Thursday, March 1, 2012

Foundry Rodeo

This week the kids are learning about Texas at school.  Colton had his first homework assignment.  Create a boot.  
He decided he wanted to paint his boot.  He was so excited about getting started.
 He did a great job! (There is a white C on there.)
 There is his boot hanging outside of his class.
 Today he got all dressed up for a Rodeo with Mrs. Barb (his music teacher).
 Here he is with his class. (Very center.)

 That's Wilston, his BFF.
 This is how Colton stayed the whole time.  Wilston was trying to sing and participate and Colton turned to him and called his name and giggled the whole time.  

 Here is Daddy helping out at the end.  Colton got all shy when Mrs. Barb asked for parents to come up.  He wouldn't even walk over to Zak,  Mrs. Leeanne had to drag him over.

 These programs at Foundry are creating memories that will last forever.  
I'm so thankful both Zak and I can be there for it all.
I love this little COWBOY!

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