Wednesday, September 23, 2009

15 months...15 things

Colton turns 15 months old tomorrow, so in honor of the big day, I thought I'd share 15 of my favorite things he's doing these days!

1. loves to sit and listen to books being read to him.

2. walks so well even in his shoes (as long as he doesn't pull them off).

3. blows kisses.

4. loves to be outside and in his swing.

5. knows where his belly button is but points to his temple every time you ask him where his nose is.

6. points to the sky when you ask him "where is the airplane?"

7. only eats fruit, crackers and fish sticks.

8. knows how so many objects work. He spent a couple minutes walking around "talking" on daddy's cell phone the other night.

9. shakes his head "no" for no and sometimes yes too.

10. knows exactly what he wants and expects to get it.

11. takes 1 really good nap every day.

12. dances all the time and can hear music and the beat no matter how quiet it is.

13. will go get things you ask him for like his caterpillar, the phone, yellow block.

14. has zero interest in watching TV.

15. gives the best hugs and kisses.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I have been in a bit of a blogging funk lately. One, because we have had major computer issues and I haven't been able to download pictures, and who wants to read a post with out a sweet picture of my little love bug!?!? Two, I just can't think of anything exciting to tell you about that I haven't already told you. So, here it is... a post!
I spent most of the afternoon, while Colton was sleeping and Zak was watching football, looking back at our family blog. I have put hours an hours into this blog. There have been many times I thought, I don't have the time to write, but looking back, I am so glad I made the time. Already some of the small details slipped my mind.
Things around here are going well. We are staying really busy. I don't have much to tell you about, but I want to share a couple of my favorite pictures from the last two weeks.
The first picture is from Library time. Colton loves to dance when we sing. I caught him in the act. This is a picture of Colton with his new backpack. He loves to carry it, as long as its empty!
Funny story just happened... Colton was so sleepy tonight, but he did not want to go to bed. Zak gave him a bottle and rocked him to sleep. As Zak layed him down he started to cry. We figured we would let him cry a couple minutes and he'd be asleep in no time. I went to get the monitor and saw he was siting up playing in bed. A couple minutes later, I went to look at the monitor again and I saw Colton sitting funny in the corner of the bed. I thought he was playing but the longer we watched, we noticed he was fast asleep. His little head keep bobbing and he would catch himself from falling. Being the wonderful mommy I am, I ran for the camera, what a perfect post! :) As I walked into the other room, Zak said Colton went face first into the bed. I didn't get the picture but he is sleeping sound as a baby.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Colton and I went to our first MOPS meeting this Friday. We met some fun kiddos (and mommies too), colored, played really hard and best of all had cookies for breakfast.