Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day of Pre School

Today was Colton's first day of PreSchool.

Look at how big that backpack and lunch box are!

We met "B" at school.

The boys had a chance to play a little bit in my room before the day got started.

When it was time to head to his class he was a little upset.

Here he is with Ms. Guerrero. Mrs. Guerro said he had a great day and only got sad for mommy a few times.

When we left school he couldn't stop talking about his day. He loved playing on the "big boy" playground and he was very proud of his star stamp. He also told me he only had a "baby" nap. He was worn out and that "baby" nap just wasn't enough.

He didn't last long in the car.And had a tough tough time waking up when we got home.

All in all his first day was a success!

My day went great as well. I have a sweet class of 16 kiddos and an amazing Co-teacher, Mrs. Mory. I'm so excited to have the opportunity to teach again this year. I love what I do and I love that I can do it with Colton right across the hall.

Chase had a pretty good day with Nanny. He seemed to have a bit of a fussy time this afternoon but Nanny had the magic touch and got him calmed down in no time. WHen I picked him up he was sleeping in her arms.

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AmazingGreis said...

Wow, Colton looks so GROWN up in that first picture. So glad the first day went well for you both!