Thursday, February 18, 2010

Layla Grace

For months I have been following the story of Layla Grace, a two year old suffering from stage 4 Nueroblastoma. I do not know Layla Grace, or her family, but I know many who do, she and her family live here in our area. If you have not heard of Layla Grace click HERE to read her story. What she has gone through the past year breaks my heart and I think of her and pray for her constantly. I can not imagine how hard this is for her parents, sisters, family and friends, much less how painful its been for her .

I feel a little weird blogging about a complete stranger but her story has made such an impact on me. I think its important to share her story with you so you can pray for her and her family. Pray for their comfort, peace and strength during this time. I truly believe its never too late for a miracle and sweet Layla Grace sure could use every prayer possible at this time!!!!

Her life has touched so many and her story teaches you just how precious life is and how lucky we are to have good health.

There are so many ways to help this family. Here is one... If you have a little girl, or know someone who does, you can go HERE. Proceeds of certain (very cute) bows and hats will go straight to Layla Grace and her family.

God Bless Layla Grace we are praying for you!


Tricia said...

I have been following, too. I swear now I am checking for updates every few minutes.

AmazingGreis said...

Thanks for continuing to keep Layla and the Marsh family in your thoughts and prayers. I know it means so much to them. I, too, am hoping for a miracle.

Love ya'll and miss ya'll lots!