Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Love and Hate

Colton HATES to change clothes but LOVES to wear his crocks!
Thank goodness we are hanging out at home today!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2 year check up

We finally made it to Colton's 2 year check up. At this rate, we think he might just be a basketball player. He was 35 1/2 inches tall (85%) and weighs 28 lbs (50%). They also measured his head circumference and it has not grown at all since 18 months, which is great news! He is doing well all around. Every day he talks more and more and even puts together a few 2-3 word sentences here and there! His new saying... "Mow Peas!" He's so polite! He is still a picky eater but Dr. Leonardo said not to worry about that. We're hoping, one day soon, we won't have to pack food when we leave the house. Just over the last week or so he's become a fan of brushing his teeth. This is exciting news in our house! He likes to go into the bathroom and stand on his new Cars stool and act like a big boy, even "spitting" into the sink. Some nights are harder than others but the fact that he doesn't have to be held down anymore is such an exciting improvement. I love watching him play and learn. One of his favorite books is a number book. We read and count and read and count all day with this book. This summer we've tried to amp up the amount of play dates we have. Whether it's swimming with the Johnson girls or hanging out at home we have had a lot of fun. Speaking of playing, here are a few pictures from our latest play date with one of his best buds, Hayden (and his twin brother, Ellis and sister, Abby).

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Swimming and Shopping and Baking ...OH MY!

We've been busy this weekend!
We took Colton swimming.
He enjoyed our neighborhood pool but was very timid and very distracted by the slide. He wanted to slide so badly but he's just not big enough yet. He loved wearing his new life jacket (we couldn't keep the puddle jumper beacuse he wiggled his way out of the arms). We went shopping for new tennis shoes.
Colton is so proud of them he shows them off to anyone who shows the least little bit of interest.
Colton helped Zak make his famous angel biscuts.
Then he ate his weight in them for breakfast.
I Had to add this picture.
Zak had out his helmet and Colton was so excited to put it on. Before I know it, he'll be out there riding next to daddy!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

5 Years!!!

Yesterday, Zak and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary. I knew Zak was planning something special for the day, even if he wouldn't tell me anything, but I had no clue what he had in store for us. It was a perfect day together.
Here's our anniversary...in pictures!
Zak woke me up early with this homemade card. He told me to get dressed and bring a change of clothes because we were hitting the rode for a short road trip and a day of our favorite things.
We headed out early to drop Colton off with Nanny.
Made a pit stop at Buc-ee's, the greatest gas station ever!
(Whats a road trip without snacks!?!)

As the clouds rolled in Zak worried our day would be messed up but I knew no matter what, it was going to be perfect!
We ended up in Gruene Texas at the Gristmill. It's got great food and an amazing view. (We ate lunch here on our first wedding anniversary.)

As you can tell from our shirts, the rain found us but it didn't last long at all.
After lunch, we headed over for a beer at Gruene Hall. Almost my whole life, I've lived in Texas and Zak and I have even visited Gruene before, but I'd never been inside the historic music hall.

Before heading out with did a little shopping. The Old General Store was full of fun souvenirs, I could have spent all day just looking around in there.
After a short drive, and a quick wardrobe change, we head into Austin to celebrate with a special dinner at McCormick and Schmicks.
Zak made reservations and they gave us this dated menu that said "Happy Anniversary". (It's really the small things that get me excited. I think their menus are always dated but the fact that it said "Happy Anniversary" made me smile!)
We enjoyed a quiet, slow, yummy dinner in the privacy of our own little room.

I was so surprised by our day together. Zak really put a lot of thought into everything we did. We don't get to do things like this very often and the whole day was such a special treat. I married the most amazing man who takes the incredible care of his family. I can't imagine my life with out him.
Here's to at least 70 more years just like the last 5!
I love you so much Zak!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rain Rain...

...It's a great time to play!!!
Since Colton got his special birthday present he hasn't had much time to enjoy it since its been so hot here or pouring. This afternoon I let Sadie out for a bit and realized that it was really nice out but very cloudy. I decided we'd head out to play for a bit before the rain started. Of course, as we stepped outside it started to sprinkle but there was no getting Colton back indoors.
Now, don't judge. Yes, my child is still in his PJs. It's been one of those lazy days here and he hates to change clothes so sometimes it's just not worth the battle. If you'll look close you'll even see the Bug Band hanging out of the back of his pants. He refuses to wear the band around his arm or leg so I secretively tuck it into the back of his pants when were outside. Works good enough since he seems to be a bug magnet like his momma!!!

Our trip outside didn't last long but it was fun while it lasted!