Friday, December 8, 2017

Snow! Wait...In HOUSTON?!?!?!

The boys spent Thursday evening on the iPad face timing Pa who was getting snow, lots of snow, at her house.  They loved it.  I was sad we weren't getting any and had very little hope it would make it it to us but, it was COLD outside! 

The boys went to bed about 9 and at about 10:30 it started to "snow" a tiny tiny bit.  So , I puled them out of bed and they sleepily walked outside to see it.  Colt was all smiles.  Chase was TIRED! Colt wrote his name in the snow on the hood of my car and we went in.  They fell asleep quickly and so did I .  Zak was out of town doing a Toy Drive in Beaumont so at 2 am Sadie woke me up to go out.  I opened the back door to a WINTER WONDERLAND!  It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. White powdery (not icey) snow covered the entire yard and big snow flurries were falling.  All I kept saying was, "Everyones missing this!"  I was so excited I could hardly stand it. Sadie had potty but didn't know what on earth was going on.  I thought, "do I wake the boys!?!?!?!" I took some pictures and jumped on FaceBook to share my excitement.  A few people were up and I was so excited!!!! After being up about an hour I felt certain the snow would still be there in the morning.  I decided not to wake the boys and go back to sleep.  About 3:30 I set my alarm for 5:45 and fell back asleep.  I jumped out of bed to look out the window at 5:45 and was over the moon to see the snow!  I got up, made a HOT cup of coffee, finished up the boys lunches and woke them at 6.  They were SO EXCITED!  We played in the snow for about 30-40 minutes and all had so much fun.  

 (The top three pics were from the 10 o'clock wake up. Look how sleepy Chase was! 
 The rest of the pics were from our early morning play in the snow!)

 The trip to the bus stop was one we won't soon forget!  

When the boys arrived at school, all the kids went to play (Not k and 1st). 
 They made the local news and then the nightly national news!  
Colt swears this is him!

Everything was ABSOLUTELY beautiful!  Driving into Foundry was amazing!  
Best drive ever! (Mom and dads house on the right!)

Here is our little snow family at about 6am.
At 4:20 when the boys got off the bus, they were the only snow left in our yard! 

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Christmas Party!

 Its become one of our favorite things to do all year!  
Christmas party #3 in the books!!!!!

Year #2
Year #3

Friday, December 1, 2017

Thursday, November 30, 2017

A Busy November

Its been a busy month! 

Colt and Daddy at the gun range, mom and Chase tagged along...It was SO loud!

Look at these crazies...found both of them sleeping like this.

While the moms are away...
 ...The kids will play!

 Uh oh!  Two sickies!!!!
Strep can't slow him down.

 A meet up with 4th cousins.

 A morning out with mom.  

Party time for two of our favs!

 This horn...

 One last spin around the cul-de-sac before passing on the jeep!

 My monkies

shopping with Mom
 Crazy hair - Dollars for Scholors

 A little computer time before bed!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Its beginning to look a lot like...


The inside and the tree was decorated a few days before Thanksgiving and Zak finished up the outside shortly after Thanksgiving.  Even SNOWMAN is back! The weather may not feel like it but bring it on Christmas!  
Oh.. and Im about 95% done with Christmas.  We even had presents under the tree before Thanksgiving day.  

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Happy #38 to me...

Things may not always turn out how you expect them to but today is proof that that’s ok! Last night Chase started feeling icky. This morning he woke up with fever and sore throat. Straight to the dr we went where we found out that his Strep is back! (He just finished a 10day dose of antibiotics on Wednesday for strep:/). The boys and I spent the day relaxing and taking it really easy. I didn’t clean a thing! Colt and Zak made me a cake and my parents called and said they’d take the boys for the night so Zak and I could celebrate my birthday. We made it to dinner and then back over to mom and dads to have cake. Now we’re home doing some more relaxing.
Aside from Chase Man being sick, it’s been a great day. My boys took great care of me. Zak even braved the Walmart pharmacy so I didn’t have to pick up Chases meds! Chase was in great spirits all day and is on the mend. I’m so thankful we went in and caught it right away! 

Friday, November 24, 2017

Thnaksgiving and Car Show

Thanksgiving looked a little different this year for us.  After Harvey flooded Jerry and Glendas house, Andi invited my WHOLE family to celebrate with them in College Station.  Unfortunately some family stuff came  up and Jerry, Glenda, Kelly, BJ and the kids couldn't make it out but Mom and dad and our little family headed up to CS to celebrate with the Days and the Byrds! It was such an awesome day and we are so thankful for Andi and Byrd's hospitality! 

The day after Thanksgiving the tradition continued...Autorama for the boys!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

ALZ Walk

Our team, Nanny's Ninjas, raised just over 3000$ to go towards fighting this awful disease!  We all enjoyed the walk and even Nanny made it out.  She and Glenda and Jerry both sat back while we walked through the U of H campus.  It was a beautiful morning and an awesome way to spend our Sunday morning! 

Friday, November 10, 2017

Thursday, November 9, 2017

More Visitors...

More Lunch Visitors!