Monday, September 12, 2016

My Lunch Dates

Our first lunch together for the school year.


Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

For the second year in a row, we spent Labor Day with Doc and Peaches in Grandbury.  I was awful (so un-Catherine like) at taking pics.  We had a blast though.  The boys adore going up there and hanging out with Hahnna.  We loved watching her cheer and eating at Babes (where Chase ate more food than you could imagine!). While the boys went to work at the lease, the girls shopped.  Sunday we floated allll day.  2 hours the first float and 4 hours for the second.  ALLLL DAYYYYY! When we got back, 
the boys BarBQed, the girls made drinks.  
We all came home well rested! 


Saturday, August 27, 2016

Mini Ninja Comp!

Today, Colton competed in his first Mini Ninja Competition. He totally rocked it (even though he was sooooo nervous during warm up)!  We were all so proud of him for kicking butt on all three obstacles.  He tried and completed things he had never done before and did awesome on things he was struggling with in class just last week.  
Seriously, He totally ROCKED IT!  
We could not be more proud of him!  
We are so happy he has found something he really loves!
He received 2nd place points on all three obstacles and made great times! 
And...Here are the scores...
After only 2 1/2 months of practice, he came in 38 of 50


Friday, August 26, 2016

One Week DOWN!

Well...We all survived with only a few tears (day one at drop off and day 4 getting on the bus and going into class for Chase.) I am so proud of these two and their first week.  They both enjoyed their first week. As much as the could while missing summer (and Mommy too!).  Mommy stayed busy visiting Nanny, helping Grandad and being up at Foundry (with a couple lunches in there with daddy!).  
 Isn't Zak funny! 
Mandi made their Friday a day to remember with snow cones from her and BBVA when they got off the bus.
 After a shot down pour we finished up the night with Pizza, popsicles and lots of playing!


Monday, August 22, 2016

Back to school!


Well, this morning was the morning I've dreaded since Chase was born ;).  
Both my boys are at school.  Big kid school.  There for 8 hours school. At a  school, where I am not, where I can not check on them.  
Big kid school.  
Our morning went well.  We woke the boys up and got them situated with breakfast.  We had some time to help them get ready and snap a few pictures.  Grandad came over to see them off too.  There were so many kiddos at the bus stop and 3 of the kids on our street are in the same kinder class.  We all waved like crazy people as the bus pulled off.  Zak and I jumped in the truck and followed the bus.  We were able to see Chase get off the bus.  We walked back to class with him but unfortunately missed Colt.  Chase went right into his crowded class room and found his seat.  He started to color and then it happened... we said good bye. And, the tears started.  Our sweet neighbor just happened to be there and the teacher in me told me we had to leave before it was worse.  She pulled him off of me comforted him.  We peeked in on him till he calmed down.  We walked across the school to see Colt and tell him good bye.  His class was so quiet and calm with not a parent in sight.  He looked a little nervous but was doing fine.  I snapped a quick picture and told him to have a great day.   Then, Zak and I headed back by Chases class to peek one last time.  He was sitting coloring and his teacher gave us a thumbs up.  I have worried about them every second since we left.  I'd give anything just to see them for 3 seconds and see a smile!  I can hardly wait to get them off that bus! 
I hope they are having the best day!!!!

 And, as usual, Zak knew just what I needed and took the day off again.  He chauffeured me around in the rain this morning and we stopped by to see see Nanny.  Then, we had lunch together at our favorite place and went and looked at kayaks.  Now were home and I'm counting down seconds....


Friday, August 19, 2016

Meet The Teacher

Yesterday,  Colt meet his teacher, Mrs. Green.  She was very sweet and seemed very organized.  His Meet the Teacher was quick and laid back.   
This morning, we went to Chase's Meet the Teacher.  He was so excited, until we got in the car and he went quiet.  I could tell he was nervous.  (I was too.)  We pulled into the Parking lot and saw P Pie and it calmed his nerves to walk in with her.  They chatted away until it was time to go with his teacher on a tour of the school while the parents stayed back.  He went right off and we met him in his class 30 minutes later.  It was absolutely packed!  His teacher was so kind and welcoming even in all the craziness.  He was excited about it all and even told me he met a new friend (but couldn't remember his name.)  

 And, just because...
A little throwback  and comparison. 


Monday, August 15, 2016

Colt's New Room

For about a year- year and a half we've been talking about redoing Colts room.  This weekend, we bit the bullet and did it!  Grey and red and all him! He picked the colors, bedding and where he wanted everything to go (with maybe a little help from mommy). As soon as the bedding comes in the room will be complete!
The stripe was definitely a labor of love on our textured walls but it looks excellent! And, Colton couldn't be more excited so it was all worth it!  
Night one, brother wanted to try it out! 

 A few finishing touches...