Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day Jitters


 For as long as I can remember I've stressed out about this day.  
The day I would send my baby to "big kid school".  As time got closer, Colt got more and more excited and I got a little less nervous. 
Before we knew it the big day was upon us.  We got up way too early and made Colt way too much breakfast and, I took way too many pictures.  
It ended up being one of the best mornings.  Definitely made many memories I'll never forget and hopefully Colt won't either.   We were ready to go super early but it worked out because both sets of grandparents came over to see Colt off.  Zak and I had plans to put Colt on the bus and follow him to school and then walk with him to class.  The night before, I talked to him about it and he said " I wanna be like Noah, I wanna go by myself." His confidence made me proud.  But, Zak wasnt't having it.  He really wanted to go in with Colton.  So, the morning of his first day I asked if  Dad and I could go in and he said it would be ok.  I think he knew how much we wanted to go.  I was nervous about getting up there and being in the way but it absolutely could not have worked out better.  We pulled up and parked right across from the bus.  Colt got off with Addy and we watched as the two of them walked to class.  We went into class and snapped a few pictures and headed out.  As we walked out I saw the first bit of neourvousness in Colts eyes but I knew he was going to be ok.  
And, he was.  He came home with few details but excited about school and ready to go back! 

 I don't love being away from him all day long but this is the next phase of many and if it goes anything like the first day, he's gonna rock it! 
I'm so proud of him!

Zaks first day and Colts first day!


Friday, August 22, 2014

Chase Says...

Chase is his own person. 
He marches to the beat of his own drum. 
He's oh so silly and oh so sweet 
and his little sayings crack us all up...

If he sees something he's excited about he says,
"Oh my "dawd" (God) look at dis!!!!"
If he sees someone doing something he's concerned about he says,
"Mommy is that safe?!?!?!"
"You have a good Day, I have a good day"
 This is what he tells Zak every morning as he leaves for work.
 Each night at dinner, he and Colt talk about their day.  Zak and I are not welcome into their conversation.  He starts off with,
"Wanna talk about sumtin (something) bubby?"
 And, when someone (who shall remain nameless) is having a tough time
accepting something he will say,
"You get what you get and you don't throw a baby fit!"

This little boy keeps us laughing!  We sure do adore him and all his silly sayings. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Another Month of Summer...JULY!

I can not believe another month of summer is gone and we are already 5 days into August.  We have been staying busy and having a blast. 
July has been full of  lots of ...

 learning time
 broken ACs and trying to stay cool
 playing with PawPaw
 dinner with friends
 seeing movies
 hanging out
 Anniversary dates

Gym class
 science projects (that didn't work!)
 climbing mountains
 bath tub playing
 lunch with friends
 swinging too high
 reading silly books
 gun wars
 hanging out with Grandad
 beating mom at games
 cruising around
 school supply shopping
 a 6 year check up
 mom meeting up with an old friend
 finding new toys
 more school shopping
 working hard
 playing hard
 hanging out
 taking walks
 having snacks at the movie
saying goodbye to old toys

 playing at the park
 watching ducks
special picnic lunches...inside
 making shirts with Nanny

 more swim playdates
 hard work
and lots and lots of mommy and her boys time!