Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

We have had the best long weekend. 
 It started Friday evening celebrating Chase with his Grandparents, dinner and presents.
Saturday we spent the morning hanging out. Then, that afternoon we went across the street to celebrate Addy's 4th Birthday.  We had fun celebrating with her and Ariel. After the party we spent the whole evening outside with our neighbors.  The boys had the best time.  Colton even asked Addy to marry him.  She said no but he wasn't heart broken in the least.
Sunday, we all slept in, Mommy the longest!  The boys went for donuts and we took the boys for the first swim of the year.  It was so cold but we had fun. That evening Nanny and Grandad came over to watch the boys.  Zak and I went to Bjs for appetizers and then  to Alamo Draft House to watch The Hangover III.
Monday, we all slept in, again.  Zak got up and mowed and the boys and I got a few things done around the house. I squeezed in a quick pedicure before we headed over to Mimi and Jerry's for burgers and hotdogs. We ended our Memorial Day with family movie night watching Alvin and the  Chipmunks -The Squeakquel.
.Wish it didn't have to come to an end.

Friday, May 24, 2013



Dear Chase,
I can hardly believe you are two, time has gone so fast.  But then again, I can hardly remember life without you.  You are so very special to us. You make our family complete and make us laugh each and every day!
You give the absolute best kisses and you'll give them to just about anyone who asks.  You pucker up and go right in for a sloppy kiss. Each day you are picking up words.  You have so many, I've actually lost count.  You don't have many phrases but you'll be talking up a storm in no time.You have to, to compete with Bubby who's quite the talker.  "Bubby", that's what you call Colton and I think it is so cute. "No!" is a favorite of yours.  Even if you want something you'll still say "NO!" You even point your finger when you really mean it.  You also say "nuts!" when something goes wrong.  Makes me laugh every time.  You always say "Beeee-iii", were still trying to figure out what that means.  You use to say it to airplanes, then big trucks, now you point at all kinds of stuff and say it. Who knows?!?! You are still a pretty picky eater and recently haven't been eating much at all, even if it something you like.  You really enjoy chicken nuggets (chicky), grapes, yogurt, pretzels, fish sticks, tator tots (datdots), french-fries, tangerines, bagels and cream cheese, and donuts.  And in the last couple days you've found a liking for pasta.   No matter what you eat, you make a mess. A HUGE mess! You are a  sweet, cuddly, loving little guy, but you have a bit of a temper on you.  You got in trouble a few times this year at school for biting and pushing or hitting friends.  I see it at home too sometimes.  When you can't get your way you get very angry.  This doesn't happen very much you really are such a sweet natured little guy! You are absolutely obsessed with trains and trash men. You love love love being outside riding the jeep or playing on your play set.  You really enjoy going to HEB but you call it "bee z be". You love your stuffed animals.  First it was peace sign monkey, then blue doggie, and then bunny, next  camo pillow.  Now, you love fishy ("pish"). You have all of them in your bed and you call them your "night nights". You love the color blue and if we ask you what color anything is, you say "boo".  You love to play fireworks and watch fish on my iPad.  You play really well all by yourself, if  Bubby's not around to distract you. You also love playing with Bubby. Any time you find a long open space you back up against something, get your arms ready, and yell, "go!". Then, and run down the space as fast as you can and you just laugh and laugh.   You hate, absolutely hate, the stroller and the highchair.  In fact, you've been sitting at the dinner table for the last month with us. It's a struggle to keep you in your seat but you refuse to be in the highchair.  You are not really interested in potty training.  Every time Bubby would go potty, you'd run over to the toilet pull up your shirt and lean into the toilet.  I got out the baby potty and you want absolutely NOTHING to do with it.  You may go straight to the big boy potty.  For now though, I'm not pushing it.
You are our everything.  I am so lucky to be your mom.  We love you more than you'll ever ever EVER know.  Happy Birthday Chase-Man.
Love, Mommy
(and Daddy and Bubby too)
Today, we had a pretty low-key day.  We hung out at home, stopped by Nanny and Grandads, went shopping at HEB and then came home to rest up for your little birthday get together.  
Tonight, we celebrated your birthday by having Nanny, Grandad, Gaga, PawPaw and TayTay over to eat dinner and open presents!

 This is a memory I will NEVER forget.  You absolutely LOVED when we sang you happy birthday.  You smiled and laughed SO big.

 You didn't eat much of your dinner but you loved your cookie cake!

 This was such a special gift from Bubby.
Mommy helped him make it but it was all his idea.

You wanted to play with everything you opened and you couldn't have cared less about opening the next gift  so Bubby stepped in to help you unwrap.

 Some assembly required!
 Who needs toys...
 When you get a great big box!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

PREK Graduate!

Today Colton Graduated from PreK at Foundry. 
He did awesome at his performance and graduation this morning.  I was so proud of the whole group. My cheeks hurt from smiling at all of them.  They did so great!

We started the morning with some Graduation/End Of Year goodies

 A quick family shot.  No one really wanted to participate.
 The first part of the Ceremony
 Graduation time!

 Reception after Graduation.
 Ms. Dana and Ms. Dianna
 After Graduation Zak and Colt set off for a "Boys Day"
 First stop..
La Hacienda with his whole class to play, eat, and have cake.

 After cake, who doesn't need ice cream?!?!?
On their way back to pick up Chase and Mommy they stopped off at Gander Mt. 
After a little relaxing at home, we headed out to TBall. 
 And, finished the evening off with celebratory snow cones.
Unfortunately, This picture was very staged.  Colton got a bad tummy ache and we had to head home.

I am so proud of Colton and how far he has come in his last three years at Foundry. He has grow and learned so much!
As I walked into school this morning with both of my boys (and all of our stuff) I got a little sad.  Today was the last day I'll ever walk into school, where I work too, with both of my boys.  

Foundry has been so good to us.  It's been a perfect place for our family.  
Our journey with Foundry has not ended yet.  
  Next year, Colton will attend Foundry's Bridge program ( an extra year of school before Kinder.) 
However, Colton, Chase and I will not all be together.  Foundry is opening a new campus (right by home).  It's a small school with no Bridge program.  So, with a lot of help, Colton will stay at Foundry where he has been the past three years and Chase and I will move to the new campus.   It'll be good for Colton to be in school without me.  It will better prepare him for the independence he will face in Kindergarten.  Even though I know it'll be good for him,  I don't know what I'll do without him AND Chase with me.  I've been spoiled having both of them with me every day that we go to school.

Chases first year of school

Today, Chases first year of "school" came to an end. 
It was a really great first year.  
He had great teacher's 
Last day...
(Some days he had trouble going into class.  Others, he went straight into the arms of Ms. Jennifer or Ms. Laura and cuddled up to them. Today, he wanted nothing to do with a picture.)
First day...

He enjoyed making new friend and playing at school.  He always, always, always came out of class with a huge smile on his face. 
He had a few of these...
 But many more of these...

He's grown so much!
What a great FIRST first year of school he had. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Lego Fest 2013

This evening we went to Lego Fest down at Reliant. There was so much to do! It was really a fun place to be, especially for our Lego lovers, but it was very crowded and a bit overwhelming in the beginning. By the time Colton got comfortable with it, Chase had had enough. We enjoyed some family time and lots of Legos. Colton's already talking about going back next year! 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day.  
I could say that it was the best Mother's Day yet, but my boys absolutely spoil me rotten on every Mother's Day and yesterday was no different!

 We all slept in a little bit and while Chase snoozed Zak and Colt made me bagels and bacon.  (My request!)
 Daddy was proud of his super secret wrapping job with my present!
Once again, daddy (and the boys) surprised me with a super fun gift!
 After breakfast we headed to hang out with Gaga...
 and we got to see her sweet new puppy, Maggie.
 After Gagas we headed to see Nanny and then out to a late lunch to try to beat the dinner crowds.   
(We didn't beat anyone! It was packed!)
 After lunch we headed to do a little birthday present search for the boys.  As you see Zak had fun!
 We enjoyed the afternoon outside playing with Miss P...
 Then, had snowcones for dinner!
 I am so beyond blessed.  My boys spoil me rotten. I love my family more than words can describe and I had the best day!  Thank you boys, for making me feel so special!!!!
 Once again, I have to say a special Happy Mother's Day and THANK YOU to my amazing mom. 
 I really don't know what I'd do without you.  You are so special to me.  Thank you for always being there for me and my boys. We love you so very much!!!!

Last week at Colton's school I went to his "Moms Munch". I had a great time being there with him as a mommy (instead of a teacher).  I loved watching his class sing and I felt so special with all the goodies he had for me.