Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cousin Visit

My cousin, Kelly, her husband, kids and mom came in this week. They are moving back to Houston from Idalou. While we spent some time looking for houses the kids got lots of time to play together. Colton had such a blast playing with his cousins.

Can't wait to have y'all back in town!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Colt!

Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Boy!
Dear Colt,
I can't believe you have been in our life for two years. It's gone so quickly but been so wonderful. This last year you have grown up so much and changed from our sweet baby boy to our wild and fun little guy. You are in size 5 diapers and are wearing 2t/3t clothes. Some mornings when I come in to get you out of bed I swear you grew overnight! You are learning so much each and every day. You are saying and using about 40-50 words. We are so proud of this and worked really hard on it. Your words have been slow coming but it seems like each day you learn more and more. On occasion, you'll use a two word sentence. You can also make 4 animal sounds and dog, cat, duck and cow and you are slowly working on more. Each animal has its own distinct sound. Cat- Mowwwwwwwwwww (very high pitch), Dog-Arf, Duck-Kack (very loud and scratchy sounding), and Cow-Mooooo (low and deep). Your new favorite word is "HOT". Everything freezing cold to burning hot is "HOT". Your food, your toys, even when we walk out side your first comment is "HOT". I'm glad you learned that word because you stand back while Mommys cooking, point and say "HOT". You watched your first movie, Cars, a week or so ago and you loved it and watched (while playing) the whole thing. Mommy and daddy enjoyed it too but were very surprised you watched it because you really have not been too into watching TV, unless its Dive Olly Dive. You love boats, cars and planes. Your small Ramone (Amone) car, that you picked out on a trip to Walmart with daddy, is your favorite toy right now. You love looking at pictures of yourself and your family. If we ask you to "show me your teeth" sometimes, when you feel like it, you'll smile for a picture. You ride your bus and 4 wheeler all over the house during the day and you love to take your 4 wheeler "off roding". If we would let you, you'd play outside all day long. The Houston heat doesn't slow you down one bit. You love so many things right now and you are so animated when you play. You don't dislike much aside from sitting still and brushing your teeth. You're an awesome little sidkick to mommy during the day but your not a great shopper anymore. Who could blame you, there are things to play with and things that need to be done, you don't have time to sit still and SHOP! You are still a picky eater. We tried, for a brief time, to get you to eat what we ate but you lost weight and your Dr. said it would be okay for you to eat what you like. You've branched out a bit and like a few more foods that you've tried but we still pack a meal for you when we go anywhere (unless they have kraft McNCheese). Your new favorite is ketchup. You love ketchup and you've even eaten a little chicken with your ketchup, I don't think you knew that though. I'm not sure how long you've been doing this , but I just noticed a few weeks a go that you can jump with both feet off the ground and I think that's great. You like to show that off when people come over to visit.
We love having you in our life, we don't know wjat we did for fun before you. You are all we could have ever dreamed of and hoped for. We love every minute we get to spend as a family. Today was such a fun day...Happy Birthday sweet boy.
♥ love♥
Mommy and Dadeeeee
Now for the birthday pics...Beware there are a lot!
We started the morning at Panera for breakfast with Nanny. Colton loves bagels with hazelnut cream cheese.
Then, we headed to HEB to get a few things for the birthday celebration. Colton was so proud of this watermelon. He hugged on it the whole shopping trip.
Colton helped me and Nanny make his birthday cake. We made "MeeMaw's Chocolate Cake", it was good but not like MeeMaw makes it.
We had Pizza for dinner.

Colton got sung to, again, and tried to blow out the candle all on his own.

Time for MORE presents!
Lots of CARS stuff...
...And more monster trucks.

Then it was time for his "big" present. A "Gather and Grill" playhouse from Nanny and Grandad and Mommy and Daddy.
He cooked...
Took a break to slide...
Rang the working doorbell...
Had a visitor...
Organized his tools...
Grilled some yummy food...
Washed the dishes...
And showed off!!!
We ended the evening with a "midnight (8:30) snack" with Aunt Andi in their sun glasses.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's with this paitning????

What's with this painting???
It's not exactly my taste but to say Colton hated it is an understatement!
We went out to eat with my parents a couple of weeks ago and this painting was hanging above our table. Colton sat in his high chair chatting away until he looked up and noticed this very large painting. After he got a good look at the beautiful lady posing for the painting, he decided he no longer wanted to look at it and screamed, cried, and reached for me like someone was hurting him. Every time he got even a glimpse of the painting he started to panic and cry.
I guess he just has strong opinions about his taste in art work.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Happy Father's Day to...
my amazing husband and the best daddy Colton could ask for,
my sweet father-in-law,
and to
my caring and supportive dad who's been with me every step of the way.
I am blessed beyond measure to have you in my life!
This morning started out much earlier than expected. I thought, after the busy busy day we had yesterday we might get to lay in but Colton thought otherwise.
Together, we made a special pancake breakfast for daddy. We woke up daddy (he said he wanted to get up with us) and got our Father's Day celebrating started.
Colton was anxious to be done with breakfast so he could play with all of his birthday toys. He wouldn't let daddy out of his sight. He needed his playing buddy right by his side!
After breakfast and some playtime we headed over to the Day house for lunch and to celebrate with PawPaw.

Then, it was off to the Harrison house to celebrate with Grandad.
We had an early dinner at Goode Co BBQ and Colton loved looking at all of the animals on the wall. (He is his father's son!)
On the way home (we actually had to go way out of our way) we stopped for snowcones. YUM!
After a fun filled day with lots of food, lots of playing, lots of family and lots of celebrating, my boys were worn out!

We love you so much!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

2nd Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Colton's 2nd Birthday. I just can't believe that my little buddy is two!!! The past two years have gone too quickly but they have been full of the best memories.
Colton loves anything that goes so we had a car, plane, and boat themed birthday. I had a great time decorating and making things for his big day.

Here's the birthday boy waiting for his guests to arrive.
When I asked him how we should do his hair, in a mohawk or spikes, he insisted "hawk".

Colton ate his weight in chips for lunch. He asked for crackers but then he just licked the cream cheese off the top and went back eating chips. Lunch of champions!!!
Colton had a lot of friends to entertain and he loved every second of showing off.
(Colton is not in this picture, I'm sure he was running through the kitchen.)
He even blew out his own candle...almost!
He enjoyed eating his very own cupcake...
...With friends.

Colton had so many presents to open.
Thank you everyone!!!!
After opening all of the presents he finally got to open and play with a few toys.
He got his very own computer from Aunt Andi and Uncle Jason (they also got him an Elmo high tech!).
Once things slowed down, Colton had a great time learning how to take apart a dump truck with Uncle Matt.
With snack in hand, he couldn't slow down he had too many cars to play with!
Uncle Matt set him up a little desk for all of his toys and he played and played and played.
Colton (and Zak and I) had an awesome awesome day and were so blessed to be surrounded by amazing family and friends.
(We missed you Aunt Baa. Colton was asking for you!)