Thursday, October 29, 2009


Last night we visited a pumpkin patch at a local church. We were luck the rain held off long enough to pick a couple pumpkins and snap a few pictures. The pictures this year were not staged, like last year, they were pictures on the go!
When we first got there Colton was in leaf heaven. He collected as many leaves as his little hands could hold.
He would NOT take pictures with mommy...

...Or daddy!

He did make a friend.

And loved the bumpy pumpkins...

...and the white pumpkins.

After lots of looking we found the perfect pumpkin just for Colton (and one for daddy too)!

Tonight we decorated and Carved our pumpkins.
Colton and I put stickers on his baby pumpkin.

But his work wasn't done...

...still working...

...getting close...

...this could be it!!!

Off to show daddy his hard work.

An artists work is never done!

Until he throws his pumpkin on the floor and it busts!

Moving on to help daddy!HALLOWEEN is ALMOST here!
We hope your night is full of CANDY and FUN!!!!