Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lucky 7

Last week (on July 9th) Zak and I celebrated 7 years. We promised each other we wouldn't do gifts or surprises.  I obliged, my husband did not.  After all this time I should have known better.  My husband had some surprises up his sleeves to make it one of my all time favorite anniversaries. We had just returned from the river with our friends.  We were both tired and excited about the upcoming weekend where we would celebrate together by spending a kid free day together getting messages and enjoying a nice dinner. 
Monday morning started out like any day.  Zak and I got up and shared anniversary cards and started getting ready for the day.  Zak got dressed, grabbed his briefcase and all of his work stuff and headed out telling me he'd try to be home early.   We had decided to do dinner in because we had such big plans for Saturday and I was totally okay with that. After Zak left the boys and I went on with out morning routine and about 45 minutes later Zak came walking in, kicked off his shoes, handed me a huge bouquet of pink flowers and a framed picture. The frame has to be one of my all time favorite  gifts, ever.  It was a family picture made up of 800 photos (from the time Colton was one year old) that Zak hand picked. Its such a special thoughtful gift. He told me he was home for the day and we would be going to Cheesecake that night.  I was so surprised!  Although it seems small it was such a wonderful surprise because I had NO idea! We spent the day playing and hanging out and even had a family trip to HEB. That night we went to Cheesecake with the boys and had one of my favorite all time family dinners.  The boys were so well behaved and we laughed, ate too much, and really really enjoyed ourselves.  Zak made me feel so special all day.

Saturday was the day we were going to celebrate.  Pa (my sis in law, Andi) agreed to come down to watcvhthe boys and offered to take them for the whole day to do something fun so we could have the whole day to ourselves. We didn't realize how much we needed that.  It was such a great day! Pa and Byrd showed up around 10 and whisked the boys away.  Zak and I headed to the Urban Retreat where we had a wonderful couples message.  We went to Katzs Deli for a quick snack and then stopped at Academy to get Zak and new shirt.  He insisted we go try to find me a new outfit but I just wasn't in the mood to shop.  We stopped at a couple stores and looked around but I didn't fall in love with anything.  So, we headed home to get ready for a nice dinner.  On the way to dinner we stopped at the Chevy dealership and visited my Tahoe (that I'll get one day). We ate that night at Taste of Texas (our favorite)! We enjoyed the day together so much and like I said we had no idea how much we needed that alone time.  It was refreshing!

While we were out enjoying ourselves the boys didn't miss us a bit.  They spent the day with family at the boat show, Chuckie Cheese and ended the day playing hard at Gaga and PawPaws.  (Thank you Andi and Byrd for taking our boys for the day.  You have no idea how much we appreciate it. )

I couldn't imagine a better 7 years of marriage!
Zak, you are the best husband and daddy anyone could ask for.  Thank you for making us the most important things in your life.  I love you most! Here's to 70 more!

Monday, July 9, 2012

The river

This weekend we took a trip to "the river" as Colton  called it all weekend.  We headed out Thursday morning with our neighbors, the McAlisters and the Williamsons.  We met up with Mandi's mom, dad and nieces and her best friend.  We stayed in a house right on the Guadalupe River in Comal Tx. 
The house was perfect for what we needed. Lots of beds, a perfect size kitchen and grill (the boys cooked all the meals!), easy river access and a covered deck.
We spent most of our time outside.  The first day we were there we all got in the river. We forced Colt to stay in kicking and screaming.  That was the last time Colt got in the water.  He did not like his feet getting muddy.  In fact he didn't like being wet and spent the whole weekend on shore collecting and throwing rocks.  He didn't mind getting filthy as long as he wasn't wet.  Chase on the other hand, loved the river (and getting filthy) and spent a lot of time hanging out with mommy and daddy.
With all of the kiddos there, everyone had a play buddy.  All of the kids did great, aside from a few meltdowns (mostly Colton). We all played hard and didn't get much rest. We enjoyed the water and the sun, friends and catching up, lots of home cooked meals, fishing and swimming, a trip to Gruene Hall and the Gristmill, and some much needed relaxation.  As much work as it was to take two young children on a trip like this we had such a fun time. We are so blessed to have amazing neighbors and friends and thankful Mandi and David invited us a long!
 Colt and Zak fishing for the first time with Colts new fishing pole.  Colt wouldn't get in far enough to catch anything but Zak caught a small bass.
 Colton and Addy were attached at the hip.
 Chase and P

The covered deck was awesome and David brought a Port-a-cool.  It was windy. Notice Chases hair!

He wore that life vest but didn't need it since he wouldn't get in.
 Chase on the other hand loved the water!

 All the kids (just missing Miss P)

Look at that dirty bum.  I told you he didn't mind being dirty!

 Late night snack and TV before bed.  Colton got to sleep in a bunk bed for the first time.  He loved it and slept really well.
 Can you see Zak?  Night swim!
 Amber and I made the boys wear Breath Right strips and we got ear plugs.  Night one was miserable with snoring men!
 In Gruene Tx
 At Gristmill

 At Gruene Hall

 Back in the water.

This was as close as Colt got to getting back in!

 Water balloons
And to complete the trip, a stop at the biggest Bucees EVER in New Braunfels Tx.