Sunday, July 17, 2011

in no order

We are alive in the Day house. We've been enjoying the summer. Here are some totally random pictures, in no order at all, from the last couple of weeks. Some are not the best quality because they are from my phone. (That's right, I joined the rest of the world and finally got an iPhone. I'm so addicted!)

Pa has been visiting lots since shes off for the summer! GaGa came over the other night with Aunt Ginny and Nana Taylor and Robbie for dinner and a visit.

Baa's about to start a new job so she had a week off. We enjoyed lunch, and ice cream, with her.

Chase has been smiling a little bit lately. This was a gassy smile but a smile none the less!

Colts been playing by himself so well. Here he is playing in the "garage" as he calls it. He trapped himself in with the cars and just played and played.

We took a trip to Toys R Us to spend some birthday money and he WOULD NOT leave the Power Wheel section (even though he has a brand new jeep at home). He didn't even want to pick out a toy.

One Sunday we went out for a celebratory dinner to celebrate Baa's new job. We went and played in City Center while Baa did a little shopping.

Zak came over to Nanny and Grandads to watch the last shuttle take off.

I just love this picture.

One day, after a five minute rain Colt and I went outside to play because it cooled off enough to stay out more than five minutes.

When I took this picture Chase had just rolled from his tummy to his belly.

Here he is again, laying on Pooh Bear, trying to help his flat head. (He ALWAYS lays on the right side.)

Love this picture of daddy and his baby.

Chases first "big boy" bath.

On the 9th of July, Zak and I celebrated out 6th wedding anniversary. (Notice the little hands reaching up to grab daddy.) We headed out for dinner and a little time alone but we were very ready to get back to the boys.

We have stayed so busy the past few weeks, its been really nice. For a while, there were days that we would go without getting out of our PJs,we were all going stir crazy. Both the boys are doing great and we have enjoyed getting out and about.



AmazingGreis said...

Finally, yay for iPhones!!! Also, I miss PA!

Leah J. said...

Loved the iPhone pics and precious updates! You have a beautiful family!!

Harry said...

wow there is a very cute baby, like it.