Thursday, June 23, 2011

One Month


Tomorrow you turn one month old. I cant believe it! You have completed our family. Being a mommy of two boys has been a dream this last month. You and your brother have made having two little ones so much easier than I could have ever thought. You are an awesome happy content baby who brings so much joy to our family. Here are some of the things you've been up to.

*You are sleeping pretty good. We go to bed around 11 or 11:30 and you get up one or two times before getting up in the morning between 6 and 8 (usually closer to 8). I think some mornings you'd sleep later if your brother didn't come in to say good morning so loud.

* You are starting to stay awake more during the day. Between two or three feeds during the day you stay awake the whole time just taking in the world.

*When you sleep you sleep through so much noise. (Thankfully, our house is not quiet!)

*You still have all of the dark dark brown hair you were born with.

*Your eyes were really really dark grey/blue when you were born and are starting to get a little lighter and more blue. They are much more blue than your brothers ever got. My prediction is that they will be brown like brother and daddys.

*When we lay you down you always lay on your back and your head rolls to your right side, always.

*You eat very well and are growing to show it. We aren't sure how much you weigh because we haven't taken you back to the Dr. since you were one week old.

*You eat every 1 1/2 to 3 hours. Most of the time you go 2 hours, on the dot, between feeding. At night you can go up to 4 or 5 hours on a feed.

*You are doing better and not choking so much when you eat. When you do choke, for the most part, you just end up clearing your throat and getting past it quickly. Because of your choking escapades we have only given you a few bottles. You nurse so well there is not much need for bottles although I'm not aposed to giving them to you. Your feeds have gone from taking an hour or so to about 20 minutes.

*You love love love to be swaddled and you don't really sleep at all unless your swaddled or in our arms. If you keep growing so quickly we're going to have to find some really large swaddle blankets. When your held you like to be held close and tight.

*You are starting to love the swing and you lay in it every night at dinner time so you can join us in the kitchen for dinner.

*You also like to have your binky to calm you down but when you calm down you just spit it out and refuse to take it anymore. You have trouble keeping it in so were still working on that.

*When you're awake you really look around. I think you recognize your mommy and daddy's voice and you like to look around and watch everything around you.

*You are starting to hold onto and grasp things. We love it when you hold our fingers.

*You are loud. You grunt and clear your throat all the time and you're full of loud gas. :) You don't burp or even spit up too much. I think your gas makes up for that.

* You are wearing a size 1 diaper and I feel like they are a little big for you but the newborn diapers were rubbing you.

*You are almost out of your newborn clothes and wearing a lot of 0-3.

*We started tummy time this week and you don't mind it but I don't keep you on your tummy too long. You can hold up and move around your head pretty well. You're gaining good neck control.

* You get a bit fussy in the evenings, some evenings more than others.

*You have your daddy's coloring. You have dark/red skin and everyone always comments on how tan you are. (Not like your pasty mommy or brother.)

*We havent been out too much but you've gone to your first Friday Night Dinner. You've been to both of your grandparents house, bass Pro Shop and we also met Nanny for breakfast at Panera this week. You seem to like the car carrier and you do well while we are out.

You are such a sweet cuddly loving little man. Even though you've only been in our arms for one short month we could not imagine our life with out you. We are so in love with you little Chaser.

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AmazingGreis said...

Happy ONE MONTH birthday Chase!!!