Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Break

Here is how our Spring Break went...In pictures.  
A lot of pictures!

Zak and Colton played in the rain.  
(Only got video of that not a picture.)

Look who decided to CRAWL!
Big Brother had a tummy bug.  Thankfully it was very very short lived.
Was a busy day.
It started with breakfast and shopping with Nanny.
And more shopping with Gaga, PawPaw, Pa, Tay Tay and Robbie.
And dinner with everyone.
Daddy was out with friends so we played hard when we got home with presents everyone spoiled the boys with.

We needed a day to recoup from shopping so we stayed home and played, played, played. 
Started with grocery shopping.
and ended with more playing.
We got up early and got donuts because Colton didn't put up a fight going to bed the night before.
And we played.
 Nanny came over with lunch.
Then Mommy had a girls night at the Rodeo.

That's fried Oreos, a funnel cake, fried Nutter Butter, and fried Snickers.

We got up early and started working in the yard. 
We went to the landscape yard and Colt loved watching daddy's truck get filled up with rocks!

Saturday night we met up with Nanny and Grandad for a very windy dinner at Willies.

We had to go back to the landscape yard.
This time it was time to fill up with mulch.
 Colton sure worked hard!
We ended the day early on Sunday and the boys played in the bath 'til they were wrinkled.
There were no wild party's, trips to the beach, or crazy nights out but it was a perfect Spring Break at home with family enjoying each other!


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Kellie Staats said...

Love, love, love all the pictures.

I know yall had a blast!!