Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Another Month of Summer...JULY!

I can not believe another month of summer is gone and we are already 5 days into August.  We have been staying busy and having a blast. 
July has been full of  lots of ...

 learning time
 broken ACs and trying to stay cool
 playing with PawPaw
 dinner with friends
 seeing movies
 hanging out
 Anniversary dates

Gym class
 science projects (that didn't work!)
 climbing mountains
 bath tub playing
 lunch with friends
 swinging too high
 reading silly books
 gun wars
 hanging out with Grandad
 beating mom at games
 cruising around
 school supply shopping
 a 6 year check up
 mom meeting up with an old friend
 finding new toys
 more school shopping
 working hard
 playing hard
 hanging out
 taking walks
 having snacks at the movie
saying goodbye to old toys

 playing at the park
 watching ducks
special picnic lunches...inside
 making shirts with Nanny

 more swim playdates
 hard work
and lots and lots of mommy and her boys time!