Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wedding Weekend

Life has been crazy around here. I made myself sit down and do this blog this afternoon. It takes so long to download pictures on Blogger. Anyways I did it. I promise to be a better blogger!

Last week we went to San Diego for Josh and Julies wedding. It was a short and very busy trip but we had a blast. Josh and Julie bent over backwards to make all of their guests feel welcome. It was an amazing and very memorable long weekend.
There are so many pictures in this blog...get ready!

Colt is such a big boy he gets his own seat on the airplane. He did really well. Mommy was prepared with new toys and lots of snacks. No nap heading there (until we were landing in SD) but on the way home he slept most of the flight from SD to Dallas. He loved stopping over in Dallas because we got to ride a "train" from terminal to terminal. He couldn't have been more excited. Here is the little house we shared with a large group of friends from Houston in La Jolla.
Colton was trying to get the ball up to Ford who was sitting on the fire pit.
Here are all the girls at Julies bridal shower.
One of my favorite all time pictures of our family.
We were at the wedding rehearsal overlooking the Pacific at La Velencia Hotel. Beautiful!!!
The Groom, Best Man and Ring Bearer
The rehearsal dinner was at a neat restaurant right next door to a Wyland studio. Colton was enthralled by this glass shark. It kept him happy and talking for almost an hour. He showed everyone at the dinner his "ssark".
Flower Girl, Bride, Ring Bearer, and Groom

The "Official Ring Guard"
And here he is in his tux (minus the bow tie) and his white converse sporting a "hawk hawk".
He took care of all the little ladies.
Lauren the Flower Girl.
And "RiRi" (Riley) Josh's niece.
After a nightmare of a rehearsal he actually walked to the isle with me...
...and down to Josh and daddy who was holding Cars gummies and a sucker. Notice he's carrying Cars gummies and not the pillow. Mommy had that in her hand.

I think the glasses really finish off the tux! He was a hit with the guests and the photographer.
My favorite guys!
Here he is enjoying his dinner. You can see it involved A LOT of "ketkup".
We love these guys! CONGRATS JOSH AND JULIE!
One of my favorite pictures of my little man.
Colton had such a fun time at the reception but after running mommy around the entire hotel during the ceremony, showing off for everyone, eating his weight in "ketkup" and dancing the night away he just couldn't hang anymore. He fell asleep on my shoulder on the dance floor and was out for the evening. Sweet Greis let mommy and daddy enjoy themselves while she got in some Colton cuddles.
The morning after the Wedding we got up early for some family time. We had an awesome breakfast and headed out to see the sights of La Jolla CA. (Please don't mind my BIG hair. I don't know was in the air but CA made my hair HUGE!)
We got to visit the seals at Seal Cove. Colton loved watching the waves break over the walkway.
After some shopping and a trip to the candy store Colton was wiped out. In this picture he had just finished the last bite of his rock candy and fell fast asleep with it in his mouth. (Don't worry as soon as I snapped the picture I made sure he wasn't going to choke.)
Saturday afternoon we headed to La Jolla Shore for a beach b-b-q. It was a beautiful day but the water was really cold. We put our feet in but Colton wanted nothing to do with it. Smart boy!
instead, he played in the sand...
...And had lots of fun with "Dosss" (Josh).
By the end of the evening everyone was getting cold and all the Texas people were wanting to watch the UT TT game so we headed to The Brewhouse. Colton enjoyed playing with his new friend Troy.
On Sunday afternoon we started our journy home.
We had an awesome time. Its fun to show Colton new things and take him to new places. Its so exciting to see his eyes light up. He did so great the whole trip. We look forward to going back and visiting again some day soon.
CONGRATS Mr. and Mrs. Gamboa. We love you guys and were so thankful to be a part of your special day. Thanks for helping to make our stay so amazing.