Saturday, April 30, 2016

Baseball and Tball Pictures

Since we were out of town for pictures, Gaga helped us out and took a few pictures for us!  

This season has been crazy busy but SO much fun!  I love these two...

Friday, April 29, 2016

Game Ball

Look who got the GAME BALL!!!!  
What a great ams and an AWESOME HIT he had!  Way to go Colt!


Monday, April 25, 2016

April 2016 Floods

Monday morning, I was woken up by heavy winds and rain.  I rolled over and Zak said school was cancelled.  I had no idea what was going on.  I knew it was going to rain but I didn't know what had happened to make school be cancelled.
We turned on the news and we saw that Cypress had been getting pounded by rain for a couple hours.  Roads were flooding and everyone was told to stay home.  We did just that and it was a mess out there.
Monday night, we were able to get out of the house and go visit PawPaw to celebrate his birthday but many many areas were under water.  Driving down 99 believe my eyes.
 Tuesday morning the rain water had no where to go and stared flooding areas that had never flooded before.  Everything in Cypress was under water.  We were our own little island.  Zak left for work at 7:15 only to return at 9, 35 miles later with no way to get to his work, 6 miles away.  
Things were a mess.
Houses, cars, roads and schools were flooded.  
It was awful.
Thankfully, we didn't get any flooding but it was hard to get places.  
For the remainder of the week, school would be canceled.  
My heart hurts for everyone who lost something or someone in the rain and floods.  It was like nothing I've ever seen.  
The silver lining in it all.  I got an extra week at home with my boys.  We stayed in PJs, we relaxed and we hung out.  We also were able to spend a little extra time with Bob and Clair which was so nice.  
Everywhere around us is still recovering a week after the storm hit.  
They say Hwy 6 at Clay will be under water for 4-6 weeks.  
Here are a few pictures I took while we were out. 

Rainfall in a 24 hour period.

 Here are a few pictures I borrowed from friends and online.  

And, I don't know these people but this was at a Jack In The Box just a couple miles away.  
Makes me laugh. 



Bob and Clair came in for Becky and Allens wedding and before we knew it, they were gone.  Their trip went so fast but we sure enjoyed every minute of having them here.  The boys absolutly adore them and love playing with them.  As a kid, I remember Bob making simple every day things like playing cards and piece of paper the most fun things.  It was so fun to see him do that with my kids on this trip.  
Bob and Clair, 
We all love you so much an we can not wait to see you agai.  Hopefully really soon!!!

Here are a few random pictures from their visit. 


Sunday, April 17, 2016

Brown Wedding Weekend!

It's finally here!  
This weekend, we celebrated Becky and Allen!  We headed up to Austin mid day on Thursday and got there just in time to hang out a bit and get ready for the rehearsal. It was so exciting to see everyone come together to "rehearse" for the next day.  Hotel Saint Cecelia was beautiful. After the rehearsal we all hung out and headed to dinner at FIXE.  Dinner was delicious.  The boys did SO SO SO well the whole afternoon/evening but got very tired.  Chase actually fell asleep on two chairs.  
Friday morning we all hung out and a few of us went for tacos.  We headed back to the hotel where the boys swam and the bride and all her ladies relaxed and got ready for the day. It was so nice and relaxing and we were pampered with hair and makeup and coffee and treats.  
I loved every single detail of the wedding.  Becky and Allen put so much time and effort into every single thing.  It was all so beautiful and the attention to detail showed in every part of the wedding from the ceremony to the cake table,  the welcome table and Mad Libs with Polaroid pictures,  to the personalized Jenga game and the kids favor boxes.  

 The ceremony was beautiful!  Allens friend, Ford, did an amazing job officiating.  And the two Ring Security guys were AWESOME! Becky and Allen were absolutely glowing and it was hard to hold back the tears. 
 The reception was crazy fun from the photo booth to the Jenga game.  Dinner was delicious, the drinks were plentiful and the company was so fun. Dads speech was heartfelt and sweet and I loved watching Allen and Beck dance, even though they said it was so awkward.  Around 9 I looked at Allen and Becky and said we only have an hour left!  The dancing hadn't even started! We all had a really nice time.  The boys loved Jenga and dancing. Chase was a hit through it all. He would go put on new photo props and walk out showing off for all to see.  Barrett and Colt just ran around like crazy men enjoying themselves, drinking coke! 

 At the end of the night, we sent off Becky and Allen through a line of sparklers.  They headed out with a few friends to the hotel down the road while all the old folks (and those of us with kids) headed off to bed. 
It was an amazing day.  An amazing weekend full of amazing precious memories.  Becky and Allens friends are so special and fun and having all of our family there was so special.  Getting to know Allens family a bit better was really great too.  
I'm so happy to welcome Allen to our family.  I love seeing how much he loves my baby sister and I know Becky absolutely adores him.  I am so happy for them and I can't wait to see what their future holds... Hopefully, lots of nieces and nephews they will let me baby sit! 

And, I had to include some details (some I borrowed from the internet) from the hotel we stayed in.  Hotel Saint Cecelia was amazing!  I loved every single thing about it.  Such a fun fun place!  


We love you guys and are so very happy for you!!!!!


Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Chases graduation from Preschool is right around the corner and I can not believe it!
How cute is this little guy!?!?!


Friday, April 8, 2016


Family Movie Night at Robison.  Zak ended up having to work late at an event so the boys and I headed up to enjoy a movie in the cafeteria.  We met up with Trynton and his mom.  The boys really enjoyed themselves!


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Game Ball

Look who got the GAME BALL!!!! 
I'm so proud of this little guy and how hard he plays.