Thursday, August 30, 2012

Meet the Teacher

Today was Meet the Teacher at school. We had quite a morning planned with three Meet the Teachers. We got to school about 9 and daddy joined us in Mrs. Dana and Mrs. Diana's class. Colton was a little timid seeing all of the teachers at school but when Mrs. Dana came to him he gave her a hug.  He's always loved Mrs. Dana. He has a very large class (18) so it was pretty packed.  We filled out paper work and headed out.  

After Colton's Meet the Teacher the boys went for donuts while I had my classes Meet the Teacher.  I only have 8 kiddos this year so I wasn't too worried.  Sadly only 4 parents showed up.  :(
We ended the morning meeting Chases teachers. It was packed in his room but he was happy to be there.  Mrs. Jennifer and, of course, Mrs. Kelly (my cousin) were so sweet to him.  He is the youngest one in the class and some of the kiddos looked so much older than him. He kept trying to sit in the chairs but he's too small to get himself up in the chair on his own.  When we left class Chase got turned around. I was standing in the hall calling his name but instead of coming to me, he walked back into his class and pulled out a chair, ready to play.  It made me happy and made me think Tuesday morning may not be as tough as I thought. (Fingers Crossed!)
We're looking forward to a really great year.  It'll be the only year I'll ever have both my boys with me so I'm going to enjoy every crazy second!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer Happenings

Tomorrow is our last "official" day of summer before I start in service at Foundry on Tuesday and the boys and I start back the following Tuesday.
Thanks to my obsessive picture taking I took pictures of almost all of it.  So, here's our iPhone summer photo dump. 
This could be the most pictures I've ever posted in a blog. 
Sit back and get ready for a picture OVERLOAD!
{Seriously.  I warned you.}
 We painted.
We hung out with grandparents.

We went to a lot of Friday Night Dinners.
 We visited MeeMaw.
The boys played hard together.

We celebrated Father's Day
We celebrated Colt's 4th Birthday.
We had a birthday photo shoot with Kellie.
We went in for Colton's 4 year check up.
The boys met Baby Jackson for the first time.
Colt hung out with his bestie.
 We did puzzles.
 Zak and Colton went to a workshop.


 We had nurf wars.
We had lots of cousin time.
 We took naps.
We went out to eat.
We celebrated the 4th of July with neighbors.
We went to the river.
We went to a few different Bucees.
Zak and I celebrated 7 years of marriage.
We had lazy days at home.
I had a fun "Cousin Sister Girls Night"
We played with electronics.
We were silly.
We napped some more.

We watched TV.
 Pa spent lots of time with us.
 We went swimming.
 We practiced letters.
 We went to the Lego Store.
 We rode the jeep.
 We crafted.
 We read.
 We visited MeeMaw again.
 We sent Nanny, Grandad and Baa to the Olympics. 
To watch of course. Not compete.
 We babysat Peyton.
 We decorated the house to surprise daddy.
 We played games.
 We danced.
 We ate lots of ice cream.
We took apart the rest of the "baby" stuff.
 We had McDonalds for lunch.
 I made a beer cake to celebrate Crocketts birthday.
 We went to the airport to pick up Baa.
 We snuggled in our PJs.
 We got new shoes.
 I got flowers for no reason at all.
We had donuts for breakfast.
We went back to the airport to get Grandad. 
The boys SHARED!
 We made music.
We had lots of playdates.
Baby Jackson came to play again.
 We went in for Chases 15 month check up.
 We went grocery shopping.
 We baked.
 We played with daddy.
If you made it this far you must be a grandparent. 
Hi Grandad, Nanny, Gaga and PawPaw.
We enjoyed our summer and all of our time together.
Fall is in the air.  Or not, it's still so hot but were looking forward to what Fall has in store for us!