Friday, December 28, 2012

Snowman the Elf

The end of the season is near. 
The new year starts in just 4 days.
We sure are going to miss Christmas around here. 
We will miss Colton singing Christmas songs on the radio. 
We will miss Chases excited screams at the lights and giant blow up Santas. 
We will miss the anticipation and excitement of what Santa may bring. 
We're going to miss the season and all it brings, but we are going to really miss Snowman the Elf. 
He came to visit December 1st and that silly Elf  brought a smile to our faces each and every morning.


Colton told me last night how much he misses Snowman. 
We're already counting down the days 'til he comes back to visit!!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

"The Best Chrismas Ever!"

 As usual, we had an awesome Christmas.  There was so much anticipation and excitement this year.  We started out Christmas Eve spreading reindeer food around the back and front yard.  We even gave some to Addy across the street.

Josh and Julie came into town and came to visit.

Christmas Eve night we went over to Grammy Phyllis and Dans house.  Chase loved Mr. and Mrs. Claus. He was so excited about them!

Year after year their house still makes me smile.  Every single inch is covered in something that sings or dances.
We had two very tired little boys on our hands. 
We headed home to get into PJs and get everything ready for Santa. 
Colt had his "sleep-over" in our room.  
Unfortunately, Chase was up on and off all night Christmas Eve.  Between it all, SANTA CAME!
Poor Chase woke up with a 100.3 fever.  After a dose of ibuprofen he was good to go!

The boys had so much fun opening all their toys but I think it was a bit of overload. 
It was suppose to be a really nasty day out,  so we let the boys go try out their new rides.
We headed to Nanny and Grandads around 8AM for round two!

After some major present overload we took a break for breakfast.

Then, we were started back to more presents.
After gifts we had a short rest...
Then, headed to Gaga and PawPaws for round 3. 
We started with lunch there.
And, Colt decorated a cake for Jesus.
Then, it was time for more presents.

Daddy was being silly!
Who needs presents when you have boxes!?!?!?!

 After  GaGa and PawPaws we headed back to Nanny and Grandads to see MiMi, Jerry, Kelly, BJ and the kids.
Chase was so worn out!
Best Buds!
Pretty Girls!

In Colton's words...
"This was the Best Christmas Ever!"