Monday, June 27, 2011

Sadie and Her Boys

Sadie loves these boys!

Wherever the boys are Sadies not far behind.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Birthday Celebrations

We have been celebrating Colton's 3rd Birthday all weekend long.

The celebration started Friday , on his "real" birthday.

I can't believe how big our baby is! Nanny came over with a couple presents...
And bagels for breakfast.

Daddy came home early and we headed to Don Julios for chips and cheese, not the most complete dinner but Coltons birthday choice and all time favorite.

Since he doesn't love cake we went to Baskin Robins for an icecream come with lots sprinkles.

As soon as we got home it was time for his big birthday surprise from mommy and daddy.

He picked it up quickly.

And stopped a few times to check the tires...

And under the Jeep.

This was all too much excitement for Little Brother.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early and headed out for a ride in the Jeep. Sweet little Addy joined him for a wild ride down the street!

After nap our family joined us for a small birthday party.

Colton ate the icing off of his ice cream cake...

And was ready to open presents!

(I was trying to capture a good picture.

I love this one...he was in mid air jumping around.)

This is the shot I was trying to get.

He got so many gifts. He was so excited!

We've had such a great weekend...

Celebrating this



We all love you so very much!

Happy Happy Birthday little man!

Friday, June 24, 2011

3 Today...


You're THREE!

Today is YOUR HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Dear Colton,
Today is your day. Finally! For the last week you've woken up most mornings asking "Today my happy birthday?"

Well buddy,today's the day! I can't believe you're THREE. You're growing up way too fast. You're dad and I are so proud of the kid your growing to be. You are a sweet, gentle, loving little guy. You are a perfect big brother and you have been an absolute joy in our life for the last three years!

Here are a few things you've been up to.

*You are still a very picky eater. The other day you ate a slice of pizza and it was a huge day for your mommy. You like mac and cheese, fruit, yogurt cheese, chips and queso, nuggets from McDonald's, crackers, rice and thats just about it.

*Even though your extremely picky you are growing well. You are wearing 2T or 3T shorts and 4 T shirts.

*You love to chase poor Sadie around the house and play with her. You tend to be a little rough and we have to put her in our room or outside sometimes but you only do it because you love her so much.
*You like to talk on the phone and sometimes I'll even catch you holding your hand up to your ear pretending to talk to someone. You get very involved in conversation pausing for responses and asking lots of questions.

*You love to play with your cars, choochoos, tools, ride your 4 wheeler and bus, play playdough, wicky sticks and stick stickers everywhere.

*You sleep most nights in your own big boy bed and you usually take one really good nap during the day anywhere from 1 to 3 hours.
*We still rock you for 10 or so minutes before rest time but you usually go down awake, just a little tired. At night you lay with daddy and usually fall asleep with him on the couch.
*You like to take one random object into bed with you. You might take one wicky stick or one domino with you. Sometimes you lay and play with it but most of the time you put it right next to your bed. You're getting quite a pile in there.
*Potty training is going really well. We even took the travel potty out of the car and you are using public potties (this is big for mommy!).
*You are an awesome big brother and are so gentle with Chase.
*You talk to your baby brother in the most sweet kind soft voice.

*You love to run out and wave like crazy to the garbage/recycle men.
*We try to walk out daddy (and any visitors) and wave them off when they leave.
*You like to watch TV which is a little new for you since you haven't shown much interest in TV up til now. You like to watch Cars, Toy Story, You Gabba Gabba, Blues Clues, Dinosaur Train and Calliou.
*You love to be outside but the heat does get to you so we haven't been out much lately. It's just too hot!
*You are a big helper around the house and with your brother.
*We are working on your colors and numbers. You always say everything is "purple" even though I really think you know a lot of your colors. You can count to 11 if you can just get past 3 and 4. For some reason they stump you.
*You have amazing fine motor skills.
* On occasion you break out in song. You like to sing Life is a Highway, Jesus Loves Me, The Wheels on the Bus, Peanut Butter Railroad.
*You loved your first year of "school" (MDO) and you miss Ms. ShayShe and your friends. Thankfully things have been pretty busy around here so you haven't gotten too sad about not being in school.
*You play well with others (most of the time).
*You have a big imagination. You are starting to play well on your own. I love to watch you pretend.
*You say "can't" with a heavy British accent and you say "now" and "out" with a heavy southern accent.
*You have your own sense of fashion. When I am able to bribe you out of your PJs, which is a big fight almost every single day, you insist on choosing your own clothes. You usually like to wear a character t-shirt and basketball or comfy shorts. You also like to wear your crocks with socks. I wish you'd wear some of the nice outfits mommy gets for you but you like to pick your own outfits and I guess its just not worth the fight. You look cute in whatever you wear!

You are such a fun kid. Mommy loves being home with you every day. You make my job of being a stay at home mommy easy. Your daddy and I love you so much very much. We are so lucky to have you in our lives. I hope you are enjoying your Happy Birthday we know you've been looking forward to this day for a long time.
Love, Mommy
*Pictures of the birthday festivities to follow in another blog!*

Thursday, June 23, 2011

One Month


Tomorrow you turn one month old. I cant believe it! You have completed our family. Being a mommy of two boys has been a dream this last month. You and your brother have made having two little ones so much easier than I could have ever thought. You are an awesome happy content baby who brings so much joy to our family. Here are some of the things you've been up to.

*You are sleeping pretty good. We go to bed around 11 or 11:30 and you get up one or two times before getting up in the morning between 6 and 8 (usually closer to 8). I think some mornings you'd sleep later if your brother didn't come in to say good morning so loud.

* You are starting to stay awake more during the day. Between two or three feeds during the day you stay awake the whole time just taking in the world.

*When you sleep you sleep through so much noise. (Thankfully, our house is not quiet!)

*You still have all of the dark dark brown hair you were born with.

*Your eyes were really really dark grey/blue when you were born and are starting to get a little lighter and more blue. They are much more blue than your brothers ever got. My prediction is that they will be brown like brother and daddys.

*When we lay you down you always lay on your back and your head rolls to your right side, always.

*You eat very well and are growing to show it. We aren't sure how much you weigh because we haven't taken you back to the Dr. since you were one week old.

*You eat every 1 1/2 to 3 hours. Most of the time you go 2 hours, on the dot, between feeding. At night you can go up to 4 or 5 hours on a feed.

*You are doing better and not choking so much when you eat. When you do choke, for the most part, you just end up clearing your throat and getting past it quickly. Because of your choking escapades we have only given you a few bottles. You nurse so well there is not much need for bottles although I'm not aposed to giving them to you. Your feeds have gone from taking an hour or so to about 20 minutes.

*You love love love to be swaddled and you don't really sleep at all unless your swaddled or in our arms. If you keep growing so quickly we're going to have to find some really large swaddle blankets. When your held you like to be held close and tight.

*You are starting to love the swing and you lay in it every night at dinner time so you can join us in the kitchen for dinner.

*You also like to have your binky to calm you down but when you calm down you just spit it out and refuse to take it anymore. You have trouble keeping it in so were still working on that.

*When you're awake you really look around. I think you recognize your mommy and daddy's voice and you like to look around and watch everything around you.

*You are starting to hold onto and grasp things. We love it when you hold our fingers.

*You are loud. You grunt and clear your throat all the time and you're full of loud gas. :) You don't burp or even spit up too much. I think your gas makes up for that.

* You are wearing a size 1 diaper and I feel like they are a little big for you but the newborn diapers were rubbing you.

*You are almost out of your newborn clothes and wearing a lot of 0-3.

*We started tummy time this week and you don't mind it but I don't keep you on your tummy too long. You can hold up and move around your head pretty well. You're gaining good neck control.

* You get a bit fussy in the evenings, some evenings more than others.

*You have your daddy's coloring. You have dark/red skin and everyone always comments on how tan you are. (Not like your pasty mommy or brother.)

*We havent been out too much but you've gone to your first Friday Night Dinner. You've been to both of your grandparents house, bass Pro Shop and we also met Nanny for breakfast at Panera this week. You seem to like the car carrier and you do well while we are out.

You are such a sweet cuddly loving little man. Even though you've only been in our arms for one short month we could not imagine our life with out you. We are so in love with you little Chaser.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Daddy's Day


We love you so much.

Our boys have no idea how lucky they are to have a dad like you. You are so amazing with them. Thank you for all you do for our family. We couldn't ask for a better Daddy!

We love you "Bettah"!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Today we spent the day with Grandad and PawPaw to celebrate Father's Day.

We started the morning with Chases first trip to Nanny and Grandads house.

( I promise Colton was not hurting Chase in this picture He was trying to get Chase to calm down. This is the best we could do.)

Nanny and Grandad had a special prize set up in the backyard for Colton. He was so excited to play on his new swing set.

Mimi was in town and came by to visit and have lunch with us.

Landry, Logan, and Barrett came too.

After a few hours of hard playing both boys were wiped out. Colton was asleep before we got out of Nanny and Grandads neighborhood.

This melted my heart. Before he fell asleep he grabbed Chases hand and held it all the way home.

After a quick nap we headed to Gaga and PawPaws.

Then we were off to Colton's favorite place. The "Boat Show", as he calls it, with Gaga, PawPaw and Uncle Matt.

Colton couldn't have been happier running around from boat to boat to 4 wheeler. Chase was awake the first half of the time taking it all in and slept the second half of the trip.

Before we know it Chase will be up there running around with his big brother.

Happy Happy Happy Father's Day to Grandad and PawPaw.

You both are role models in our lives. We appreciate everything you have done for us and how much you love us and our family. We are blessed to have you in our lives and we feel so lucky to be able to spend so much time with you.


All our love, Zak, Catherine, Colton and Chase

Friday, June 17, 2011

We Got Out

Tonight we finally got out of the house as a family of four. I've never been one to sit around at home. I don't sit well. I like to have plans and stay busy but since Chase has been home I've been quite content hanging out at home with a couple trips here and there to grab a few things. This week I've started to feel ready to venture out so tonight was the night and it was a complete success. We met Nanny and Grandad at Cheddars for Friday Night Dinner.

(So sad Baa was still at work and couldn't make it. We missed you Baa.)
Chase did awesome and slept through the entire meal.
(Waking up as we pulled into the driveway.)
And, Colton did great too. He's been stuck in the house with Chase and me the last three weeks and he was just as excited to go to dinner as I was. He spent about 15 minutes picking out and packing up the perfect cars to entertain himself during our wait at the restaurant. Then, at dinner we had a big success with Colton. He used his first public potty!!! (Ha, such a mommy thing to be proud of. And, NO, I didn't take a picture of that. He'd have every right to kill me for that.)

It was so great to get out.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We are so blessed to have our parents so close by.

We love having them around and so do the boys...

Gaga and Colt PawPaw and Chase
Grandad and Colt

Nanny and Chase

We sure do love you guys. Thanks for loving us and our boys.