Friday, January 9, 2009


I have gotten a couple of emails about how to post the header to your you go. I CAN NOT takecredit for this ... I copied it from a fellow blogger!

***Directions for adding your scrapblog header to your blog:
1) Click "publish" when you are finished with your header. (You can publish publicly or privately -- no one else will see your design on their site if you choose to publish privately.)
2) Click "No, thanks" when the pop-up asks if you would like to share your scrapblog with others on the site. (Don't click "view scrapblog" yet.)
3) In the upper left corner, click on "File" and then click "Export as JPEG."
4) Click "Download" on the page you want to use as your header, and save as you do your other photo images.
5) Then, after your scrapblog has downloaded, open your blog and go to the layout tab in Blogger.
6) Click on your header's "edit" link.
7) Then upload your image (you may need to check "shrink to fit") and save it.

So, I found a new really cool, website...

I created, well borrowed and changed up, my new blog header. I was thinking of paying someone to help me change up my blog but I think this will do for now. has all kinds of ideas to help you get started. You can even create your own scrap page from scratch. I pretty much just added my own pictures and words and rearranged a few "stickers" using a page that had already been created. I'd like to find a new background but my old one will do for now. I tried to change it up and somehow erased EVERYTHING. I'm not sure how I did it, but I pushed the right buttons and all of my old settings reappeared. After that little scare, I think I'll just leave it as is and head off to bed! If anyone knows a good site where I can find a solid color background that I can download without loosing everything, please let me know. The website where I found this background ( is down for maintenance right now.



Renner Romig said...

Okay so I'm going to that site right now! I love the new header. Also checkout I just found that one yesterday. I love it!

Ginger said...

I got my background from
I had to scroll back a few pages before I found one that I liked, but they had some pretty cute ones!

I like your blog header.. I might have to check out your site & create my own. I was wanting a new header for quite awhile. So thanks!

~Holly~ said...

Thanks Catherine! Love the site!!!!

I am Trish Marie said...

You can add anything your heart desires as your background. I generally just search google images. I might even be nice enough to write the code for you to use whatever image you would like to use whenever you find something! All that web design I do for work has certainly gone to a good use! My boss would be so proud.