Saturday, January 24, 2009

7 months old

We have a 7 month old in the house!

Colton is doing great! We went to the Dr. on Tuesday. Here are his 7 month stats...
Wt 18 lb 13.5 oz (55%)
Ht 26 inches (50%)
HC 18 1/4 inches (95%)

Our little guy still has a large head for his age but the Dr. was very happy that the percentage had gone down 2% and said we didn't need to come back until his 9 month well baby check up. I was thrilled to hear that news!

In other news...

Colton's personality is really shinning through. He has his daddy's laid back demeanor but is like his mommy in the sense that he likes to have people around him. Just like me, he likes to be in on everything thats going on. Thankfully, he is still sleeping through the night. He wakes up, usually, one time to get his binki and is back to sleep right away. We put him down about 7:30 or 8 and he sleeps, on the weekends, until around 8. On week days we have to wake him up. He has started level 2 baby food. He loves to eat and is really enjoying all of the variety. He still loves his carrots but also loves mango and plain oatmeal cereal. He is eating two "meals" and has 5 bottles a day. Now that he has fully mastered sitting up he hates to be put on his back, which makes diaper changing quite a challenege. He is really interacting with everyone. He plays with you and talk to you. He is making lots of new sounds like "baba" and "rara". He has tons of fun toys but love our cellphones, the tv remote, and any type of paper more than anything is the world. He got a hold of an envelope last night and let us know he was NOT happy when we took it away from him. He also loves his jumperoo and jumps until he just can't jump any more. I more thing...Colton is finally getting some hair!!! I know it seems silly but he's been pretty bald up until the last few weeks. His hair seems to be blonde but, to us, theres quite a bit of hair there!!!
He is an absolute joy and we cant remember what we did before he was here. With each month that passes we have more and more fun. We just can't imagine what the future hold for our little guy and our family. We feel blessed to have had another healthy month full of so much excitement.
Happy 7 month birthday baby boy!

Here are some pictures from the last month...

First time to swing all by myself

Like my new hat?

Out to eat like a BIG BOY!

A new bath experience

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy "Not Me! Monday"

Okay, so I found "Not me! Monday" on MckMama's blog (because I have no idea how you link the websites into the blog you'll just have to check out my side bar under "Blogs I Follow") and I thought I'd go ahead and share some of the things I most certainly did not do this last week.

I did not give in tonight and hold Colton on my lap to feed him dinner since he refused to eat in his high chair.

I never wedding plan with Kellie at work. Nope NOT us!

I did not spend the day on Sunday in my PJs since we had company over for lunch and football watching.

I would never eat a huge bowl of neapolitan ice cream right before bed even though I wasn't one bit hungry.

I did not wait 'til Colton went to Nanny's for the week to decide to introduce PRUNES...I would never to that to my poor mom!

I would never have Colton stay in Pjs that were too small for just one last night.

It wasn't me who sat in the driveway and waited for Zak (who was 5 minutes behind me) to get home so he could carry Colton in from the car. Nope I wasn't THAT lazy!

Speaking of lazy, I have not been putting off an oil change for two months because I'm too lazy to drop the car off right across the street. And, I definitely do not have a coupon for a free oil change.

I would not spend $110 at the grocery store when I only needed a few things!

I did not let Sadie lick Colton's hands and then watch Colton put his whole fist into his mouth. Ew yuck nope!

I am not staying up much later than I wanted to and missing out on "hubby time" because I'm writing this blog! I never spend too much time playing on this stinkin' computer! NEVER!

And, I have to add this one because it did not just happen. I would never wake my, peacefully sleeping, husband up who fell asleep on the couch and make him think it's 7 in the morning.

So...Whats your "Not Me! Monday"

Friday, January 9, 2009


I have gotten a couple of emails about how to post the header to your you go. I CAN NOT takecredit for this ... I copied it from a fellow blogger!

***Directions for adding your scrapblog header to your blog:
1) Click "publish" when you are finished with your header. (You can publish publicly or privately -- no one else will see your design on their site if you choose to publish privately.)
2) Click "No, thanks" when the pop-up asks if you would like to share your scrapblog with others on the site. (Don't click "view scrapblog" yet.)
3) In the upper left corner, click on "File" and then click "Export as JPEG."
4) Click "Download" on the page you want to use as your header, and save as you do your other photo images.
5) Then, after your scrapblog has downloaded, open your blog and go to the layout tab in Blogger.
6) Click on your header's "edit" link.
7) Then upload your image (you may need to check "shrink to fit") and save it.

So, I found a new really cool, website...

I created, well borrowed and changed up, my new blog header. I was thinking of paying someone to help me change up my blog but I think this will do for now. has all kinds of ideas to help you get started. You can even create your own scrap page from scratch. I pretty much just added my own pictures and words and rearranged a few "stickers" using a page that had already been created. I'd like to find a new background but my old one will do for now. I tried to change it up and somehow erased EVERYTHING. I'm not sure how I did it, but I pushed the right buttons and all of my old settings reappeared. After that little scare, I think I'll just leave it as is and head off to bed! If anyone knows a good site where I can find a solid color background that I can download without loosing everything, please let me know. The website where I found this background ( is down for maintenance right now.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Teachable Moments

A little boy came in this morning , wearing an Obama '08 beanie. I saw this as a teachable moment for my kiddos. We spent a few minutes, before starting the day, discussing our new president. The kids were surprisingly interested and knowledgeable. After the discussion, I gave the hat back to the little boy it belonged to and very matter of factly he said to me, "Mrs. Day, I voted for McCain." I couldn't help but break into laughter.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's a work night...

I am being so bad right now, its 11:29 PM on a WORK night, everyone else in my house is sleeping (animals included), and I can't make myself go to bed. I think it's all subconscious, if I go to sleep, my break is over. It's been a bad day today, I've been in a funk. Instead of enjoying my last day, I've sulked about having to go back to work. It is harder than I thought it would be. At least, when I went back to work after maternity leave I knew I had three weeks of vacation right around the corner. Now, what do I have to look forward to? Spring Break in 50 (yes, I'm counting) work days? I know that's very negative, it's just how I feel right now. I know that I need to enjoy each day, and I will, I just wish the days would slow down. I wish this time would stop flying by. I know that when I go to bed tonight, I'll have to wake up tomorrow and get back to our new working "normal". I'll have to rush to get ready in the morning (because I'll hit snooze way too many times), wake Colton up and love on him quickly, drop him off with my mom, work, pick him up, rush around get things done, play a little, put him to bed, go to bed myself, and start all over the next day. Where does that day go? Colton really likes to stick to his schedule. We try to keep him up to have that extra little time with him but he's just not having it. He knows his routine and he sticks to it. By 8, or even before, he is ready for bed whether we like it or not. When he is hungry, he tells you he is ready for his bottle by putting both hands up by his ears and "assuming the position". In the evenings, when he assumes the position the playing is over! He has his bottle, rubs his little eyes, and is OUT until we wake him the next morning. There's just not enough time in the day.
I loved every second of being home with Colton. I think I have appreciated my time with him more over the Christmas break then when I was on maternity leave. After going back to work for the last month and a half I really realized what I was missing at home. We really had fun this Christmas break, Colton got to meet a lot of family and friends he'd never met before, he was a real trooper on many many shopping trips, and I think he had his picture taken more then in the first 5 months of his life ( I just developed pictures from Nov-Dec. and I developed 250 pics- ridiculous I know)!
There's just no getting around it...if I don't go to bed now, tomorrow will REALLY be tough! This post has helped me get it all off my chest. I feel a bit better, or maybe I'm just really tired.
I guess it's time...Good night!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009

Happy New Year from the Day Family!

*We went to the Dr. for Colton's 6 month check up on Tuesday. Here are our BIG boy's stats...
Weight 18lb .5 oz (90%)
Height 26" (50%)
Head 18" (97%)
The Dr. says everything looks great! As you can see he still has a rather large head so we are going to keep an eye on that. But, his head has been large since he was born. It seems his body is also growing at the same time. His weight, height, and head circumference has all jumped up equally. AT 4 months he was in the 50th % for weight, 25th % for height, and the 75th % for head circumference. I think he just hit a huge growth spurt! The Dr. is happy with his development and says he is right on right on track for his age. His newest trick as of the past week or so... sitting on his own with NO help!!!!