Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I knew it would go by fast but WOW! It seems like just yesterday that Zak and I were walking out of Dr. Kirkman's office ready to head to the hospital. The day we, unexpectedly, found out we would be having Colton was one of the most amazing and happy days of my life. The days following have been so special and memorable.

I took Colton to the Dr. on Tuesday and he has gained a good amount of weight. He now weighs 8lb 7 oz (last Tuesday he was 7 lb 10.5 oz). In just a week, I could tell that he was putting on weight. He has very skinny arms and legs but I could see his little cheeks, hands and feet plumping up with each feeding. I am so glad that he is putting on the weight like he needs but at the same time I can see him growing so fast and I already miss the itty bitty baby we had just four weeks ago. I love that he is developing each day as well. Hes started to grab hold of things, watch different movements and focus on certain objects, tries to hold his head up, and most fun; he recognizes mine and Zak's voice very quickly and stops what he is doing to look around and find us. He is also smiling a lot. I don't think he is necessarily smiling at me, I think its gas, but I like to think its me. Either way, it's still fun to see him with that big gummy smile! :)

We have also been out and about quite a bit! We have been to the mall (4 times!), had a Friday night family dinner with Nanny and Grandad, visited the Dr. a couple times, gone to Kellie's house to visit and meet Bella, and today we braved the rain to meet Grandad and Aunt Becky for lunch at Central Market. I have had so much help from my mom, and I am so grateful to her for that, but I am starting to feel comfortable going around on my own with Colton. I can't wait to see what the rest of the summer brings. In August, I will have to go up to school to set up my classroom and I am also going to try to attend a couple of professional development classes before my maternity leave starts on August 18th. I am trying to block my return to work from my mind. I have til November 11th to enjoy every second of being a stay at home mommy!

Here is one of those smiles I was talking about!!!!

I'm Popeye!!!
So sad!!!

***Im not sure why the date at the top of the page says July 22? Colton's one month birthday was on July 24th!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A New Look...

This swing is the greatest invention! Every day it gives me a little time to nap, do chores, or play online and Colton loves it!!!!!
(Sadie likes to lay with Colton to make sure he is okay. If he makes any sort of noise Sadie comes to find me. SO sweet!!!)
Colton is having a really good nap right now in this magnificent invention so instead of napping, like I should be, I have been playing on the computer trying to figure out how to vamp up my blog. I found this great site...

The blog has awesome free templates but for the life of me I couldn't get them to download. I am still not very comfortable with computers, and how they work, but I'm very proud of myself today because I figured it out!!! (In fact, at work my five year olds can figure out the computer problems better than I can at times when they are playing their games.) If you use her templates you have to install Firefox and use that instead of Internet Explorer.

Anyways, just thought I'd share this website with you guys.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Full of Love!

For the past 3 weeks our house has been full of love! At times, things have been a bit crazy and overwhelming, but that is to be expected. Zak has been back at work for about a week and a half and its been a bit of an adjustment but I love having Colton all to myself during the day. When Zak gets home in the evenings he goes right into "daddy mode",taking care of things around the house and cuddling with Colton. We miss him while he's away working but we are so thankful to have him take such great care of us when he is home! Zak and I are loving every minute of being parents. Colton has changed our lives so much. I feel like I have such a purpose in life now. Just when I don't think I can stay awake for one more second he will look up at me with those big blue eyes and everything changes.

I took Colton to the Dr. yesterday because I didn't feel like he was eating enough. It seemed that I would feed and then he'd be hungry right away again. The week before he was eating like a champ and even sleeping about 4-5 hours at night. Things changed very quickly this week and it started to worry me. After the visit we found out that he wasn't putting on quite as much weight as he should be. In 14 days he only gained 3 1/2 oz. The Dr. did seem a little concerned and wanted me to start supplementing a little formula in addition to nursing. We will be going back next Tuesday to weigh him. I don't think Colton is a big fan of the formula, he probably wonders what on earth is going on. We are hoping this little bit of formula will help him put on weight so we can go back to just nursing very soon.

Other than this little hiccup things are going very well. Mommy and daddy are a little tired but adjusting. We are looking forward to this weekend and getting out of the house a bit to show Colton around. Maybe we will even take our first walk around Sydney Harbor, its just so hot! Colton is such a blessing and we are trying to take in and enjoy every moment. Before we know it he will be starting his first day of kindergarten then learning to drive and getting married. Time goes way too fast!!!

We have had so many visitors and so much help from family and friends the last three weeks and we are so grateful to each and every one of you for your visits and well wishes.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Like Father .. Like Son!

Everyone who sees Colton says he looks just like his daddy. Until I saw this picture, I wasn't too sure. Now I'm 100% that Colton will grow up to look just like his daddy. I just couldn't pass up a chance to share these two pictures.

Bill and Zak in 1980 Zak and Colton 2008

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

3 years ago today...

Three years ago today, July 9, 2005, I married my best friend. I can not believe how fast time has passed. Together, we have accomplished so much since we were married. I can't imagine spending my life with a more genuine, caring, loving, loyal man. Thank you for three amazing years. I love you Zak and I know..."The best is yet to come!"


Saturday, July 5, 2008

This is what life is all about...A week full of firsts

We have been home just over a week now and things are going great! Colton is growing and changing every day and we are enjoying every minute of it. We have had a lot of firsts this week so I thought I'd share some pictures. My first car ride.
My first bath.
My first trip to the pediatrician (daddy was not happy about this picture).
I am ONE WEEK OLD today!!!! (Tuesday July 1st)
My first house.

My first holiday ~ 4th of July.
Grandma, Paw Paw, Aunt Taylor and Nana came over in the afternoon for burgers.
My cousins Landry and Logan. We went out on my first fun trip to Jerry and Glenda's to surprise all of mommy's family.