Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Meet Monkey

Chase has a new LOVE and he comes everywhere with us.
Meet Monkey...

Monday, January 14, 2013

just because

Today I spent some time looking back on old blog posts.  Posts of when Colton was Chases age.  I realized how much more I blogged back then.  Nowadays I blog about major events or milestones but that's about it.  I'm having trouble finding time to do the extra blogging with two very active little guys.  
So, today I wanted to post a totally random, just because, blog about my two favorite kids.  
Get ready for a "Winter" iPhone dump...

Could they be any cuter?!?!?! 
I love these two  more than anything and I am so blessed to get to spend every single day with them. 


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Monster Jam 2013

Last night was our second Monster Jam.  Initially we bought tickets for January 5th but because of the Texans in the playoffs it moved Monster Jam to last night   After having such a great time last year we were super excited.  
Colton had a little rest on the way there. 
We headed up early for the Pit Party.  We'd never been so we had no idea what to expect.  It was a nasty day out and we thought it would be cancelled because we figured it would be outside. 
 We were wrong!  We got to go down to the stadium floor and walk right up to the trucks.  It was really neat but it was very crowded and it was total over load for Colt. 
 The line to meet David Anderson was super long and Colton didn't want him to write in his program so I just snapped a quick pic.  

 These little cars raced during the show.  One of the drivers was letting the kids sign his car.  Colt signed his name.

Pretty cool!
After being in the pit for about 2 and 1/2 hours (way too long) we headed up to our seats.  
We had two hours 'til the show started.  
 We wasted some time by eating and coloring.  
They had a lot going on down on the floor so it went pretty fast.
 By the time it started we were all ready!  Grave Digger was out first!

After ice cream and popcorn for dinner Colton wanted cotton candy.
If you've ever wondered what $15 cotton candy looks ya go!
During free styles Grave digger went crazy and flipped himself.  It was AWESOME!
 We had such a fun time!!!

Chase stayed with Nanny and Grandad.  We really missed him but knew we made the right choice when we got into the stadium and walked around for 2 1/2 hours then waited for 2 hours then sat through a very very loud show. He would have wanted to run around and this just wasn't the place for that. He had much more fun getting spoiled with Nanny and Grandad! We hope we can bring him with us next year.

 This morning Colton could hardly wait to get Chase out of bed and tell him all about his night.  Here are the boys watching Colton's Monster Jam DVD.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Last Thursday, Zak celebrated his 33rd birthday!
The boys started out their day, at school, making daddy a "cake".
 After a full day of school we rushed home to decorate and surprise daddy.

Once we got home , we had to get back out and make a quick trip to Wlamart.  At the last minute,  Colton decided he had the perfect idea for Zak's birthday gift...Duct Tape!

 Daddy got home and we wasted NO time getting him to open his gifts.
 His big surprise was waiting outside for him. 
 For dinner that night we headed over to Gaga and PawPaws for homemade fried chicken and biscuits and gravy.  
Although Zak spent the day at work and we spent the day at school (for our first day back) we tried to spoil him all evening.  

We are so lucky to have you in our lives.  You are the most amazing husband and the best dad.  You make every day special.  
We love you to Kansas City and Back.  
Love, C3