Monday, March 5, 2012


This past weekend was!

It started at Onion Creek for Friday Night Dinner with Nanny, Grandad, and Baa.

 Saturday morning we got up and dressed and headed to Chases first Livestock Show (and Colton's 4th).

 Colt picked out his own Cowboy hat.

 Love this picture!

 Dippin' Dots for brunch.

 Colton NOT shooting a bow.
 Watching mutton busting.  
We'd love Colton to do this when he turns five but he had a very serious conversion with Baa at Friday Night Dinner where he told her,  "That doesn't sound like something I'd ever want to do." He enjoyed watching it though.

While we were watching Mutton Busting he spotted a man with a funnel cake and just had to have one.  Funnel cake for lunch!
This might be as close as he gets!
 And for the favorite part of the trip...
the tram back to the car!

 Saturday, after a fun day at the Rodeo Zak's parents came over and watched the boys and Zak and I enjoyed a really nice, long, quiet dinner at Taste of Texas.
 Sunday morning we took the boys (well Colton) to the Lego store in the Galleria. It was much smaller than we expected but awesome none the less.  Zak and Colton were in HEAVEN.  

 We couldn't leave with out a trip to Dillon's Candy Bar.
 Chase just loved being along for the ride!
Here is Colton's Cup-o-Legos!
 Sunday afternoon and evening we spent some time in the front yard with the neighbors.

 It really was!



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