Monday, June 30, 2014

Fun filled JUNE

We've been stayin' busy!



Gym class...

Driving around town...

Hanging out at Nanny and Grandads ...
 And Gaga and PawPaws...

Playing outside...

and inside...



 And napping...

Going to the movies...

A 3 year check up...

Playing with the neighbors...

eating out
learning time

It's been such a pun fun summer so far.  June has been jammed pack with our vaction, Colton's birthday and party and all the things were doing each day to stay busy!
Possibly my favorite summer far!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


We have a 6 year old in the house!  
6 sounds so old.  Of course it's the oldest Colton has ever been but for some reason it seems like such a bigger deal than 5.  
6?!?!?!  I can not believe my baby is 6.  Time is going way too fast.
Colton  you are such a great kid.  You help around the house and are great at cleaning up, keeping things organized and even helping mommy with some of her chores. You love your brother.  You are so  kind with him. You guys play so well together (for the most part). You don't like to play alone (still) and he's a great buddy to have around because you usually decides what to play and Chase just  follows you around playing along with you. You and your brother make a great team.   He looks up to you so much and you are teaching him so much.  You hate working on your "leaning time"  but you are so smart.  You know all of the kindergarten words, plus quite a few more.  You are reading and writing and rhyming and can add and pattern and sort and so much more.  Not only are you doing well academically, you have a  crazy good memory. We can't tell you anything because he will hold us to it.   Your sense of direction has always been excellent and it still is.  You love playing bored games. You are very creative and you love to color and paint.  You loves making rocket ships and battle ships. In fact yesterday you created a 3D battleship with only a little help from me. You also loves being outside, but not alone.  You are always trying to talk your little brother into playing outside.  He doesn't love playing outside as much as you.  You don't seem to feel the heat in the summer time. You play through it.   You are obsessed with adding songs to your iPad (you have  almost 100- 94 to be exact).  You are really enjoying swimming this summer and you feel a little more confident  now that you can  reach the bottom of most  pools. You love packing up and playing with your little stuffed animals.  You sleep with them and play with them every day.  All 7 or 8 of them.   You are still a bit reserved and quiet when meeting new people, especially adults.  You are shy and sometimes don't want to interact, even sometimes if you know the person.  When you feel comfortable in a situation, you are energetic and active and make lots of friends.  At home you play rough and tough and wrestle your daddy and brother and you bounce off the walls and the furniture.  You have a crazy amount of energy and have a hard time sitting still!  You are in a bit of a scared phase.  Some very random things scare you. You love ninja turtles (but the cartoon scares you sometimes), camo pillow, shooting your bow and nerf guns, creating with legos, Paw Patrol, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Curious George and being in your Pjs and comfy clothes.
What makes you happy?  Playing outside
Who's your best friend?  Addy
What are you really good at?  Jumping and playing cars
Whats your favorite color?  RED, blue and yellow and a lot of colors I like.  Green.
What do you love to do?  Play outside in my jeep with Addy.
What do you like to do with mom?  Shaving cream
What do you like to do with dad?  Legos
Whats your favorite thing to do with Chase?  Pirate ships
Where do you like to go?  To Gagas and Nanny and Grandads.
Whats your favorite sport?  Baseball
What is your favorite book? My Motorcross program
What do you like to eat?  Candy
What do you hate to eat?  Boogers (seriously?!?! You are such a boy!)
Where do you like to go eat?  Menchies
Whats your favorite song?  Baby You a Song (Cruise by Florida Georgia Line)
Whats your favorite drink?  Apple Juice
What do you want to be when you grow up?  A Hunter like daddy
Last weekend we had Colton's party at Gymnastics.  He loved every second of it.  The two coaches that were with his party did such a great job playing with the kids and keeping everyone entertained.  We were so proud of Colton for trying all kinds of new things we never expected him to do like climbing all the way up a rope and swinging from the rings dropping into a pit. He was brave and adventurous.  
Here's the cake.  When I picked it up at HEB it said "happy Birthday Cotton"  Seriously HEB?!?!

 We ended birthday party day playing out front with the neighbors.

Today, for your birthday day, you woke up feeling a little under the weather.  And, when you feel a little under the weather your cough gets bad quick.  And, it has today. With a little medicine, you didn't let it slow you down too much.  We woke up and opened gifts with daddy and had donuts then headed over to Nanny and Grandads for a few more surprises. After lots of playing in the afternoon, daddy got home early and we headed to your choice of dinner, McDonalds, and for cookies after.  When we got home you and daddy put together your model jet and paper airplane flyer and we all played a game of operation. It was a little low key because you weren't totally yourself, but it was a great day!

6 YEAR OLD!!!!
We love you more than you could ever know.