Sunday, June 24, 2012


Coltie Bear,
What!?!?!?  I can't even believe it.  I feel like we've been celebrating you turning four for a while now.  You celebrated in your class before school was out, in Lubbock with family, and then at your birthday party last weekend, but now it's real and you are officially 4!!!! (Well at 11:30 PM tonight.)
Every time I write a blog about a monthly or yearly birthday I say, "That sounds so old".  Well, I mean it.  4 IS old!  You are an old man! ;)
What an awesome "old man" you have turned into. 
You are smart and silly, soft spoken but loud, kind hearted and crazy, timid yet daring, smart and funny, animated and creative, organized with well thought plans. 
You are so special in so many ways. 
You are the best big brother.  Sure you are working on some sharing issues but you love your baby brother more than anything.  You are sweet, kind and gentle with him.  As long as he doesn't have something you want. ;)
You are a very animated story teller with the most vivid imagination.  You have a few "imaginary" friends. B, Josiah and Riley are often at our house! You still love to play with mommy and daddy but you really play well on your own. 
You love playing with legos, your tools, creating things with stickers, paper, crayons, scissors and glue.
You love being outside.
You have a phenominal memory.  We better not tell you or promise you anything because you will hold us to it and you will remember every single detail! You are also really really good with directions.
You seem to always be listening.  Even when we don't think you are.
You are not a good secret keeper, but you are working on it and you kept daddys Father's Day gift a surprise!
You love to watch Mickey Mouse Club House, Doc McStuffins, Calliou, Dora and Diego and watch movies on your "baby tv".
You hate crooked socks!
You are showing great interest in all things school.  Counting, letters, writing, your name ect.
You love sprinkles but still don't like meat.  Sometimes you'll eat chicken.  We are working on it and you have come a long way.  We now don't pack food to eat out (it was getting embarassing) as long as the place has a grilled cheese you and Chase are good to go! If you're both eating something you like, your brother can definatly eat more.  You just don't eat much in a sitting.
You still nap each day,  although most days you ask to "kip nap".  I wouldn't mind but you get pretty cranky come 3 or 4 if you skip nap.  You usually nap 1 to 2 hours and I come wake you.  That's quite a feat.  I think you'd nap for 3+ hours most days if I'd let you. At night you fight us on going to bed but we're working on it.  We just made your bed time a little later (about 8:45) so you stay up and play a little longer and you lay down with daddy for a shorter amount of time (5 to 15 minutes.)  We're working on getting into bed awake and letting you fall asleep on your own like you do at nap.
You still take something to bed with you. Usually a small car. You have a bed full of small stuffed animals but your favorites are still camo pillow (although it was retired for a short time) and your baby blanket.
You like everything to have a place and everything must go back where it should be. You make mommy proud. We had a fun time organizing (and admiring) your craft/art stuff a couple weeks ago.
If mommy would let it happen you'd like every single thing in our house/ that you own to be camo. You also really love red. You have a red crown that you use on every art project.
You are beyond words amazing.  Mommy loves you mosty-most. I am so proud of you and the little guy you are becoming.  Mommy and Daddy will continue to celebrate you.  We love you buuuuddy!
Love, Mommy

Today we spent the day celebrating you and all the things you love.  We had donuts for breakfast, presnts from mommy, daddy and Chase, went to the REAL Boat Show at Reliant and ended the day eating a grilled cheese at Willies with two balloon swords!


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annalee said...

what a sweet four-year-old you have! i love the little details of what makes each kid their own person. and thank you for your congrats!