Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer Happenings

This blog was extremely hard to write I had so many computer/ picture problems. Then trying to get so many pictures on the blog when blogger only lets you download 5 pics at a time was a mess! Some of the pictures are turned wrong because I gave up trying to fix them. Sorry, this is long overdue and I know a few of you have been waiting for it! Enjoy!
Since summer has started we have been busy busy busy!!!

At the end of June, after Colton's first birthday party, we headed out to San Diego to visit some friends. Colton rode on his first airplane (and did amazing), got more birthday presents, toured the shore on his first boat ride, played on the beach, visited the San Diego Zoo where he loved the fish, and went to his first Astros baseball game at Petco Park. Everything was so much fun, but the Baseball game was really special. Before the game we stopped at Seaus (Junior Seau's restaurant) and Julie, Josh, Zak and Colton were able to meet Mr. Seau himself. Then at the game we were able to see the Astros up close during batting practice. "Aunt" Julie caught a ball and gave it to Colton. Pudge Rodriguez signed it for Colton and even rubbed his tummy. Then we talked with, Bracamonte, one of the batting coaches. Colton was definitely a magnet for the players who were missing their families.

After a few days in San Diego, we all packed up to head out to San Fransisco to visit Aron and Lisa. When we arrived we were greeted with a sign in the front yard and a private concert by Arons band, Sonny At The Toll Booth. We walked around Pier 39, saw the Sea lions, rode the carousel, and went to another Astros game at At&T Park. The game was a blast and we were able to catch more a few more balls and get even more signatures at batting practice. Colton even got to wear Jose Valverdes sunglasses. It was a beautiful day to enjoy a game and the views from the stadium were awesome!

After our trip, and a bit of relaxing at home, it was time for James and Kellie to tie the knot! Kellie has been hard at work planning her wedding and the time was finally here to Celebrate! We had an amazing time preparing for the wedding and a blast at the wedding. We wish Kellie and James a lifetime of love! Congrats again you two! LOVE YA!

Align Center

After the wedding we headed out on yet another adventure. We were off to Idalou Texas to visit Meemaw, Aunts and Uncles, and cousins. We had a nice relaxing time and Colton even had another birthday party! He was spoiled rotten by everyone and was the center of attention for all 8 days we were there! I did have a mission while we were there...get Colton to wear shoes! Nanny and I found him a pair of Converse at the mall and I thought they were perfect. They were nice and light and opened up wide enough for me to get his chubby little foot into. After the first day, he loved them, so mission accomplished! We loved our time up there with family, thanks for having us!

We are home now and this is where we intend to stay! I see a lot of pool time, playing at home, and visits to the grandparents here in Houston in our future.
Here's to the last month of summer!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No internet...No blogging....

As most of you know, we have had horrible trouble with our internet/tv service through AT&T since the day we got it. Last week, we bit the bullet and cancelled our service, moving to Direct TV. We finally have TV, that works, but we have not had internet service since we are still looking for a provider. Life has been super busy since the summer started and finding a provider and waiting around for it to be installed just isn't that important right now.

I just wanted to let you know that we are still here. We have been keeping busy with a trip to San Diego and San Fransisco, a wedding of a close friend, and lots of fun things here and there. We leave for Idalou tomorrow to visit my Meemaw, Aunt, Uncle and Cousin.

When we get back, things slow down, and we have internet, I promise to update the blog. So, prepare for a long blog with lots and lots of pictures!!! Until then, here's one to hold you over.

A casual night out as a family on our 4th wedding anniversary...July 9th 2009

Hope you are all enjoying your summer as much as we are.

Stay cool!