Friday, December 4, 2015


Each of the classes in Colton's school are adopting a family.  (Thats over 50 families!!!) They've asked for donations from each student to go towards the family they are adopting.  The principal thought it would be a great lesson if the kids worked for this money. So, we talked to Colt about doing just that.  And, he was really excite about it.  Colt was constantly asking what he could do to earn some money. We told him whatever he earned, we would double.  So all week over Thanksgiving break, he worked on things around the house.  He did so well and was so excited to donate his money to his class and help a family out!!!!

Chase has been doing so well in class.  Here's a picture he drew.  "I can look." he's sitting in a deer blind looking at a deer.  LOOOOOVE this!

And, the other day his teacher tested the kinder site words, he knew 13 of 30!!!! Thanks you reading class!!!!!!

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