Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This time last year...

This time last year was the best day of our lives. We met you, held you, cuddled you, and fell in love. We knew you would be an amazing little man but we never knew just how amazing you could be!

The day you were born.
Just about to leave for the hospital.
On the way and making calls.
Ready to go.
PawPaw and Grandad dressed for your arrival.
Your grandparents.
A room full of visitors waiting to meet you.A waiting room full of visitors waiting to meet you.
Its a BOY!
Here you are!!!!

Now, one amazing year later, we celebrate your Birthday with family!

What a big pizza!
Dinner with the whole family.

Why do you get pizza and I get granola peach bananas? Its okay...I like it!

More presents?!?!?!

Out of my way there's a FIRE!

Who needs toys I have ribbon.

Ridin' in my wagon!

With mommy and daddy.

Two toys at once!

Not so sure about my new ball pit?

Dance Dance Dance!!!

More cake!

Awwwww...Its ice cream cake!

June 24th will be a very special day from here on out... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Dear Colton,

Tomorrow you will be one year old and we just can not believe it!

What an amazingly wonderful year it has been for your daddy and me. You have taught us more about life and love in this short short year then we knew was possible. Your smile and laugh light up a room and your hugs could make any ones day perfect. You are such an amazing little man and we have loved watching you grow and learn this last year.

In the past month you have started to do a lot of "big boy" things. You still aren't walking but you can stand on your own. You crawl faster than we run and you are ready to explore everything and anything. If you want something or you want to get somewhere you will climb over things, or at least try, to get to what you want. You "read" your own books now instead of eating them. You love to listen to stories but you also love to look through your books. They might just be your favorite toy right now, aside from the remote and mommy's cell phone. You love to play independently and I love to watch you play. You are learning so much and I love to see you figure everything out. You like to play by yourself but, just like always, you need someone by you. You have started sleeping less during the day. Some days you do take two naps, very short naps, others you only have one and on occasion you don't nap at all. Sleeping at night is a little hit or miss, we never know what you'll do. Some nights you sleep all the way through, others you are up two or three times. But that's okay because Mommy's off work now and as much as I'd love to sleep through the night, it's just a little more cuddle time we get to have together. You have started sleeping on your tummy. At night when we put you down you flip right over and get comfy. You are trying lots of table food. Most of the time for breakfast you have waffles and fruit. For dinner and lunch you still enjoy baby food along with trying other things. Watermelon might just be your new favorite find, it's messy but you love it! (I think that's why you like it so much!) You still have 4 6-8 oz bottles of formula and I love our bottle time. It's great cuddle time. I'm going to miss it when you finally give it up. We don't go in for your one year check up until July 14th, but you are growing out of your clothes by the minute! My guess is that you weight at least 24 or 25 lbs. It's getting easier to carry you around because you hold on a little when we hold you, so thank you for that! Speaking of carrying around, you like, no love, to be carried around. Since mommy has been off work you have become quite a mommas boy. You need me in sight at all times or you fuss. I think it's sweet and I know you'll grow out of it. I have to save my favorite thing for last...When we ask for a hug you nuzzle into our neck and cuddle. It's so sweet!

You are amazing and we love you so so so much! We can't believe we will have a one year old in the house tomorrow! Thank you for being so special! Tomorrow is going to be a great day!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

Just look how much you have grown!

Happy FIRST birthday baby boy!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to three AMAZING Daddies!
We love you guys so much and hope your day was special.
You deserve it!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Our Little Monkeys Turning ONE!

Today was Colton's First Birthday Party. It was a huge celebration with visitors from near and far. We had a great time. The only, small, problem was that the party was scheduled from 11-2. Nap time you say? Well, when the plans were made, Colton was taking two naps a day. One around 9 and one around 1. We thought 11-2 would have been a perfect time for his party but since I've been home, his schedule has changed a bit. Now a days he really only takes one nap a day usually right smack in the middle of the party time. Aside from a sleepy birthday boy and a few other sleepy kiddos, things went so well. We appreciated everyone coming. Colton had a great time!

I did a lot of planning and decorating for the party.
If you can't tell, the small pictures are his monthly pictures.

I never thought I'd be able to get three pictures with these letters but Nanny and I were persistent and they turned out better than I thought they would.

Everyone signed this book for Colton to keep.

All I can say is YUM!

LOTS of food...actually WAY too much!
Our little family!
Ready for the crowd!
(I got this shirt from Smitten and Co. I have their website on my side bar.)
Grandma and PawPaw.
Grandad, Aunt Becky, Mommy and me, and Nanny.
The ladies having lunch.
A little play time.
Lets open some presents!
Happy Birthday to you...

Lets eat some cake!
Colton enjoyed the icing but wasn't too fond of the cake part. It took him a while to get dirty but once everyone stopped watching and we gave him a smaller slice he dug in.

What a day!

After a very short nap, dinner, and a bath it was time to open up all the gifts and have a little more fun.

I have to share this with you as well. My dear friend Kellie gave me this gift for Colton's Birthday. It's a silver ring engraved with his name. How special! And look at the box she made for me to match Colton's Jungle theme!

Only THREE days until Colton's 1st birthday.
My how time flies!