Tuesday, January 24, 2012

8 months


 Dear Chase,
8 months?!?! Really where is the time going? 8 months just sounds so old.  You're only a few months away from ONE! I honestly don't want to think about it.  Time is just going way too fast.  I feel like this month has been really busy.  You are learning and doing so much!
Taking your monthly pictures each month is not my favorite.  They never come out well and I don't think they ever capture the real you but I feel like I need to finish out the next few months.  I did it for your brother and I need to see it through with you.  But, these pictures from today are just not my favorites. (Sorry, they are cute because they are you though.) You didn't want to take them and they don't show my happy lovey little man.  Thankfully,  I take tons of pictures (get ready, the bottom of this post is full of them).  Here are a couple outtakes from this morning.  Crying and trying to watch TV.  :)

 You really have been so busy this month.  Here are a few of the things you're up to. ..

You are about 17 to 18 lbs, we think, and wearing mostly 9 months clothes with a few 6 month and a few 12 months.  You are wearing size 3 diapers.

You have started a very very high pitch scream.  I call it your bird call.  You do it when you want to get our attention, happy, sad or mad.

You are nursing four times a day and you have three solid meals a day and you have tasted just about everything out there.  Fruits are your favorite but you will eat anything.

You have just started trying table food.  A fry was your first real food but since then you've tried goldfish, waffle, banana, tater tots, rice crispies, english muffin, and baked potato.  You also like baby puffs.  You don't like the baby wagon wheels or the mum mums anymore. I love to watch you chew.  You chew like you have a mouthful!

You have tried formula at Nanny's.  Shes still mixing it with Mommy's milk but you don't seem to mind it. You are loosing a little interest with nursing at times. If there's too much going on around your you want to watch that instead of eat.

You are now joining us when we go out to eat in a highchair at restaurants.

You had your first ride in the swing outside and you love it!!!

Just a couple days ago you started clapping and you are sure proud of that!

 If you are really tired you will nap in your pack and play.  (Mommy still loves to hold you and I have the time so I usually hold you through your 2nd nap, the longest nap, while brother's napping as well.)

You are waving.  I don't think you are waving at anyone though.

You are trying out a sippie with water.  You're not too sure about it.

You are getting to be a little independent.  You love your exersaucer, bouncy, and walker but I can also sit you on the floor with a toy and you'll play.  You aren't crawling but if you want something you wiggle yourself over to it by getting onto your tummy.

In the mornings, when we are all feeling lazy, you come and lay with us in our bed.  Sometimes you fall asleep sometimes you just lay around with us.

You laugh so hard at your brother.  When he gets a little rough with you, you laugh.

You have two teeth!

You are still a happy little guy, as long as someone is holding you.  You get a little fussy and wiggly because you want to get down and play but you want to be held at the same time.  Sometimes you just don't know what you want. You like to play with us right next to you or at least in your sight. After playing for a little bit you're ready to be held and carried around.  You are so happy being held and walked around.

You are 100% a mommas boy! If I come in the room you reach for me and fuss for me even if you were happy.

You babble and talk all the time.

As far as sleeping, at the beginning of the month you were waking up two or three times a week in the night.  Now, it seems you're getting up 6 to 7 nights a week.  Sometimes once, sometimes twice.You usually fall back asleep pretty quickly but when you wake up we usually cuddle for about 30 minutes to an hour.  You also been waking up wet through your diaper.  I'm sure this, but mostly your new teeth are playing a part in you waking up.  Your brother went through a phase like this.  I sure hope this is a phase for you. 

When we lay you down we have to keep our hand on you for a few seconds.  You wake yourself up as soon as you lay down stretching or rolling over so it usually takes a time or two get you down. 

We had quite a scare three nights ago when you woke up with a barking cough.  It ended up being Croup.  It was so very scary for mommy and daddy but even between barking coughs you were happy.  With a dose of medicine in you, you were back to your old self with in 30 minutes.

Here's a look at how your day goes...
6 am-7am up, 7am-8am nurse, 8:30 breakfast, play and nap for about an hour, 11:30am lunch, 12pm-12:30pm nurse, nap for about 1.5 to 2 hours, play play play, 4pm nurse, play, 6:30pm dinner, play, bath, 7:30pm-8pm nurse, 8pm-8:30pm bed

Now, for complete (CUTIE) picture overload...

Chase Race we all love you so much.
Love, Mommy

Monday, January 23, 2012

Thanks for the Memories

Dear Bouncy Seat,
You came from a good home, a real good home, where two sweet little girls used you.  You were handed down, with love, from the sweetest friend.
You have been good for naps. (Chase)
 You were great for feedings. (Chase)

 You watched many many sporting events. (Colt)
You played in the fort. (Chase)

 You were there for play time... (Colt)
 ...and outside time. (Chase)
 You were there to help prepare for a hurricane. (Colt)

You were there for Holidays. (Colt)

You were there to hang out while we ate dinner. (Chase)

 You were even there for vacations.
 But, the babies out grew you and Colt broke you.
 RIP sweet bouncey seat. 
You were a life saver here in the Day house.  Our boys loved you more than any other baby toy they had the first few months of their life.  You helped this mommy and daddy get things done and enjoy a little rest.
 Bouncy Seat,
You were the best!!!!
Thanks for the memories!


Sunday, January 15, 2012


Last night was a night we've been waiting quite some time for.  Monster Jam was in Houston and we had tickets to see, "Graaaaaave Diiiiger!"
Unfortunatley the day got off to a bit of a bad start.  Colt woke up with a 103.2 fever and was not feeling well.  We got him straight into the Dr. and we found out it was a virus and there wasn't much we could do about it but let it run its course.  Daddy and I were devastated.  We didn't think there was any way we could make it.  We got home, had donut holes for breakfast, loaded up on medicine, and rested.  Mid morning he started feeling a bit better and after a 3 and a half hour nap he woke up fever free and ready to go see Graaaave Diiiiger!!!
Pa, Gaga and PawPaw came over to watch Chase and we were on our way!

 Colt  insisted on wearing Zak's ear muffs as soon as we pulled into the parking lot.
I love this picture.  Look at those CHEEKS!

 Popcorn for dinner.  Why not!?!?!?
 Can you tell who Colton's favorite is?
 Here is El Toro Loco.  He flipped and lost one of his horns.  The driver climbed up in the stands and gave the horn to a little boy.  Very cool.
 Ready to see GRAVVVVE DIIIIGER again!
 Grrrrrrave Diiiger came out for his free style and his wheel fell off.  OOOOPS!
 We had the greatest night!  Colton did so great.  He sat and watched the entire event. About 15 minutes before it was over he told us he was ready to go but GRRRRAVE DIIIIIGER hadn't gone yet so we waited for him to go before leaving.
 As we were leaving Zak asked me if I ever thought I'd have so much fun at Monster Jam. No!  I never thought this would be on the top of my list as one of the best nights out, ever. But, there is absolutely nothing better than seeing my children happy.  NOTHING. I'm a boy momma and proud of it.  I cant wait for all the boy stuff in our future.  I'll enjoy every second of it as long as my boys are enjoy it.
 Colt fell asleep in the car on the way home but woke up when we pulled into the neighborhood.  When he woke up he said "Mommy and Daddy, I miss Chase."  (AW melt my heart!) He had talked about Chase being with us all night and he just wanted to see his little brother.  I can't wait until we can take Chase too.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Perfect end to 2011

Last night we rung in the New Year with our neighbors and sweet friends, the Williamsons.
We started out the evening at an early dinner at Cheddars. 
(Look close, poor Chases hand made it into the picture.)
 When we got home the boys got the fireworks out and ready and and I headed in to feed Chase and put him to bed.  I never thought he'd sleep through the evening because there were tons of fire works going on around us.  He woke up once for a split second and after a little cuddle he was out for the rest of the night.

 Colton absolutely loved the fireworks.  Last year he was a little timid but this year there was no hesitation.  We thought he'd like to do the poppers and he did but he wanted to get to the big stuff. He loved the sparklers and bottle rockets (with help from daddy).
He was so much fun to watch.  He made me smile all night long.  He was in heaven shooting off fireworks (and playing with all the kids.)
 This picture cracks me up because the big girls made popcorn and they so sweetly shared with Colton.  He wasn't really into sharing. He made it his own.
 Amber and I.
 Two sparklers at a time!!!
 Here is Colton and Brad. They were honking Brads Dads truck horn that sounded like a train.  Colton thought it was so cool.
 Colton just loved playing with Brad.
 All of the kids had the best time.  It was so awesome to watch Colton really play and interact with all the kids.  He had so much fun.  They all played so well together and Colton was such a good boy.  He followed direction and listened to what we told him.  We were very proud of our little guy.
I have to say that this was probably my all time favorite New Years Eve.  We had such a fun laid back night.  I can't wait until Chase is old enough to be out with us.  We missed having him with us but we were so proud of him for sleeping through all the noise. 
The night was a perfect end to a year that was filled with so much happiness.
2011 completed our little family of 4 and we know 2012 is going to be a year full of memories for our family.