Sunday, May 31, 2015

End of Season TBall Party and A Little More Swimming

We started at one pool for Colt's End of Season Party 
ended at another pool hanging out with Matt and Amber and Theresa and Hal!


Much needed

Yesterday,  Zak and I took the day and went shopping.  We both needed clothes desperately so we we went all around town finding stuff we needed then, we ended our day at our favorite place, Taste Of Texas!
We need time like this together more often.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dentist and A Rain Day

The Tuesday after Memorial Day started out totally unexpected.  After a night full of rain and flooding in many areas of Houston I woke up to a phone call from the school district at 5:45 am.  I didn't answer it because I couldn't figure out what was going on.  I rolled over to find Zak wasn't in bed which meant he had slept on the couch.  I looked at my phone and had a text message from the school district and one from Amber saying school was canceled.  I was SHOCKED!  What had happened last night?!?!?  When I went to bed I knew things were a bit crazy because Beck and Allen had a lot of flooding in their area but I had taken a benadryl, because of my itchy mosquito bites, and I just couldn't stay up.  
So, in a bit of a panic I got up to find the TV blaring and Zak fast asleep on the couch.  I knew he'd been up really late because the tv hadn't gone into sleep mode.  I started to watch the news and saw just how much rain we had.  Thankfully our area was fine but other areas weren't.  I immediately thought of my sister.  Thankfully the water never made it in their house.  Had she lived in the house she was in just 6 months ago, her car would have been under water!  Chase was up very early but Colt slept till about 8:30.  When he woke up I told him he should be getting on the bus right now.  He was so confused.  When I told him school was cancelled he was over the moon.  
I had Chases first dentist visit scheduled and since our area was in good shape we loaded up Colt and headed out.  Chase did such a great job.  He was very quiet but loved the dentist.  He had chocolate tooth paste and birthday cake florid.  He was cavity free and got a good bill of health!
 We relaxed a little at home and added a few new games to the iPads then spent the afternoon enjoying the sun and snow cones!


Sunday, May 24, 2015


How old are you: 4
What is your favorite thing to do: Fly my helicopter
What do you want to be when you grow up: Nothing!
What is your favorite food: Chicken nuggets
What is your favorite TV show: Mickey Mouse and Handy Manny
What is your favorite color: BLUE!
What is your favorite drink: Lemonade
Who do you like to spend time with: Braxton and Mrs. Dawn
Who's your best friend: Braxton
What are you afraid of: Thunder
What do you like to do with your family: Chick-Fil-A
What do you like to learn about: Letters
Where do you like to go:  Top Golf  and Bowling
What is your favorite book: Books about trains
If you had one wish, what would it be: Handy Manny to come to my house

(This interview was much more challenging than expected!  He gave me silly answers to questions which resulted in me deleting questions. And about 5 questions in he was done with the interview.  :))

"Im so "exciting" it's my birthday!"
Chase's Birthday morning started bright and early with gifts from mom, dad, and Colt... hot wheels mega blocks, a new Dusty 14inch bike with pedals and no training wheels and an iPad all his own with pictures, games and lots of country songs already on it.  

Donuts (and blue gatorade) were his breakfast of choice.  
He would not let me forget the candle in his donut. 

It took him a while to get use to the pedals but by the end of the day and a few practices, he's getting the hang of them.  

Chase's party started at Monkey Joes at 1pm.  
He was so excite to go play and see his friends.  
This is how his party started out... yes that's a sad face.  Monkey Joe walked by him and he LOST it.  He wouldn't move away from us.  Thankfully, as his friends started to come in, he warmed up and enjoyed himself.  

After two plus hours of jumping, we headed home for "white" pizza and opening presents.  
(This picture just shows some of the gifts he had to open.  More came later.)

He was so cute "reading" all of the cards out loud.  

After the party we opened up some of the outside gifts and enjoyed an evening outside with the neighbors.  

We all had a great day but Chase had the best day!  He's so proud to be 4!  

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Chase's Last Day of PS3

Today was Chase's last day of PS3s.  
I can not believe the year went so incredibly fast.  I feel like I was just worrying about how he'd do being with me all day.  Now I'm so very sad our year together is over.  It of course had it's ups and downs but all and all it was an excellent year and I am proud of how much he has learned and continues to learn.  He love to learn and works really well with me at home and school.
We celebrated his birthday, and a good handful of the other kiddos that have a sumer birthday.  He was so excited to sing "ChaChaCha" Happy Birthday.  He told me the night before that was what he wanted! I brought in his favorite snack, donus and popcorn and the whole school had a pizza party to celebrate the end of the year. 
 As you see, he LOVED his birthday hat!

PREK here comes 
Chase Man Zakary Day