Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day of Pre School

Today was Colton's first day of PreSchool.

Look at how big that backpack and lunch box are!

We met "B" at school.

The boys had a chance to play a little bit in my room before the day got started.

When it was time to head to his class he was a little upset.

Here he is with Ms. Guerrero. Mrs. Guerro said he had a great day and only got sad for mommy a few times.

When we left school he couldn't stop talking about his day. He loved playing on the "big boy" playground and he was very proud of his star stamp. He also told me he only had a "baby" nap. He was worn out and that "baby" nap just wasn't enough.

He didn't last long in the car.And had a tough tough time waking up when we got home.

All in all his first day was a success!

My day went great as well. I have a sweet class of 16 kiddos and an amazing Co-teacher, Mrs. Mory. I'm so excited to have the opportunity to teach again this year. I love what I do and I love that I can do it with Colton right across the hall.

Chase had a pretty good day with Nanny. He seemed to have a bit of a fussy time this afternoon but Nanny had the magic touch and got him calmed down in no time. WHen I picked him up he was sleeping in her arms.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Meet The Teacher

Yesterday we had Meet the Teacher at Colton's school. He was very excited because daddy took him since my classes Meet the Teacher was at the same time. He will be in PS 3s with Ms. Leeann and Ms. Guerrero. He is really excited about school. He wouldn't take a picture with his teacher so I jumped in on this one. After Meet the Teacher we went and picked up Chase from Nanny's house and told Colton he could choose anywhere he wanted to go for his back to school lunch. McDonald's was his choice.

This was ice cream number two. The first one ended up under the table.

When Colton woke up from nap I had all of his sippie cups pulled out. Last year he was able to take a sippie cup to school for snack. This year, since he's in "big boy" school he drinks from a cup. Drinking from a real cup is something we've never had him do. He loves his sippies, they are a bit of a security thing for him. I knew when he turned three that getting rid of them was long over due but with a new baby in the house it was my last priority. Last week, when I realized he wouldn't be able to take a sippie to school for snack, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and get rid of all the sippies in the house so no one was tempted to pull them back out (me).

So, Colton threw all the sippies into a bag...

...and we headed next door to give them to baby Peyton.

He's such a big boy!

We're ready and excited about what the next school year will bring.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

3 Months


Today you are three months old. You are growing so quickly and time is going by way too fast. I am excited about you growing and learning but I have to admit I'd love to keep you this size forever. I love holding you in my arms and cuddling you and I know before long you will be wiggling free to run off and play with your brother. I am trying to slow down a little bit and enjoy every second of every day. You and your brother are teaching me how to do that. Chances are, you'll be the littlest brother in the family and there won't be anymore babies in the house so I want to enjoy every second of cuddle time we can get. The cleaning can wait!

Here are a few things you've been up to.

You are in 3 month clothes but almost ready to move to 3 to 6.

You wear a size two diapers.

When you drink a bottle you drink just over 4 oz.

Sometimes to spit up a lot after a feed sometimes you don't spit up at all. When you have a bad spit up day we don't even bother with burp clothes we pull out towels.

You are "talking" up a storm.

You have very distinctive cries. You have cries for when you want to be fed , when you're hurt, and when you're mad.

Sometimes you scream and cry so loud that all I can think is "Take a breath!!!"

When you start to get sad your bottom lip goes out and quivers.

You blow bubbles.

You are still so loud. You grunt and stretch and make all kinds of noises. Specially through out the night.

You tummy gurgles so loud.

You love your bouncy seat, to kick and play on the floor, and to watch your mobile in the swing or the dancing star on the play mat.

You are eating every three hours.

You are sleeping through the night, most nights. There have been a couple nights you've gotten up for one feed around 3 or 4 am.

You sleep from about 10pm to 7am or 8am.

You wake up extremely happy. You smile laugh and talk to me and brother. You very rarely cry in the morning.

Speaking of brother, you love your brother. You follow him and laugh at him everyday.
You are happy, laid back and oh so cuddly. You only cry when you need something and it's not very often.

You like to be held but you like to sit up and face the action.

When you're held tight to your tummy or when your being nursed you grab hold of Mommy's necklace or shirt. I think that's so sweet.

You sick out your tongue and it makes everyone laugh.

We are working sleeping on your back. You move around so much you tend to wake yourself up. You don't mind laying on your back but you just don't like to sleep on it.

Mommy is really really bad about putting you on your tummy.

You're head is still very misshapen because you always roll your head to the right. It's getting better, slowly.

You are still sleeping in your swing at night,

You follow people with your eyes. Specially mommy, daddy, and Colt.

You have found your hands and you suck on your fist all the time trying to get to your thumb.

We all love you so very much. You are so very special.
Love, Mommy, Daddy and Colton

Here are a few pictures from the last week.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chase and Nanny

Today was Chases first day staying with Nanny. I started in service today at the local church where I teach PreK. It has been a day of mixed emotions and I even cried a little this morning, which was totally unexpected. I was so looking forward to starting back. I love teaching and I love the people I teach with. I love where I teach and I love having the freedom to teach how I want to teach and have fun with it. Plus, it's ONLY two days a week for about 5 hours and Colton comes with me. But, this morning, I was sad to leave my little man and very nervous about how Colton would do in the child care nursery. Although I hate to leave Chase I knew he would be in the best hands possible. He was going to be with someone who loved him just as much as me, someone who would spoil him rotten and cuddle him all day. He couldn't be in better hands.

And I was right, mom said Chase did great while she had him today. They even got some unexpected visitors. MiMi and B brought lunch and came to visit.

Thank you mom for watching Chase for me so I could go back and do something I love. Chase is so lucky to have you in his life. You and Colton have a very special bond from the first year you spent together and I know you and Chase will have that same bond. You are an amazing mom to me and a very special Nanny to my boys. Thank you for everything you do for us. I appreciate this more than you'll ever know. You are so amazing! I love you!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Busy August

Long time no blog...
Its been a while since I blogged. Having two kiddos is running a whole lot smoother than I could have ever imagined but it's so much busier than I ever could have imagined. Gone are the days of eating bon bons and watching soaps.
Aside from being busy around the house we've actually been getting out a lot lately. We haven't done anything super exciting but after spending so much time in the house after Chase was born its nice to just leave the house.
We've had a lot of play dates, lunches out, and trips to visit the grandparents. We've been getting ready for school to start and Zak and I have even had a few evenings away.
Here are some of my favorite pictures from the last few weeks.

Here is how little man wakes up every morning! He's sleeping from about 10PM to 7 AM and wakes up as happy as can be. The three of us conquered our first grocery shopping trip alone. I should take them both every time. I ran through the store to avoid meltdowns and could only fit a few things in the cart. Our grocery bill would drop significantly if they both came along each week.

Colton was doing great at trying new foods. He's not doing so well at it anymore. That's pancakes and bananas with ketchup. Yuk. We're still working on it.

Just had to add this picture because I LOVE IT!

Play date with my cousins kiddos.

Love this one too.Colton has been riding his jeep a lot lately. Zak loads him up and takes him to a park so he can drive fast. They've been going early in the mornings on the weekends because it is so hot.

So cute.

Sadly this is the only trip we've taken to the pool all summer. It was a mommy and Colt date and we had a blast!

Playing at Nanny and Grandads.

Night out for mommy and daddy to celebrate our friend, Amber's, 30th.

Hanging at GaGa and PawPaws.

Colton has been using his "kid scissors" and creating a lot at home. He has awesome fine motor skills!

Colton is so excited about school. His MeeMaw got him a brand new backpack and lunchbox and he can't wait to use it.

We're having a blast!