Wednesday, June 8, 2011

2 weeks

Chase was 2 weeks old yesterday. I can't believe we've had him in our arms for TWO WEEKS. Time has gone so fast and it's been such a dream, honestly. When I got pregnant everyone in my family said this time I'd have a "real" baby. Colton was an excellent baby, aside from us having no clue what we were doing and having trouble nursing. He slept well and wasn't overly fussy and in the past 3 years we know hes been a great easy baby/toddler. We've been very lucky. He made everyone jealous.

Now, Chase is here and we never expected things to go this smoothly. It's been two weeks and almost every minute of it has been a dream. Colton is still doing amazingly well. He is not showing any signs of jealousy and absolutely loves his baby brother to death. He insists on holding him and checking on him all day long. He's never been one to play alone but since Chase has been here he's been trying to be a little more independent. It's tough when we have lot of visitors because he tends to show off/act up a little bit. If daddy's home he plays us off each other and acts up on occasion but when its just me, him and Chase he's amazing. He helps out, watches Chase, and entertains himself when he needs to. He's such an amazing kid and we are so incredibly proud of him!

Chase has been doing awesome. He's a great baby. He eats really well. He usually eats every hour and a half to three hours. Most of the time he nurses from about 10-30 minutes. He is still choking on occasion when he feeds. Its still very scary but he seems to know what to do to catch his breath quicker than a week ago. I also know what to listen for so if it sounds like he's drinking too fast I pull him off and sit him up. We're still praying that this stops very soon. Its scary.

At night, he usually gets up two times after going to bed around 11. On Sunday night, and then again last night, he went to bed about 11:45 and only got up once around 3:30, for 30 to 45 minutes, waking up about 7 am. Not too bad! I'm hoping this means we have another good sleeper on our hands. I know things could change quickly so Im just taking it one day/night at a time. We did have one night where he got up three times and the next day was tough. Some days Chase will sleep in, if he has a late feed, but Colton's always up around 7 am.

Over the past couple days I can tell he's putting on weight and growing. There are even a few newborn onsies that he doesn't fit in anymore. He's starting to stay awake a little more between feeds. For a few days, around a week and a half, he thought if he was awake he had to be eating. I was feeding him quite often then. Now, I think he knows he doesn't always need to be eating. He lays in my arms or the pack and play and looks around, just taking everything in. During the day I put him in the pack and play while he sleeps. It's amazing what he sleeps through. Colton can get very loud and he doesn't even stir.

In the last week, Chase lost his umbilical cord and he also has his second Photo Shoot (I've tried to post the pics but blogger isn't letting me. I'm still working on it.)

The past two weeks have really been great. Thanks to amazing friends and family I still haven't cooked a meal. Tonight though, I think I'll have to whip up something fast. We have yet to leave the house as a family, aside from a quick trip to Target where I was the only one who got out of the car. I've been able to find time to catch up on a couple TV shows (I know crazy, usually while nursing). The boys have napped at the same time (I thought this would never happen). I've got a few random things done around the house (Just a few). And, obviously, Ive blogged and also put together Chases baby book and the maternity photo album I was keeping (I've got to keep up with these for my memories)! I never imagined these would be things that I'd be getting done these first weeks.

Last night, Chase got to meet his girlfriend, Peyton. Peyton is the daughter of our next door neighbors, David and Mandi. For those of you who don't know, David and Zak were college roommates and have been extremely close friends for 10 plus years. When Colton was 1 the house next door went up for sale. David and Mandi were moving to Houston from Austin and decided to look at the house. A few months later, they moved in and we absolutely love having some of our closest friends live right next door. David and Mandi (Uncle Crockett and Aunt Me as Colton calls them) have been so wonderful to Colton and now they have their own precious little girl whose just 12 days younger than Chase. We feel so blessed to be going through this journey of parenthood with them. Our three kids are going to have great memories together!!!!


Lauri said...

So glad to hear things are going so smoothly with Chase. And I love how sweet Colton is with his baby brother. Too cute! I remember back when Kaitlynn was a newborn and I always thought the hardest part was when she hit 4-6 weeks old, maybe because she was waking up to the world and the exhaustion had caught up with me. So let's hope Chase doesn't try the same tricks! :-)

AmazingGreis said...

So glad everything is going so well!!! Chase looks so much bigger from when I saw him and little Peyton is precious!!