Friday, February 27, 2015


Today we spent the day in Austin with all the family and Allen's mom and brother.  We drove up with Allen's brother and mom and made a whole day of it, and despite the cold rainy weather, we had a great time.  We even squeezed in a little dress shopping, where Becky "might" have found "the one"! 

It was so exciting to see everything and get to be involved.  I am so happy for Allen and Becky and I am so honored to be a part of it all.  I can't wait to start planning!!!!!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Robison Western Dance

Today was Colton's first Western Dance at School. It was one of my favorite days he's had all year.  Watching him Dance and participate, then seeing him two-step with his partner, then asking me to dance.  It just couldn't even get any better!!!!  I have to admit I teared up a bit watching him two-step with his partner, Leah.  It was a really special day!


Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Last week Zak participated in Watch DOGS at Colton's school.  He volunteered a day and helped around the school.  He got to spend a lot of time in Colton's class but also spent time around the school walking the perimeter, tutoring students, assisting teachers, playing at recess, eating lunch with Colton and going to large group with kindergarten.  He also got to greet the kids in the morning announcements and introduce himself.  
I don't know who had a better day, Colton or Zak.  He talked about every detail of his day for days to follow.  
I'm so proud of the time and effort he puts ion our kids.  He really goes above and beyond to be involved in every single aspect of their life.  


Sunday, February 15, 2015


We celebrated Valentines, for what felt like a whole week! 

It started on Thursday with a Valentine exchange and cookie party in Chases class.

On the same day as Chases party, Colton had KISS day.  
(kids bring someone special)
Since I was at school,  Zak went to eat at a special extended lunch with Colton.  Matt and Amber were there too to eat with Addy so they all had a great time.  

On Friday, Colton had his Valentine exchange at school.  He was so excited to share Ninja Turtle stickers and Valentines pencils with his friends.  

Valentine's morning was finally upon us.  The boys stayed up late, later than me, and worked on Valentines and wrapped up a gift for me.  Zak put the boys to bed and told Chase, "Wait for Colton to come get you up and then both of you come into our room and wake up mommy with all of your cards and the gift."  About 6:15 I heard Chase sneak in.  He went to Zaks side of the bed and whispered, "Daddy, Bubby never came to wake me up."  Zak said it was ok and sent him back to his room to play.  Chase went back to his room and played with Legos.  He returned to our room at least 3 times to whisper to Zak that Bubby hand't come to get him.  Finally around 7:30,  Zak told Chase to go wake up Colton and then wake me up.  It was so sweet how excited Chase was.  They surprised me with a Michael Kors wristlet that I've been wanting. We got up and gave the boys a few goodies.  Part of their gift was a  balloon kit where you pump up balloons and let them fly all over.  Colton told me they were the best gift ever.  They played with them non stop all weekend.  It's the little things...
Our morning started with a trip to the Waller Bucees and a little drive looking for deer. 

Zak and I enjoyed a really relaxing night out after t-ball practice.  Celebrating out 14th Valentines day together.  We went out to La Canterra in Cinco and had drinks at a little wine bar and dinner at Fish City Grill.  It was a beautiful night.  
The boys enjoyed getting spoiled with Nanny and Grandad!


Monday, February 9, 2015

Goof Balls