2015

A quick visit to the lease

After Taylor's Graduation, we took a short detour and went by the deer lease so Zak could hang his game camera up and he could show off the lease.  It was much too "rustic" for me and the mosquitos were HORRIBLE but the boys loved every second of it!  In fact, with in 10 minutes of being up there, Chase asked, "When can we move up here!?!?!"


Happy Graduation Tay Tay

Happy Graduation Tay Tay! 

We are so proud of you!!!!!!


Friday, May 8, 2015

Getting out there

On Easter Sunday, I saw a horribly unflattering picture of myself and decided to do something about it.  I wasn't going to go on a crazy diet or commit to working out every day, because I know me, It would never last!  So, I decided to start slow.  Make better food and portion choices and start running and walking.  I've never been a runner, but I figured why not try it.  It could be my me time.
Well, Im at the end of week 5 and I'm still going. I've only lost a pound or two but I feel better.  I'm trying to make better food choices and I've cut down on my night time snacking.  I have more energy and I'm so proud of myself.  Slowly, I'll add more time and distance to my workout. But, for right now, Im just proud I've made it almost 6 weeks getting up before anyone else in the house and getting out there!


It's "Frisbee" in my mouth

A couple of nights ago the boys went on a super secret outing. They stopped with Daddy to get a drink and Chase chose a soda (obviously daddy was in charge!).  When they got home, I said, "Oh wow you got soda!"  To which Chase responded, "I like this but it's a little "frisbee" in my mouth!"

And this is his "frisbee" face!