Monday, April 5, 2010

Astors Opening Day and Day 3 of Easter Goodies!

Happy Opening Day Astros! Since daddy couldn't make it to Opening Day this year we wanted to do something special for him so Colton and I put together a basket of his favorite things to have during the game.
The boys are watching the game now.
Well, daddys trying to watch. Coltons running through the house screaming and playing!

This morning we went to see Aunt Baa who had just got home from Colorado. She wasn't here to celebrate Easter with us but she had a special Easter basket ready for Colton with Colorado souvenirs, books and camo candy eggs.
When we got home this afternoon Colton had another Easter surprise waiting on him from Jerry, Glenda and MeeMaw.
Thank you to everyone who celebrated Easter with us and thank you for all of the gifts and goodies!!!


Leah J. said...

Precious post! Something about Colton's sweet face reminds me SO much of Casen's! I love it! I have no idea how I made the pics "work" on my last blog ... toward the end they messed up. But, I was not about to redo the post! I think I just downloaded them and chose "right", "center", then "left". Then, I cut and pasted the HTML under the text. Then, I clicked over to where it shows the pictures and I had to drag them a bit to line them up. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't :) Good luck! Sorry I'm not much help!

AmazingGreis said...

Love the matching shirts.