Tuesday, December 29, 2015

"What day is today?"

We have great sleepers. Like really really good sleepers.  Both boys always have been.
Getting into bed, and staying there, that's a different story.  Colt does great now, but for a long time we let him fall asleep every night on the couch and then we moved him to bed because getting him to stay in there at bed time, was a nightmare.  Now, he asks to go to bed! Chase never had any issues.  He never comes out when we lay him down, but lately, he's started calling for us.  And, every night, without fail, we get our hug, knuckles, and kiss just right and then we go over "What day is it?" 'What day is tomorrow?" "What day was yesterday?".  He knows his days of the week.  I don't know whats up with these questions.  But, he's started screaming for us.  And every time, I run into him.  He looks up at me with those big blue eyes and says, "What is today?"  
I try my hardest not to get frustrated because I know one day he'll just go to bed without me.  One day I'll miss these calls because they want to stay up just "one more minute" or see me "one more time".  
Im learning, everything is a phase, and this too shall pass.  One day, I'll look back and smile at this silly boy and his silly questions.  

And, I'll smile when I hear a song on the radio and no one says, "Mom, I like this song.  Tell dad to put it on my iPad and I wanna go see him!"
Or, I take a picture and someone doesn't yell, "Send that to me!"  

These are all things that my silly Chase Man says all day long, everyday! 

While Daddy's away...

We play... With a NEW APP!
Love these two!

 Zak headed to the lease for "one last hunt".  He invited his friend Aron who's in from Cali.  They left Sunday evening and had a fun 30 hour adventure that included snow, a doe and getting stuck!  
Zak came home with some great stories.  He said he felt like he was out with a "Japanese tourist" because Aron took so many pictures and had them posted to Facebook within minutes!  Thanks Aron for posting...I stole some of your pics! 
Zak said, "This was the coldest I've been in my whole life!"  
Sure made for pretty pics! 


Saturday, December 26, 2015

Taking a Spin

The day after Christmas the boys finally got to get the 4 wheeler out of the back yard and take it for a spin down the cup-de-sac.  They LOVE riding it but it makes momma a nervous wreck! Colt is actually really good at it.  Chase scares me.  He's really upset he's not allowed to ride on his own.  But, he is 4 1/2.  No ones ready for that! I feel  a bit better that Zak rides it with him but it really wasn't made for Zaks size or two people, so Im constantly afraid they are gonna pop a wheelie and fly off! Is this what being a "bottom" feels like?!?!?!  All these boy toys scare me to death!

 The boys have also been burning up the driveway with this new toy! 
(A little less dangerous!)

Even the big boys!



A full two days of Christmas FESTIVITIES began on Christmas Eve!  
We started Christmas Eve at Jerry and Glendas and spent the evening at Dan and Phylis's house.  When we got home we put out Reindeer Food and got ready for Santas arrival.  The boys of course slept in our room.  I think it's become one of their favorite traditions.  We were up early on Chritsmas morning (6:40) to see what Santa left and do presents here.  Around 8:30 we headed over to Nanny and Grandads and enjoyed breakfast and presents.  Around 11:30 we headed home to unload.  We made a quick pit stop at Bucees and the boys had quick power naps before we got to Gaga and PawPaws.  We did presents and enjoyed lunch/dinner with them.  After, Pa and Byrd came home with us on their way home to play a little bit.  
We are blessed beyond measure for all of our family and the sweet gifts we received.  

We of course had to try out the new 4 wheeler....in the dark!



It's the day after Christmas and we are missing you already!!!  We sure did have fun with you while you were here.  We are all already talking about when you will be back.  Thanks for making us laugh. We love you!
Love, The Days


Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Christmas all things Christmas!

Christmas Cookie Party

 A visit to Santa

 Remembering through the years...

My favorite Christmas decoration...MeeMaw Stockings.

Dinner with Nana

Christmas lights at our favorite house!

Gingerbread House

'Tis the Season!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Last Day!

Today, was the last day before Christmas break and 19 days off!  
 Colt had his "Winter" Party and it was a blast.  The kids had free reign over the art room (snack), PE room (games), music room (obstacle course) and hard top outside. 
Can you say, "organized chaos"?!?!?!

Chase got to take his new remote control car in for show and tell. 

 And, we finished the day with SNOWCONES!!!!!


Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Chapel and Read Around the World

After many many many Christmas Chapels at Foundry, today we attended our last with our boys!  
Chase has been going through a bit of separation anxiety here lately and during the last two practices, he's cried and cried for me.  So, I was a little worried that it might be a hard program, but he did GREAT!  Really Really great!  I loved watching him and had the biggest smile on my face the whole time.  After the performance we headed back to his classroom for cookies and surprises!

 And, while Chase was performing, Colt's school had a "Read Around The World" day.

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Tonight, we went to the Texans with friends.  It was a nice night out and I got to hang out with JJ!