Friday, April 24, 2009

10 months old...

Beware...Long Post ahead but pictures to follow!

(Notice how the 10 month sign is taped to the couch and Colton has a coaster in his hands to keep him busy.
This picture took both Zak and I to capture the moment.)

It sounds so crazy to say it, but we have a 10 month old. I'm not sure why, but 10 months sounds so much older than 9 months. The past month has been super busy for our little guy. He is learning so much. He is finally crawling. It took him a while to get the hang of it but he is now on the go 24/7! He has learned to wave a little better and will wave at anything. He is clapping and when he claps he looks so proud of himself. He looks at you like "Look what I did, I didn't know I could do this!" He is pulling up on everything in sight from the couch to the table to his crib and lot of other things that aren't really safe to pull up on. He's had a few spills but is actually pretty sturdy. He will pull up on the coffee table and walk himself to the other side. When we get him up in the morning he greets us, standing up. When he couldn't roll over and get up I could get him back to sleep with a little rub of the head and a binki but now when he's up, HE'S UP, whether the sun is or not! He has become a little bit of a restless sleeper. Noises wake him easily and he doesn't fall to sleep near as easy as he once did. We still rock him every night because we love that time with him and we just don't think you can cuddle your baby enough...ever! Last week I noticed he cut his top right tooth. He has been a real a champ when it comes to cutting teeth. (Notice I said has.) He had been acting a bit weird for about a day or two. He refused to nap (but was sleeping through the night). He refused his bottle but ate every bite when it came to baby food, cookies, and wagon wheels. He wasn't fussy but he was a bit needy and extra cuddly. I actually started to panic a little and I got my self all worked up that he was getting dehydrated and sick. (Oh me...worked!) I paged the pedi at 6 on Saturday evening and about two minutes after I hung up I noticed his little tooth. I hadn't even thought a tooth was a possibility, I don't know why, I guess I'd just given up on him getting another tooth! After the tooth broke through is when everything changed. The past two nights have been a bit tough. This ia how they have gone... He has been getting up a few times a night. He wakes up upset about 30 minutes after going to bed and is easily put back to sleep. The second time he gets up anywhere between 2 and 4, screaming, and I am able to rock him back to sleep after a while. The third time he gets up around 4 or 5 , and daddy gets up with him, this time he is up for the morning. Once he's up he is happy he just wants to be up. What is it with sleeping? He must just be startled by the pain and wake himself up. He has been napping a little, but not well. I can't imagine how tired he must be! Tonight while I was getting him ready for bed I could tell, for the first time, how much pain he is in. He was grabbing for anything to get in his little mouth. Poor guy. Hopefully his 4th tooth will break through soon so he can get some rest. We still think we have a pretty brave and tough little guy he may hurt but he's as happy as can be, for the most part! He is such a happy happy baby. He loves to get out and about. He loves sitting in a highchair at restaurants and he loves being pushed around with his feet propped up in the stroller. He loves to play and sing but hates to do it alone. He sings and talks the whole way to and from Nanny's each day. It's like he's trying to tell me about his day. (It's no surprise he is a talker between myself and his daddy. He has no hope for being quiet!) It's so sweet. I love that time with him even if I just get to peak at him in the mirror. He loves splashing in the bath and meal times. He's figuring out finger foods and I'm slowly letting him try some table food. He ate a bit of PawPaws birthday cake last weekend. He loves wagon wheels and all those other baby biscuits. He is so cute when he tries to eat the puffs since he can't quite figure out how to get them into his mouth. He loves Sadie and is getting curios about Chloe now that he can crawl over to her and try to pet her. She's really not sure about him. He plays tug of war with Sadie and her sock. Sometimes I think he is more excited to see Sadie when we get home in the evening than Zak or I. He laughs out loud at the sight of her and immediately tries to jump out of my arms to touch her. He also has a new love for his binki. He's always taken a binki but had been going off it a bit until recently when he has wanted it with him every second. I'm happy for that because when he doesn't have the binki in he's grinding those pretty new teeth...ewwww! A couple of days a go he was saying and repeating after me "mama". Music to my ears even if he isn't really saying it to me.
Time is absolutely flying! A little birthday planning has already begun and I can tell it's going to be huge!

WOW...that was long...I warned you! If you are still with us, thanks, here are the pictures I promised from the last month.

Love my Astros

New toy

Crawling EVERYWHERE..Nothing can stop me now

Playing with my new friend Renner

Out to eat with Miss Leah
Hanging with some friends
See how cute I am... I was the talk of Central Market today loungin' with my foot propped up...this is how I roll

Monday, April 20, 2009

31 days from now...

*Its offical now! I put my resignation letter into the district this afternoon!!!*
31 days from now
I will have a new job title...


That's right I have unofficially resigned.

I wasn't going to post this exciting news until I officially resigned but the website is down where I have to fill out my resignation and I just couldn't wait to share.
Last Friday, I let my principal, assistant principal, and team know I'd be staying home next year to take care of this little cutie!!!

I absolutely CAN NOT wait.
This is what Zak and I have always wanted for our children and I am so thankful to Zak for making this a possibility for our family!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter ... A Few Days Late!

Easter Morning... Look at all this good stuff! All these great goodies and I love the eggs the most!

So handsome!
Our family...Easter Sunday.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Texas Bluebonnets

Today we took advantage of a beautiful spring day, the Texas Bluebonnets and Kellie's new camera! Colton was really more interested in eating the grass than taking pictures but after lots of clapping, screaming his name and dancing around, we got a few good shots.
Thanks Kellie...YOU ROCK...we will help you try out your new camera ANYTIME!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hey mom!

Hey mom, look what Nanny let me do today!
What a fun day we had!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Opening Day!


Today is Opening Day for the Astros, the most exciting day of the year for Zak. His best friend, Josh, came in from San Diego to go to the game with him today. It's become tradition that they take the day off and go down and celebrate all day long and into the night. Since Zak and I have been going to Astros games together he has been talking about taking our kids to the game. The day we found out our little one would be a boy I know his first thought was sports and the Astros. He imagined what fun he would have sharing his excitement and knowledge of the game and his team. As you all know,Colton has been covered in astros since he was born. Astros clothes, Astros toys, Astros everything! Now, it's time to get him involved in the game! When he was first born he slept in Zak's arms through many games but as he gets older I know Zak is excited that he can actually begin to enjoy the game. We are taking Colton to San Diego and then to San Fransisco this summer to go to his first Astros games. After those games, I'm sure we will visit Minute Maid Park many times before the season ends. Although I'm not a big baseball fan I love to see how happy it makes Zak, so I try to get involved. Now he has his little baseball buddy. Fingers crossed Colton likes sports. Until he knows any better Astros are his # 1!

Just for fun...Here are Colton and I last year on opening day. (27 weeks pregnant.)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I did it...I'm embarrassed

Ok, so I just singed up for twitter. I didn't do it because I want everyone in the world to know what I'm doing at all times, I did it for my own embarrassing reason. What kind of an embarrassing reason could make me do that you ask? Well, yesterday I was watching TV and twitter is everywhere. I follow a few peoples tweets through their blogs but that was the extent of my twitter knowledge and usage. I'm coming to find out, everyone is doing it, even Spencer Pratt. Ha! Yes, I said Spencer from the Hills. He's annoying, self centered, and I think totally scripted, I mean who could really be that ridiculous! But, he's entertaining and I just had to know what else he was saying. Yesterday, while I was watching some type of entertainment show I saw a stupid, big headed comment that he made and my curiosity got the best of me. I found out I couldn't read his other tweets until I signed I SIGNED UP! I know, embarrassing!!! So, now I have a twitter account too. I still am a little confused on how it all works and I'm not sure how much I'll actually use it but I figure why not...everyone else is doing it...
even Spencer Pratt!!!!