Sunday, July 31, 2011

Terrible Twos

I've been writing a lot recently about what an amazing big bro Colt has been, and he has. He's been wonderful and has been a big help around the house. But, hes also having some behavior issues. It seems as though THE DAY he turned three he hit "terrible twos". When hes good he's so so good but when hes bad hes so so bad. Colton has been an extremely well behaved, laid back, sweet natured kid. Oh gosh, how bias does that sound!?!?! But really he has! :) We've been very lucky with his behavior and the wayhe listens and follows directions. We know he has it in him!!! We, of course, see his sweet loving behavior during the day a lot but after an all out war, sometimes it's hard to remember how kind he was to his brother or how he made us laugh earlier in the day. I've been told two is nothing and three is the hardest age. I've also been told that the toddler/child years are nothing compared to what the teenage years bring. Yikes!

I'm sure Colts behavior is nothing out of the ordinary for his age. I have a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at the elementary age. I'm aware of egocentric behavior. I understand Colton wants what he wants when he wants it and he doesn't understand why he may not get his way but OH MY GOODNESS! The fits he throws when things don't go just his way are fierce! He's angry, aggressive, mean and physical. I know a lot has changed around here in the last few months and I know that this probably has a big part in it. Zak and I are trying everything to work with him, teach him, and not loose our minds! There might even be a little bit of bribing going on. Okay okay, there's a lot of bribing going on. So much that I'm not proud of it. I bribe him with candy or treats to do just about everything I'm too tired to fight him on; getting dressed, taking a picture, getting in the car, helping me do something, the list could go on and on. I'll be the first to admit this is not helping the behavior because now he thinks that everything he does deserves a reward or treat. A month or so back we were at Don Julios for dinner. Colt had to potty so I took him into the restroom. He was told if he pottied he'd be able to have a candy as we left the restaurant. He did not potty so as we walked out of the restroom he asked about the candy. I told him he would have to potty to get the candy and he stopped dead in his tracks, right next to a large table of people, in a very crowded restaurant and screamed, at the top of his lungs, " "I WANT MY CANDYYYYYYY!" I was mortified. He wouldn't budge. It would have been easy to give him the candy, but I didn't. I stood my ground and later in the meal he did use the potty. Sometimes though it's hard to stand your ground, specially with a newborn at home who's demanding all your attention. I know consistency is the key but its so hard to be consistent!

There have been a few days that I have felt so defeated, so overwhelmed and so lost at what to do and how to handle it all. When Colt gets upset with us he will tell us, "Go to work!" This started with daddy because when daddy would get upset with him he'd just want him to go away and he started saying, "Go to work!" Recently, he has started telling me this as well. One night last week, after a very very long trying day, he told me "Mommy go to work!" I looked at him with tears in my eyes and said, "I AM at work and I CAN'T go away!" I knew, and so did Zak, that it was time for mommy to get out of the house. Alone! It seems like each day things get a little worse and a little harder. Zak and I have tried everything to disciple Colton. We've tried spanking, time out, raising our voice, ignoring and on and on and on. None of which work. We are learning the more upset we get with him the worse the situation gets so we try really hard to keep our cool, which is near impossible most times. One thing that has worked is taking away toys. In fact, the top of our kitchen cabinets were lined with toys this afternoon. However, this tactic won't help when were out in about. Luckily, we haven't had too many meltdowns in public. However, there have been a few and I do find myself saying a quick prayer for patience and good behavior before we head out on outings.

Like I said before I know this is a phase, I know his behavior isn't anything too out of the ordinary. I know his world has been rocked with our new addition and I know we all need to be patient. I know all kids go through this in some way, shape, or form but sometimes I look at him and think "What have we done wrong? Why are you acting like this? I DO NOT KNOW YOU!"

So, followers, mommies, anyone...I'd love to know how you survived this "phase" of life. I'm ready for my sweet little man to come back! What kind of discipline did you use. Can you recommend any books? Any funny stories that might not have been funny at the time but you can look back on and laugh at now?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

2 months

Dear Chase,
Today you are two months old! We took you into the Dr. for your check up last Friday and you weigh 11 lb 11 oz (36%). You are 23 inch tall (52%) and your head is 15.5 inches (60%). We were surprised you were only in the 36% for weight. We feel like you are so big and with the amount you are eating we thought you might even weigh more than 11lbs 11oz. You are a sweet, content, laid back, cuddly little guy and each day you do something else to make us fall more in love with you. Here are some things you're up to.

*You are in 1-2 diapers and wearing 3 months clothes.
*Your eyes turn more blue each day and they are just beautiful.
*You eat every 2 to the 3 hours during the day and your are doing great at night. You go 5 to 7 hours between feeds.
*If you have a bottle you drink around 4 oz.
*We are still working on the choking. You don't do it as much as you use to but you do occasionally choke. Sometimes are worse than others. For the most part you (and mommy) know its coming and you just stop eating and clear your throat. Its still scary though. I just pray this is not a peek at whats to come with table food. You and your brother choking is one of my worst fears!
*The right side of your head is still pretty flat but getting better so we are practicing laying on the left side or straight on more.
*You have tummy time a few times a day. You don't mind being on your tummy, just not for long periods of time.
*As far as sleeping you are doing really well with that. You sleep at night in the swing in mommy and daddy's room. You usually eat and go down between 10 and 11PM and get up for the day around 8 or 8:30AM. You have been getting up just one time, lately around 5AM, and then falling right back to sleep after you eat. Occasionally (like lastnight) you get up twice in the night. * You stay awake a lot during the day and just take cat naps here and there. You sleep the best during the day when you're being held but you'll take short naps in the swing or the bouncer.
* You still don't like to sleep on your back and only fall asleep on your back if you're really really tired but you always twitch and wake yourself up.
*We started letting you sleep in the swing at about 6 weeks old when you caught your first little cold. It was really nothing. We all caught it from your brother and you just had a little congestion. Since you slept so well in the swing we decided the swing was a good place for you to sleep. (Your brother slept in the swing 'til he was 4 months old.)
*You are still very loud. You grunt and clear your throat all the time. When you are hungry and we try to hold you over with the binki you make this loud mad sound while you suck to let us know you're not happy with us. It makes mommy laugh.
*You started making the sweetest squealing noise. Sometimes you do it when your happy sometimes you do it when you just want to get our attention but it is just so sweet and we love to hear it!
* You follow us with your eyes and you recognize our voices.
* A few days ago you rolled over from your tummy to your back.
* You love to lay on the floor and kick and punch and look around.
* You love your bouncy chair and would rather sit in that during the day than the swing.
*You are very patient with your brother. He loves you so much and sometimes forgets how little you are.
*You also love your new bath and no matter how upset you are a bath makes you so happy!
*You are bearing a little weight on your legs and you are doing pretty well with holding your head up as well.
*You are starting to smile at us and that is the all time best thing in the world.

You are such an awesome little man. Each day you are learning so much and you are interacting with us more and more. You are amazing and we love you so very much.
Love, Mommy

At your two month check up.
Wearing the same thing Colt wore to his 2 month check up.

Tummy time.

Thursday, July 21, 2011



Last week I took you to the Dr. for your three year check up. For a few reasons, Dr. Leonardo wanted you to cut back on dairy and try to get more iron in your diet. This meant that it was time for mommy and daddy to be tough on you and make you eat a few more things aside from cheese, yogurt, crackers and fruit. We thought it was going to be a hard battle to fight but you've made it very easy on us! In the last week you've knowingly tried and eaten a corn dog, fish sticks (which you use to love), roasted chicken, eggs and spaghetti with meat sauce. You've actually enjoyed all of it but the spaghetti. That was a bit of a struggle but in the end you did eat quite a few bites. For the past two years food has been nothing short of a battle but you have done so great the last week and mommy and daddy are really proud of you. If you keep it up you're going to be stronger than your daddy before you know it!!!

While were talking about how proud I am of you, I have to tell you, again, how awesome you are as a big brother. There have been so many changes around our house the past 6 months and we had no idea how you'd handle them. Since January, we've moved your room and potty trained you. You also had to deal with a very pregnant and uncomfortable mommy who couldn't do all she wanted to do with you. Then two months ago, we thought your world would be turned upside down when we brought home your little brother but instead we think you've enjoyed every second of it. Each day Chase gets a little older and you get more excited about what you can do with him and for him. You are always checking on him, watching out for him and loving on him and it absolutely melts my heart. I wish I could document and remember every moment of the two of you together because it really is the sweetest thing.

You are such a special little boy and your daddy and I are so lucky to have you in our lives and Chase is so lucky to have you as a big brother. You always make us smile and lately you've been doing so many cute things whether its singing "Bob da da da da Builder" at the top of your lungs, riding your jeep around the neighborhood, talking sweetly to your brother and try to teach him things you know, you always always make us smile. Every day you do things that show how much and how quickly you're growing up. This morning was one of those ways. You got up at about 6:45. Mommy and Chase had just gotten back to sleep from his 5:30 feeding and just like any other recent morning I heard you come in to wake up daddy. Y'all headed out to watch Tom and Jerry and after a while I heard you helping daddy get ready to go to work. I expected, any minute, to see you at my bedside asking me to get up. Much to my surprise, you came in about 30 minutes later. When I asked you if daddy had just left you said, "No mommy he's already at work." Daddy had left for work and you hung out watching TV, letting me sleep in. What a nice treat for mommy! You are really becoming very independent and as nice as that is at certain times (like when I'm trying to feed Chase) it makes me sad because I see you growing up so much each day.

When I started this letter I was only going to talk about how great you've been doing with your meals but I guess I just couldn't stop there. I could go on and on and on with things you're doing that I want to remember. You are so special and you are changing so much each day, its hard to keep up with. I love you so much and your daddy and I are so very proud of you!

We love you.

Love, Mommy

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nights Like Tonight

I walked away from the boys for just a minute tonight and when I came back into the room this is what I found...

When I asked Colt what he was doing, he looked at me so matter of factly and said,
"Letting Chase play!"

We've had such a fun night. Zak was out mowing the yard so I got both boys ready for bed and we laid on the floor playing iPhone games, reading books, and singing songs. Colton also wanted to teach Chase how to jump so we did that for a few minutes too.

It's nights like tonight that I feel like the luckiest momma in the world.

I love these boys!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

in no order

We are alive in the Day house. We've been enjoying the summer. Here are some totally random pictures, in no order at all, from the last couple of weeks. Some are not the best quality because they are from my phone. (That's right, I joined the rest of the world and finally got an iPhone. I'm so addicted!)

Pa has been visiting lots since shes off for the summer! GaGa came over the other night with Aunt Ginny and Nana Taylor and Robbie for dinner and a visit.

Baa's about to start a new job so she had a week off. We enjoyed lunch, and ice cream, with her.

Chase has been smiling a little bit lately. This was a gassy smile but a smile none the less!

Colts been playing by himself so well. Here he is playing in the "garage" as he calls it. He trapped himself in with the cars and just played and played.

We took a trip to Toys R Us to spend some birthday money and he WOULD NOT leave the Power Wheel section (even though he has a brand new jeep at home). He didn't even want to pick out a toy.

One Sunday we went out for a celebratory dinner to celebrate Baa's new job. We went and played in City Center while Baa did a little shopping.

Zak came over to Nanny and Grandads to watch the last shuttle take off.

I just love this picture.

One day, after a five minute rain Colt and I went outside to play because it cooled off enough to stay out more than five minutes.

When I took this picture Chase had just rolled from his tummy to his belly.

Here he is again, laying on Pooh Bear, trying to help his flat head. (He ALWAYS lays on the right side.)

Love this picture of daddy and his baby.

Chases first "big boy" bath.

On the 9th of July, Zak and I celebrated out 6th wedding anniversary. (Notice the little hands reaching up to grab daddy.) We headed out for dinner and a little time alone but we were very ready to get back to the boys.

We have stayed so busy the past few weeks, its been really nice. For a while, there were days that we would go without getting out of our PJs,we were all going stir crazy. Both the boys are doing great and we have enjoyed getting out and about.