Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Obsession

Colton has a new obsession...
Or as he calls them "bow".

While we were out in Katy today we stopped by Bass Pro Shop. Colton has always loved going there. There's so much to see, he loves the animals and the fish. In fact, we've often driven out just to see the fish. Today after we picked up a pair of riding boots for mommy, we took Colton over to see the fish but all he could do was scream, "BOW"!
He went straight to this lovely $34,000 fishing boat and wouldn't leave its side. When we walked away from the boat to look at another one he would go right back to his favorite.
Mommy thinks having a "bow" would be a lot of fun and it wouldn't be hard to talk daddy into wanting one either. Plus, pro fisherman sound like a pretty safe hobby/sport for our little guy!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Much needed haircut!

Today, Colton got a much needed haircut. Daddy wanted Colton's hair cut short like his, I wasn't so sure about that. It took him well over a year to even get any hair!
The first time we got his hair cut he did amazing, not one tear. Today, was a different story! I agreed to the drastic cut and with Colton on my lap and the sweetest hair cutter, Trina, we got started. She took the clippers to his hair and the screams started.
We tried toys, combs and suckers, nothing worked but it was too late to turn back now. After struggling through the first half of the haircut, Colton calmed down a bit. Trina styled his hair and when he got out of the chair he was so proud of the new cut. We had to take a bath as soon as we got home, but after a bath and a nap we tried a new style.

I have to say, Daddy made a great choice with the haircut. Colton looks so handsome!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Layla Grace

For months I have been following the story of Layla Grace, a two year old suffering from stage 4 Nueroblastoma. I do not know Layla Grace, or her family, but I know many who do, she and her family live here in our area. If you have not heard of Layla Grace click HERE to read her story. What she has gone through the past year breaks my heart and I think of her and pray for her constantly. I can not imagine how hard this is for her parents, sisters, family and friends, much less how painful its been for her .

I feel a little weird blogging about a complete stranger but her story has made such an impact on me. I think its important to share her story with you so you can pray for her and her family. Pray for their comfort, peace and strength during this time. I truly believe its never too late for a miracle and sweet Layla Grace sure could use every prayer possible at this time!!!!

Her life has touched so many and her story teaches you just how precious life is and how lucky we are to have good health.

There are so many ways to help this family. Here is one... If you have a little girl, or know someone who does, you can go HERE. Proceeds of certain (very cute) bows and hats will go straight to Layla Grace and her family.

God Bless Layla Grace we are praying for you!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What more can I do?

I love being a stay at home mommy. For as long as I can remember it's all I ever wanted to be. I love being able to take care of Colton and not having to put him in daycare. When he was much younger, probably about 6-7 months, I went through a guilty faze where I thought I wasn't do anything to help him grow and develop. That feeling quickly passed when I realized that I was doing as much as I could with him at that young age. But, I have to admit, I am having that feeling again. Like I said, I love being a stay at home mommy and I wouldn't want it any other way but I can't help but think Colton might be missing out, not being in "school" each day. I feel like I'm doing a great job as a stay at home wife (if I do say so myself) I cook each night and I keep the house clean. I try to take care of as much as I can so Zak doesn't have to, but I still have that horrible feeling that I'm not doing all I could be doing with Colton. We are thinking about putting him in Mothers Day Out program in the Fall but we will only put him in for one day a week. Colton and I read and play every day. We work on learning words, animals noises, colors, cleaning up, etc but I never feel like it's enough. I have been a horrible slacker about taking Colton to the library and just getting him out of the house at all. So, I vow, starting next week, to go each and every possible Monday to the library and to schedule more play dates. We are still involved in MOPS but it only meets twice a month. This is my job now and since we can't afford to put Colton in school (MDO) 3 days a week it is my job to teach him everything I can. I want to involve him and to help him learn as much as he can. Sometimes it's hard to get motivated and it is so much more fun to just stay in our PJS and cuddle, play, and watch tv all day together but we just can't do that (and we don't). I won't let myself! I taught kindergarten for SIX years, you'd think this would come naturally, but I doesn't. 5 may sound young but what a 5 year old and a 20 month old can and should be learning are two totally different things, obviously.

So blogging friends and mommies... I need your help.
If you have ideas or websites you use with your kiddos I'd love to hear about them.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

♥Happy Valentine's Day from our family to yours!♥ Last night, Zak and I had a Valentine's date at PF Changs. We've never really made a big deal out of Valentine's Day but it was time for a date night out for just the two of us. We enjoyed way too much food at PF Changs and hit up Dessert Gallery on our way home. We had such a nice time not rushing through our meal and being together but of course we talked about Colton all night long! Colton spent the evening playing with his Nanny, Grandad and Aunt Beck and had an awesome time.
We are having a very laid back lazy day here. We started our Valentine's Day with heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes (which no one ate but mommy). We followed breakfast with a little grocery shopping (a regular Sunday outing). We enjoyed a quiet day at home playing inside but enjoying the beautiful day with all of the windows open. After Colton and I had a nap we headed to Luby's, where we didn't think the crowds would be, and had very romantic dinner :). It was perfect!!!
Colton has been absolutely spoiled this past week with Valentine presents. Thank you MeeMaw, Jerry and Glenda, Aunt Andi, Nanny and Grandad, and Aunt Becky for all of his goodies, its been like a little mini Christmas around here!
♥Hope your day was full of love!♥

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Good Morning

You know you have had a good night sleep... ...when you wake up with hair like this!
Or maybe its just time for your second haircut!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Kelly, at Kellys Korner, did a post about simple pleasures.
Here are some of my simple pleasures, the little things that bring so much joy to my life.

Listening to Colton laugh
Lazy nights at home with Zak watching "our shows"
Fields of Bluebonnets
Craft shows
Beautiful evenings out front with the neighbors
Friday night dinners with my family
Comments on my blog
Zak getting home from work early
Being a stay at home mommy
Sunday dinner with friends
Having a clean house
Finding new recipes
Watching a great movie
Clean sheets
Getting cards and mail via snail mail
Fall Decorations
Homemade ice cream with fresh peaches
Making someone else smile
The list could go on and on and on but I have to end with
My favorite simple pleasure of all
The thing that makes me feel the happiest
Being a wife and mommy to these two

What are some of YOUR simple pleasures?