Monday, August 26, 2013

Last Day of Summer

Today is the last day of summer for the boys and me.
Tomorrow, I start my first day of inservice and next Tuesday all three of us have our first day of school.  I'll be teaching three year old PreSchool, Chase will be in MDO and Colt will start 4 day Bridge.
We have had such a fun summer.  The boys are at such a fun age.  It's been my favorite summer yet.  
It was full of...
Friends. Roadtrips. Swimming.  Playing.  Creating.  Family.  Movies.  Treats.  Cooking.  Grandparents.  Nights out.  Ice cream.  Forts.  Art.  Learning time.  Play Dates.   Reading class.  Visitors.  Swim Lessons.  Babysitting. Building Class.  Date Nights.  Shopping.  Haircuts.  Late Nights.  PJ Days.  Naps.  Park Trips.  Hide-and-seek. Friday Night Dinners.  Birthday Partys.