Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lucky 7!

to our sweet, cuddly (when he wants to), smart, full of energy 

We had such a busy fun day celebrating the birthday boy.  I told him it was his day and we could do anything he wanted! 
We started out with gifts from mommy, daddy and Chase.  Then, Grandad came by with the rest of the gifts from him and Nanny (she wasn't feeling great).  

A trip to the park was first on our list.  We had to beat the heat (not sure we id that!)
Colt was so bummed Zak had to work, but Daddy surprised us!

McDs was his lunch of choice. 
Surprise surprise!
 After lunch, we went by Target to change out a toy Colt got doubles of.  
He chose a motorcycle ramp and Max D truck. 
 (Poor Chase is not happy in this picture because he found a big toy he really wanted.  He did use his birthday money to buy a smaller toy.)  
 Grandad said he was leaving, but got sucked into putting together Colts ramp.  45 minutes later, it was done.  LOL!
 Addy and Kenna came by to play for a bit.
 And, when Zak got home we headed to Colts dinner choice,  
Spring Creek for chicken, rolls, jello and root beer straight from the bottle!


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Another Monster Truck PARTY!

Yesterday, we celebrated Colton's 7th birthday with a monster truck party at gym.  He got to invite 8 of his best buds (plus him and his bro). Two of his school buddies couldn't make it but he still had a great time!  He was so excited to get to the rings at the Gym and play hard with his friends.  
And, play hard is what they did! Coach Tommy made it a great party.

He absolutely LOVED the rings!

 Here, Coach Tommy jumped him on the trampoline and threw him into the pit.  

This is how he was carried around the gym.  

 And, of course, we wended the day with outside playtime with some of our favs!


Happy Fathers Day 2015

Happy Father's Day to my amazing husband, my dad and my father in law. 
 I could not ask for better role models  for the boys to grow up with.  
We are blessed beyond measure to have you in our life!  
We love you three so very much!

To the world, you are a Dad.  
To our family, you are the whole world!
We love you the mosty most!