Saturday, March 24, 2012

10 Months

Today you are 10 months old.  2 months from your first birthday and I can't believe how fast the time is going.  You are such a joy and blessing in our lives and we love you so much.
You have been so busy this month.  Here are some of the things you're up to.

Look at those curls!
You are still wearing size three diapers.  You wear 9 or 12 month clothes.
YOu wave feverishly at people and you get so excited about it.  You also love to clap and you sign the word "more" when you are eating.
You are sleeping pretty well.  You go down about 8 pm and get up between 6 and 7 am. The past week or so you have been having trouble getting comfy after your last feed.  You wiggle and squirm making our last cuddle time for the day tough.  You usually take two naps in the day.  One around 9:30 or 10 and a longer one around 1. Sometimes you skip your first nap. You are starting to sleep in your crib at nap time but you have to be asleep when I lay you down.
You sleep well while you are sleeping but I don't think you are going to be as good of a sleeper as your brother.
When you wake in the night, as long as your are comfortable and okay, we let you cry it out and it really seems to work.
You like to play with your books and toys but you really like people to stay around you.  
You started crawling and there is NO stopping you now!

You only take formula from Nanny. 
Your daddy calls you Mr. Wiggles because you wiggle and squirm when we try to get you dressed or change your diaper.

You are a happy little guy and you are always smiling.  
Even though you're on the go you love to sit with us and cuddle.  
 You stand unassisted for a few seconds.
You pull up on things with a little help.  Once you're up you love standing and playing.
Your brother entertains you so much.  You are always smiling and laughing at him.  Unless hes ripping a toy out of your hand.  Which he does quite often.
You have had a really runny nose and and lots of drool this month.  We keep thinking those top teeth will come in soon but you still only have two!

You love table food. You love crackers, mc n cheese, and  banana the best.  You don't love tomato or watermelon.  
A lot of days you skip at least one jar of baby food because you eat table food.

You love books but you don't let us read them to you.
You bite! I just know you are going to be a biter.  

You love being outside.  You love to have the wind blow through your hair.
Everyone comments on your bright blue eyes.  They are beautiful!

When you eat on your own you shove food in your mouth with the palm of your hands.  You are so good at feeding yourself and so cute to watch. You look so happy when you get a big yummy bite.
We are working on a sippie cup.  You are not really good at getting anything out of them and usually just flip it upside down and play with the bottom of the cup.
You are so stinkin' cute!

You are amazing.  You make everyone who meets you smile.  You are a joy and the biggest blessing. We love you with all of our heart.  Happy double digits baby boy!
Love, Mommy


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Break

Here is how our Spring Break went...In pictures.  
A lot of pictures!

Zak and Colton played in the rain.  
(Only got video of that not a picture.)

Look who decided to CRAWL!
Big Brother had a tummy bug.  Thankfully it was very very short lived.
Was a busy day.
It started with breakfast and shopping with Nanny.
And more shopping with Gaga, PawPaw, Pa, Tay Tay and Robbie.
And dinner with everyone.
Daddy was out with friends so we played hard when we got home with presents everyone spoiled the boys with.

We needed a day to recoup from shopping so we stayed home and played, played, played. 
Started with grocery shopping.
and ended with more playing.
We got up early and got donuts because Colton didn't put up a fight going to bed the night before.
And we played.
 Nanny came over with lunch.
Then Mommy had a girls night at the Rodeo.

That's fried Oreos, a funnel cake, fried Nutter Butter, and fried Snickers.

We got up early and started working in the yard. 
We went to the landscape yard and Colt loved watching daddy's truck get filled up with rocks!

Saturday night we met up with Nanny and Grandad for a very windy dinner at Willies.

We had to go back to the landscape yard.
This time it was time to fill up with mulch.
 Colton sure worked hard!
We ended the day early on Sunday and the boys played in the bath 'til they were wrinkled.
There were no wild party's, trips to the beach, or crazy nights out but it was a perfect Spring Break at home with family enjoying each other!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012


This past weekend was!

It started at Onion Creek for Friday Night Dinner with Nanny, Grandad, and Baa.

 Saturday morning we got up and dressed and headed to Chases first Livestock Show (and Colton's 4th).

 Colt picked out his own Cowboy hat.

 Love this picture!

 Dippin' Dots for brunch.

 Colton NOT shooting a bow.
 Watching mutton busting.  
We'd love Colton to do this when he turns five but he had a very serious conversion with Baa at Friday Night Dinner where he told her,  "That doesn't sound like something I'd ever want to do." He enjoyed watching it though.

While we were watching Mutton Busting he spotted a man with a funnel cake and just had to have one.  Funnel cake for lunch!
This might be as close as he gets!
 And for the favorite part of the trip...
the tram back to the car!

 Saturday, after a fun day at the Rodeo Zak's parents came over and watched the boys and Zak and I enjoyed a really nice, long, quiet dinner at Taste of Texas.
 Sunday morning we took the boys (well Colton) to the Lego store in the Galleria. It was much smaller than we expected but awesome none the less.  Zak and Colton were in HEAVEN.  

 We couldn't leave with out a trip to Dillon's Candy Bar.
 Chase just loved being along for the ride!
Here is Colton's Cup-o-Legos!
 Sunday afternoon and evening we spent some time in the front yard with the neighbors.

 It really was!