Monday, January 19, 2015


This weekend we celebrated Allen and Becky!
We started with a little engagement gathering at Buffalo Brewery.

After the brewery a few of us headed over to Onion Creek to eat and hang out.  It was such a beautiful day and we had so much fun meeting their friends and getting excited for the wedding. 

While we were enjoying ourselves, the boys were having a blast with Pa, Gaga, Pawpaw, Aunt Ginny, Katy, Caleb, and Nana.

 The next morning Mom and I headed to meet Kim and Beck for our first round of dress shopping. 
When we got to Becky's house, she surprised us with the neatest boxes asking us to be a part of the wedding.  It was such a special thoughtful little box filled with all kinds of goodies!

 Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures but before we started dress shopping we stopped at a cute little cafe for brunch.  It was so pretty and such a fun way to start our day!
Here we are ready for our first stop...

Oh... you thought you might get a glimpse of the dress...NOPE!  
but, look at these pretties I found...


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