Thursday, July 21, 2011



Last week I took you to the Dr. for your three year check up. For a few reasons, Dr. Leonardo wanted you to cut back on dairy and try to get more iron in your diet. This meant that it was time for mommy and daddy to be tough on you and make you eat a few more things aside from cheese, yogurt, crackers and fruit. We thought it was going to be a hard battle to fight but you've made it very easy on us! In the last week you've knowingly tried and eaten a corn dog, fish sticks (which you use to love), roasted chicken, eggs and spaghetti with meat sauce. You've actually enjoyed all of it but the spaghetti. That was a bit of a struggle but in the end you did eat quite a few bites. For the past two years food has been nothing short of a battle but you have done so great the last week and mommy and daddy are really proud of you. If you keep it up you're going to be stronger than your daddy before you know it!!!

While were talking about how proud I am of you, I have to tell you, again, how awesome you are as a big brother. There have been so many changes around our house the past 6 months and we had no idea how you'd handle them. Since January, we've moved your room and potty trained you. You also had to deal with a very pregnant and uncomfortable mommy who couldn't do all she wanted to do with you. Then two months ago, we thought your world would be turned upside down when we brought home your little brother but instead we think you've enjoyed every second of it. Each day Chase gets a little older and you get more excited about what you can do with him and for him. You are always checking on him, watching out for him and loving on him and it absolutely melts my heart. I wish I could document and remember every moment of the two of you together because it really is the sweetest thing.

You are such a special little boy and your daddy and I are so lucky to have you in our lives and Chase is so lucky to have you as a big brother. You always make us smile and lately you've been doing so many cute things whether its singing "Bob da da da da Builder" at the top of your lungs, riding your jeep around the neighborhood, talking sweetly to your brother and try to teach him things you know, you always always make us smile. Every day you do things that show how much and how quickly you're growing up. This morning was one of those ways. You got up at about 6:45. Mommy and Chase had just gotten back to sleep from his 5:30 feeding and just like any other recent morning I heard you come in to wake up daddy. Y'all headed out to watch Tom and Jerry and after a while I heard you helping daddy get ready to go to work. I expected, any minute, to see you at my bedside asking me to get up. Much to my surprise, you came in about 30 minutes later. When I asked you if daddy had just left you said, "No mommy he's already at work." Daddy had left for work and you hung out watching TV, letting me sleep in. What a nice treat for mommy! You are really becoming very independent and as nice as that is at certain times (like when I'm trying to feed Chase) it makes me sad because I see you growing up so much each day.

When I started this letter I was only going to talk about how great you've been doing with your meals but I guess I just couldn't stop there. I could go on and on and on with things you're doing that I want to remember. You are so special and you are changing so much each day, its hard to keep up with. I love you so much and your daddy and I are so very proud of you!

We love you.

Love, Mommy

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