Thursday, June 4, 2015


Colton had a GREAT last day of school and we are so proud of his great behavior and all he learned through out this year.  It's hard to believe we have a FIRST GRADER in the house!

 Chase spent the morning with Nanny and Grandad and I took advantage of my last day of alone time! 
 And, lunch with Zak!
 After, I headed up to school to volunteer and Colt's end of year party.

Then, Zak and I went to his classroom party where he racked up on awards!  He got Mrs. Picciottis Star Student award for the last 9 weeks along with a certificate of completion for kinder, an award from music, and All Start Citizen for his class.

All year, Amber promised Colt and Addy that they could get off at the wrong bus stop the last day of school and run home. They were so excited about this!
 When the rest of the kids got off the bus, we got them with silly string.
And, a silly sting fight started.

 We ended the day with pizza and popsicles in the front yard with all the neighbors.  

And, this didn't happen on the last day but on his last day in PE Colton won an award for running laps. He got second place over all from his PE group for running the most amount of laps through the year. 


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