Friday, February 28, 2014

From Crib to Toddler Bed

A couple of weeks ago we decided it was time to convert Chases crib into a toddler bed.  It was something I had been wanting to do but just wasnt ready for and he couldn't have cared less either way.  
As long as I could remember, his whole life, if Chase was laid down in bed awake, he cried.  Hard. Every nap.  Every bedtime. About a month ago, I laid him down and bribed him with a gummy.  "If you lay down and don't cry you can have a gummy in the morning." I expected nothing from this, but guess what, it worked!  Not another tear since. 
So, back to the toddler bed. After he laid in bed without crying and put himself to sleep I decided we could do this.  So, Zak converted the crib and we laid him down with a promise of a sucker (Im NOT above bribing, Im sure youve noticed a trend) if he stayed in bed and didn't cry.  And guess what, he did! He did roll out twice in the night but got himself right back into bed before I even got in there. Since that night, about two weeks ago, he hasn't set foot out of bed without someone going in to get him.  There is still a treat involved but he is doing amazingly well!  Each morning and afternoon he calls for me to get him out and he wakes up so happy and proud!


Monday, February 3, 2014

Silly Boy!

At 2 years and 8 moths you are in the thralls of the terrible twos.  However, that is quickly overlooked because most of the time you are so sweet, loving and silly.  You are always making us laugh.  You love and adore your brother and you are never far from him.  If he does or says something you do the exact same.  You love to sing and dance.  You love to see a passing train and you get so excited about it. You love school and adore your teachers, specially Mrs. Sasha who calls you her "little sugar booger".  You love Monsters Inc. and anything with Mike Wazowski.  You say he is your best friend.  You love to meet new people, but are a little shy.  You usually say, "Hi, silly head."  when you meet someone new. You love to watch movies on your new pad and play games on and listen to music on Bubby's ipad.  You love music and you know exactly what songs you like. You love to play outside, ride in the jeep and dump bubbles out of the bottle instead of blow them.  You love to color and play with your choo choos.  You love playing with nurf guns. You love Duck Dynasty. When Bubby is at school you love to have free reign on all of his toys.   You love suckers, party rings, big marshmallows, "chicky" and  string cheese!
I love this age, I love seeing a little more of your personality shining through every single day.
You love to wear your sunglasses but you insist on wearing them upside down.  Not to be silly, simply because that is how they are suppose to be worn!  
 Brother put Daddy's boots on so you had to as well.  We try to get you to wear your cowboy boots but you love your rain boots too much to wear anything else.

One night you went to get something out of your room with Daddy. 
You came out in this...
....and you didn't take it off for two days.

You love to wear your swim goggles too.  I think your counting down the days 'til we can swim!

 You love love loooooove your Christmas Pjs.  One morning you refused to get dressed so we dropped off brother and ran errands in them. You got a few looks but lots of smiles. 
 You like to go shirtless, which is good since you are quite messy!
 I mean you really like to be shirtless!
 Even when you're out and about you try to go shirtless.
 You have such a sweet silly personality.  
 I love everything about you,
specially your new handsome haircut!
Thanks for always making us smile and laugh!
 Love, Mommy

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Indians Tball

Yesterday was Colton's first tball practice  as an Indian.  He has grown so much since last year and we think he was excited to be back on the field, sometimes we just don't know.  We are trying out a new league and are excited to see how it goes.  Opening day is March 8th and we've heard they make it a pretty fun day!