Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Out Numbered!

Well it looks like I'm going to be out numbered 3 to 1 this June!
We're excited to share that Colton is going to have a
little BROTHER!
Here are a few US pics from this morning. I'm sorry they aren't turned the right way and I still haven't figured out our scanner so they are pictures of pictures.
ITS A BOY! Profile
Baby Toes
Showing off his big arm muscles
3D View of Baby Boy Day
Everything went really well at the DR. The baby's heart beat was nice and strong and the baby was moving around like crazy. The sweet US tech knew within a second that it was a boy. When she told us I started to cry. I am so happy, I really really wanted Colton to have a brother. On top of finding out it was a boy we found out he was looking very healthy and growing just as he should. We are on cloud nine! We have started the name debate and actually very quickly decided on a first name we both like but are working on a middle name. The name game has been much more tricky this time around but I think we will have decided shortly on something we both like. We will share as soon as we know.

Zak left me at the Dr. after the US to go and wrap up a couple work things and then met me at home. When I got in he told me he had a surprise for Colton and baby brother. He went shopping right after our Dr. visit and bought the baby his first outfit and a shirt for big brother.
OH NO...what have I got myself into!
TWO boys and a hubby that will hunt, talk sports, get dirty and play rough.
I think it'll be just fine, I'll have three guys looking after me!
Here's the text I sent out after the Dr. Appointment.
And...For all of you wondering...
I think the bump is starting to show!
Mommy and Baby Boy on Christmas Eve (17 weeks).

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Best Christmas!

Early Christmas Eve morning we headed over to Nanny's to decorate cookies with Clair for Santa while the little "elves" (Daddy, Grandad, Uncle Bob and Baa) started on Colton's 4 story play yard from Nanny and Grandad. (Post to follow on that). As you can tell from this precious face, Colton did a lot more eating than decorating.
Christmas eve night we continued our tradition of the LaFleur Christmas Party. "Gammy" Phyllis decorates the house more than anyone I know. Colton had the best time making everything sing and dance.

We got home a little later than planned so Colton got straight into his Pjs so we could get everything ready for Santa. We had three homemade ingerbread man cookies, a note for Santa and a mug full of ice cold Mt. Dew (becuase don't you know this is Santas drink of choice).
We read the Night Before Christmas...
And watched a little bit of the Christmas Story before heading to bed.
Christmas morning Santa had come!

Colton opened all of his gifts from mommy and daddy...
...and had to play with everything!
Then, we found a mystery present from Daddy to Mommy. We were not suppose to be exchanging gifts so I was super excited to get my new Kindle. (By the way, it is awesome! I love love love it and it is so easy to use even I can figure it out!)
After presents and playing at home we got dressed and headed to Nanny and Grandads for more presents and breakfast.

After more presents than one boy could possibly want we headed to our final destination of Gaga and Pawpaws where we opened more presents saw lots of extended family and enjoyed Christmas dinner.

Colton had to try out his new marshmallow gun on Daddy (Daddy got a marshmallow cross bow).
And he loved playing in his new test. Infact, he almost fell asleep in it for a nap but there was just too much going on!
For dinner, when we started the blessing, he immediately put up his "angel hands" and prayed along with the rest of the family. (A little louder than everyone else.)
Our day started at 5:45 and ended at about 6:30. We had big plans to bring Colton home to play but we didn't make it out of Gaga and Pawpaws neighborhood before he was fast asleep for the rest of the night.
We had a busy busy day but I have to say it was one of the best Christmas' I remember. We were surrounded by loved ones and received more gifts than we could have ever wished for, we truly are so blessed. I couldn't help but think all day that this would be the last time Colton won't have a sibling to share Christmas with. It makes my heart so happy. I can't imagine Christmas without my sister. Having her there always made it so much more exciting and fun.
Merry Christmas from the Day Family!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010


On Saturday we took a day trip to Fredericksburg Texas to shop and walk around. My cousin Clair and Uncle Bob are in from England and we thought this would be the perfect place to show them some fun. We had a really nice time.
Colton is not the best shopper but there was plenty to keep him busy. He loved this Christmas pyramid. He watched in awe as it spun around and around. Every time it moved he found something else he wanted to show us. He even found a pile of "snow".
(Very dirty wet snow)
Some bigger kids came over as soon as Colton found it and started making snowballs. Colton joined right in on their snowball fight with out hesitation.
We also visited the local fire station.
He enjoyed his cookie and mommy's too.
And this was the only shop he wanted to stay in...the sign shop where daddy was in heaven!
We finished the day with a drink......and a look in the fish pond.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lazy Sunday...

This is how I roll
At home
On a Lazy Sunday! No shirt
No shoes

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A few random things going on...

It's been a while since I've blogged. We've been keeping busy with Christmas right around the corner so I thought Id tell you about a few random things ...

1. I am 16 weeks tomorrow and I am starting to feel a lot better. I have a bad moment here and there but overall am feeling so much more like myself. My appetite is here in full force and I am so so so hungry. The past 15 weeks I've lost about 12 lbs but I'm pretty sure there's no way that's going to stay off for long!
Exciting news...I have felt the baby kick quite a few times now this week. I know for sure its baby, I wouldn't forget that feeling for anything in the world!
We find out in a week and a half what Baby Day will be and we are so excited. We're having trouble choosing names, so we decided that we'd wait 'til we knew exactly what it was to fight that battle. :)
Colton is as excited as a 2 year old can possibly be. Sometimes he'll just look at my belly (which hasn't popped yet) and say "baby" in such a sweet sweet way. He's in love with any and every baby he sees in person or on Tv. I hope it last when he gets his baby brother or sister.

2. We went to Lights in the Heights last weekend after my cousin and uncle got into town from England. My Aunt from Idalou was down as well so we had a big crowd. Colton's cousins joined us as well and we even met up with Gaga and her friend when we got there. Colton LOVED the parade and seeing all the lights. He also enjoyed all of the treats we let him eat while being pulled around in his wagon.

3. Colton is talking so much more each and every day. He still needs mommy and daddy to translate a lot of the time but hes stringing together long sentences and talking about so many things we had no idea he even knew existed. I've been putting together a list of some of the words we have no clue how he comes up with (or are just really cute).
These first words are Christmas words since hes really getting into the Christmas spirit and loving everything Christmas right now...
HoHo- Santa (and snowmen)
Cane-Candy Cane
Lights-Christmas Tree
Baby Jesus-Baby Jesse
Some words he's been using forever...
Gagi- Tractor
Cake-Ice Cream
Pie Cake-Pancake
And, some names we're just not sure how he came up with...
Pa- Aunt Andi
Saz Saz- This is what he calls Landry and Logan when they are not together. If they are together he calls them "The Guys".
He has also started a new game Called "What dat noise, mommy?" and he plays it all day and expects an answer, quickly. I guess this is just the beginnig of all the questions!

4. We just got finished with our first semester at The Foundry. We have enjoyed it so much. Colton has grown so much since he started. He loves his teachers and his friends and when you ask him what he did at school he always says "Payd outside." He had a a hard time transitioning after Thanksgiving so I'm sure after 2 1/2 weeks of Christmas he will have a tough time again. But, it's okay because I know how much he loves it so I know its just a phase.

5. We have started to get Colton's big boy room together. We've looked around for furniture and picked out and purchased some of the bedding. (Thanks to Zak, he gave in on his ideas and let me go with mine since Colton was excited about what I chose.) We've decided to just get him a twin size bed and a dresser. Since we don't have a game room were not putting too much furniture in his room just yet because he needs lots of room to play. We want it to be a fun room he can go into and enjoy with lots and lots of room for all of his toys. Think cars and things that GO...
It's so weird to think of moving him out of his nursery but its time, plus someone else will be needing that crib in just a few months.

We are looking forward to Christmas. Colton is getting into everything and is excited about the "pizes" he will get to open. He loves helping his daddy turn on the Christmas lights each night and eating as many "canes" as we will let him get his hands on.

I'll be sure to post about all of our Christmas fun and I'll be posting right away, after our 9:00 appointment, to let you know if Colton will have a brother or sister. I think it'll be a girl and Zak thinks a boy (although neither of us mind either way, honestly).
What do you think?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

The tree is decorated!

Lights are up!

And last night, we met GaGa and PawPaw for a trip to see Santa.
Try #1...
Try #2.
Our family picture with Santa.
(Could not get it turned the right way, sorry.)
We also spent over an hour in Bass Proshop walking around. I think it might just be one of Colton's favorite places to go, there's so much to do.

Colton saw the Fish.

Colton shot a Red Rider Bebe Gun.

Colton used a bow to shoot a deer.

Colton drove a boat.

Colton and PawPaw played hide-and-seek in the camo area.

Colton took me for a ride.

And, we ended the night with Dip N' Dots.