Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Today was Chase's FIRST first day of school and Colton's LAST first day at Foundry.
I can hardly stand how cute these were today.
Chase had no idea what was going on but was only too happy to pose for me.
Colton was so excited about so many things.  He was excited about going to my class.  He could hardly wait to show Chase around and have him there with us. And, he was so excited about being with Mrs. Dana.

The backpack tipped him back into the wall.  The next picture I took Chase was crawling along the floor trying to keep the backpack on.  He didn't mind it but it was huge!
Look at how big this guy is. 
We were ready to head out and get our day started!
There was lots to be done at school and in my class.  The boys did so great.  They both played and walked around with me getting ready for the day.

Daddy came up to walk the boys to class. 
Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Jennifer
Kelly sent me pics throughout the day.  Here are a few from his day.
Mrs. Kelly said he was helping clean up here.  That's my boy!
I'm not sure whats going on here but this picture makes me laugh!
 Both of his teachers said what a good day he had.  When we dropped him off he didn't even cry.  I think he was a little stunned about what was going on. I heard through out the day he had a few tears here and there but nothing too big.  I think he got lots and lots of cuddles.  Everyone (in his class and from the front office) said how much they loved cuddling on him and how sweet he was.  Mrs. Jennifer kept talking about his sweet demeanour.  He is so sweet.  Mrs. Kelly said recess was his all time favorite and he squealed with happiness sliding down the slide.  He ate a great lunch and napped in "baby jail" (the cribs).  When Colton and I went to pick him up he was sitting in Mrs. Kelly's lap and he was as happy as could be, until he saw big brother standing at the door.
Heading into Mrs. Dana and Mrs. Diana's class.
Mrs. Dana and Mrs. Diana sent a few pictures during the day as well.
(Its nice to know your kids teachers.  I'm getting totally spoiled)
I was so excited to get out to the playground (because his class and my class have recess together) but he ran right past me like I didn't even exist.  Heart my heart but he was having such a good time.

Work from the day.
Mrs. Dana and Mrs. Diana said that he had such a good day.  Mrs. Dana said he was social and talkative but at all the right times.  He ate lunch well and was excited he didn't have to rest.  He told me, "We just turned off the lights and put our heads down at the table." His favorite part of the day was inking his hand (for the above project).  He also talked about playing outside and rotating in centers. He had such a great day with ZERO tears.  He's growing up!