Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bye Bye Binki

Our house has been binki free for 9 days!
Chase is doing great with it but there have been a few times we've I've missed it...
Nap time and bed time have been a little rougher.
(He even missed an entire nap at school on Tuesday.)
When he gets upset binki always calmed him.
When he gets a little loud it's always helped quiet him.
Now, everything is going in his mouth.
On the other hand...
We get to see this sweet smile all the time. 
No more binki face!
And in the 9 days he's been binki free his vocabulary has grown by 4 or 5 words and he's "talking" babbling differently and mimicking our words more often.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Day Off

Yesterday, Zak took a day off work so we could take a trip to The Children's Museum. 
Colt was up early (5:50) ready to go! 
I had to include this picture if the boys getting ready to go. 
So cute!
 We got there right when it opened and, even I have to admit, it was a little overwhelming. We wanted to go on a week day to avoid the crowds.  We didn't think about the schools though.  There were so many kids! Big.Huge.Groups.Of.Kids.
After about an hour everyone spread out and things got a little easier to get around. 
The boys had a great time. Colton really got into the activities and Chase ran around like a mad man.  About 3 seconds in, I was so thankful Zak was with us.  I don't think I could have taken both of them alone.  

We played for a couple hours and Chase was exhausted (or so we thought).  We didn't stay as long as I had thought but we had seen it all and played with everything we had wanted to.  We planned on heading to lunch but got on the freeway and got stuck in awful traffic. So we decided just to head home.  The boys had a big snack in the car and Colt fell right asleep.  Chase on the other hand, was ready to party.  He ate and talked the whole way home.  
We had such a fun morning.  It was a very needed day off for all of us! 


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day


Early morning.
Tulips and rice crispy treats from Zak.
ihome speakers from me.
Valentine's from the boys to Daddy.
Zak to work.
Boys up.
Get ready for school.
Vday goodies for the boys.
Time out and a minor fight.
This sweet picture was a make up hug.
Off to school.
Valentine's Parties.
Lots of goodies.
Lots of sugar.
Out of school and off to see Nanny.
Goodies from Nanny and Grandad and snacks with Nanny.
Home to go through all the fun Valentines.
Early bath.
Daddy home.
Nuggets and fruit for the boys.
Visit from MiMi, Logan and B.
Boys asleep early.
Debate on what to have for Valentines dinner.
I had cereal.
Zak got Chinese.
Early night.
My, how expectations of this day have changed. I wouldn't want it any other way. It was a crazy busy day filled with sugar but I got to spend it with my favorite Valentines. And I felt so loved.
Happy Valentine's Day! 


Monday, February 11, 2013

I'd give anything to go back to those years.

Last night, I started watching videos of Colton, right before Chase was born.  I forgot how little he was just 20 months ago.  It made me smile but it made me sad. Sad to think how fast this time is going. I love my boys more than anything in the whole world and I appreciate what I have.  I love being at home and at school with them. I wouldn't want to be anywhere with anyone else in this life. My boys (Zak included) are my whole world.  And, I don't take for granted what I have.  I am so lucky! 
So may times I've heard  mommies of older kids say to me, "I'd give anything to go back to those years."  Sometimes it's when the boys are being so sweet and I politely smile and think, "Yeah, I've got it good."  Other times its when someones throwing a fit and I think they are trying to tell me it'll all be okay. Even at those times I don't want to forget how great I have it.
I'm starting to better understand that statement.  I know I'll miss each stage but you don't really understand what you'll miss until its passed.  Watching those videos of Colton last night made me miss that time in his life.  That time that was just 20 short months ago.
Of course, life goes on and babies grow. As my boys grow I just want to appreciate every moment.  It's okay to look back and miss certain stages of their life but I know there are many more stages to enjoy ahead of us. 


Colton..18 months and 4 1/2


Chase...20 months and 4 months

These boys are my everything! When I think back at all the fun memories we have had it makes me so thankful.  When I think about all we have to come it makes me excited. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Well Earned

Today Colton crossed K, Q, and W off his uppercase ABC chart. He knows all 26 uppercase letters! (And, 23 of 26 lowercase.) 
I am so proud of him!  He has been working so hard to learn these letters and you can see it in his face, he's very proud of himself too!
 We made a deal a few weeks back that when he mastered all of the uppercase letters he'd get to go choose any toy he wanted.  About a week ago he decide he wanted a watch.  Today we went in search of the coolest watch around.
That Spiderman watch was well earned, my love!
We're all so proud of how hard you've been working and all you're learning. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Working Hard and Big Decisions

Colton and I have been working really hard together.  Each day we do a little learning.  I try not to over load him so we only work about  15-30 minutes when Chase goes down for nap. Just me and him. No distractions.  Some days  All days, are a struggle to get started but I try to make it fun.  I am so proud of the growth I've seen in him over the last couple months.  I see how proud he is of himself as well and it makes my heart happy! 
Zak and I attended his Mid Year Conference with Ms. Dana last week and we saw great improvement in his academics from beginning to mid year on his testing.  However, Zak and I have decide that Bridge, instead of Kindergarten,  might be the best place for Colton next year.  Bridge is a program that Foundry (and many private preschools) has.  Basically, it is what it says it is, a "bridge" between PreK and Kinder.  Colton is a summer baby.  His personality is big but he is quiet and timid, especially at school and in new situations. He also does not work independently at home or school and this is our (and his teachers) biggest concern.  Bridge is something I always thought might benefit him. Academically he is struggling in a couple areas (and doing exceedingly well in  a couple other areas I have to add).  I know the academics will come and he will be fine in that area.   If we put him in Kindergarten he'd be just fine. But, when he starts "Big Kid School" I don't want him to be "fine".  I want him to be confident and successful. I want him to enjoy learning and be excited about it instead of scared of it. I think Bridge will do JUST that for him.  
I have to confess, this has been a challenging decision for me. I am looking at this decision from a teacher and a mommy perspective. I've thought about and been torn about this decision for quite some time.  I keep thinking...  I'm a teacher, I should be able to get him where he needs to be. And, I can get him where he needs to be but it's not just about getting him there academically.  It's about him having the confidence to show what he knows and be strong enough to make it through the day, independently.  Deep down I didn't want to admit this was something he might need. I want him to be where he needs to be.  And, I'm still struggling with this.  Will he have some type of stigma put on him because he is the oldest?  Will he be mad at us for "holding him back"?  So many kids move on to kindergarten with no problem.  Why does my perfectly wonderful little guy need  to be any different?  It's a really hard place to be.  It's a really hard decision.  But it's a decision we feel will make a difference in the outcome of his schooling. There is nothing wrong with this decision.  The teacher in me knows this but the mommy in me is really struggling.  We are making this decision because we feel, in the long run, for his school career, to make him successful and comfortable, this is best. 
 We have 7 months until the first day of school.  If, in that time, something changes, it is okay to change our mind.  But it's awesome, and we feel thankful, that Bridge is an option.   
I really am so very proud of my little man.  He is such an awesome kid.  He's kind, helpful, smart, silly, and so so loving.  He is perfect just the way he is!!!  I know this extra year before kindergarten is going to help him be successful and I know it will not be a decision we will regret.