Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Colorado During Covid

We just got home from a 10 day trip to Colorado.  It looked a little different this year but man, it was nice to get away from the craziness of life and play in the Mountains.  I was a nervous wreck in the beginning.  For two weeks prior to leaving we stayed at home as much as possible to stay safe and I worried about what it might look like to go on a trip in a Global Pandemic. There were parts that were different but it was so good for our souls to get away.  While we were there Colorado issued a mandatory mask order.  Although, before that most people were wearing a mask.  It was cooler in Colorado but breathing in those masks at 8,000+ elevation was tough! 
Zak's Aunt and Uncle bought the Inn we usually stay at and it was reassuring that we knew things were run carefully there.  Once we arrived and got situated I stopped worrying, a bit.  We enjoyed time with each other, family, and new friends we met.  It was great to get away and enjoy nature.  We mostly ate at restaurants outside and from time to time I was a bit crazy and wiped down a table or two.  
I think the pictures tell our story pretty good.  We had so much fun.  

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Happy 15th Anniversary

This s what 15 years of marriage looks like.  If you told us 15 years ago that we'd be sitting at the kitchen table eating PF Changs take out during a Global Pandemic celebrating 15 years of marriage, I would have laughed at you and told you you were crazy! Well, if we can survive this CRAZY together; locked up, working from home, homeschooling from home, eating 5000 meals a day from home, just the 4 of us and come out of it smiling, the rest will be cake! Happy 15 years to my hubby who loves and supports me unconditionally and is the most awesome dad to our boys.  There's NO ONE else in this world I'd rather spend months trapped together with! 

We got quite a treat from the boys this morning.  A slide show they put together just for us! 

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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

4th Of July

Well, 4th of July WAS NOT what it usually is around here.  

We knew it was going to be a different 4th for us.  
No hanging out with friends.  No swimming. No neighborhood parade.  No street party.  
We were sad, but we were okay with that.  Covid cases have spiked in the Houston area and we decided we were going to be very careful after people we knew were contracting Covid.  We promised the boys a few fireworks, fajitas on Zak's new grill, swimming in the back yard baby pool and hanging out- just the 4 of us.  We were all okay with it.  We didn't like it but we were okay with it.  

Our day started out well.  Then around 3, my dad got a call from my moms memory care facility that they needed to send her to the hospital for Covid like symptoms.  My whole world came crashing down.  I couldn't even talk to my dad and had to pass my phone over to Zak.  My mom was transported via nonemergency transport to the local hospital.  My dad arrived right after the ambulance.  He wasn't even allowed in the door.  He was turned away and told to call but to wait at least an hour.  About two hours later we got the call that she was positive.  It was one of the most frightening things I've ever been through. This was the WORST CASE SCENARIO.  
And, to know she was alone was heart breaking and gut wrenching.  
Thankfully she was doing well and her chest xray showed clear lungs.  Praise GOD! 
She stayed overnight at the hospital and was released the next day.  While she was in the hospital, no visitors were allowed.   
She was taken back "home" where she's being cared for by trained aids in full PPE in quarantine.  
It's been an awful few days but the good news is that my mom continues to be symptom free.  NO fever, no cough, no issues.  I can't believe we haven't seen her.  My heart is literally aching.  


Tuesday, June 30, 2020

the second half....

It's been pretty slow around here. Like really slow!  We've had a spike in cases (or they are testing more).  No matter what thy've decided to back off a few of the reopenings. Bars have been closed back down, restaurants have to go back to 50% capacity and tubing companies can not tube.    We also have a mask  mandate.  When the mask orders went into place people panicked, I guess. TP and paper towels are back in high demand.  I just don't get it.  But, I made an early run to HEB and found both.  Plus, Lysol! 

Colt got stuck in his sweater....
                                             We've done a TON of laying around!

                                                              We brought our girl home. 
rules and procedures were tightened for baseball.  Now only one parent at the game.  So, Colt and I watch online.  
PJ run for dessert.  Chase got fries and Colt a lemonade. 

See, told  you it was slow around here. 
Kind of feel like I'm going crazy.  


Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Happy #12

Today we celebrate the one who made me a Mom! My baby is 12 and as every year before, I can’t believe it. He makes us so proud (and tests our patience)! We love his quick witt, creativity, silly sense of humor and I love the snuggles he saves just for me (shhhh don’t tell his friends).
We enjoyed our laid back easy going day of celebrating. We ate all his favorites (pancakes, and biscuts, McDs fries and Taco Cabana tortillas and cheese, Local Table chicken Alfredo. We ate all day!), opened presents, had a visit from Grandad, PawPaw and Nanny sang happy birthday from afar, played fortnite, watched tv and YouTube, rode bikes, ran into Target for new Nerf guns, had a family Fortnite Nerf battle and waited up til 11:30 (his birth time) so he could do 12 backflips on the trampoline.

We celebrated our the weekend before with family and a couple close friends lots of hot dogs and Gaga's homemade cookie cake. I think he had a pretty good day and it sure felt nice to see everyone. I even let everyone come in!


Sunday, June 21, 2020

Happy Father's Day

It was a Father's Day like no other but, we still got to celebrate our favorite dads around.  Breakfast with PawPaw and GDad, Bucees for Zaks new grill, relaxing around the house, dinner at Torcheys outside on the lake (our first dinner outing in months!)

Even got a Zoom call with the Brits!